2015 Aragon MotoGP Race Results: Are You Looking For A Fight?

Valentino Rossi led the championship by twenty three points going into this race, but the rain his fans were hoping for wouldn't come.

Jorge Lorenzo got his usual good start, with Andrea Iannone and Marc Marquez behind and Valentino Rossi in sixth behind Pol Espargaro and Dani Pedrosa.

On the second lap, Lorenzo and Marquez started building a small gap from Iannone but Marquez crashed out with a low side that ended his weekend. Marquez, with shades of Basil Fawlty, chastised his Honda before trying to pick it up. Visibly angry with his bike, he gave up and returned to the pits.

Lorenzo, given a gap, was able to run his own race and build his lead to over two seconds ahead of Dani Pedrosa on lap four, Pedrosa having passed Iannone on the previous lap. Later that lap, Rossi passed Iannone and locked onto Pedrosa's rear wheel.

The race then settled into a rhythm, with Lorenzo three seconds ahead of Pedrosa and Rossi who built a small gap from a lonely Iannone. Iannone's lead over Andrea Dovizioso, battling with Alex Espagaro, Bradley Smith and Cal Crutchlow, kept increasing by a couple of tenths of a second a lap.

Very little changed for ten laps until, five laps from the end, Valentino Rossi decided it was time to make a move on Dani Pedrosa. Rossi had been within a few tenths of Pedrosa all race and could match his pace every lap. A quick attempted pass to throw Pedrosa off his game and Rossi expected to watch his opponent crumble under the challenge, but Pedrosa was;t flustered, repeating immediately and thwarting all of the Italian's subsequent probings, leading at the end of the long back straight and swooping round turns sixteen and seventeen.

Four laps to go, Rossi lurched into turn one, taking second briefly until Pedrosa switched back on the inside line of the right-handed turn two. The crowd woke up. Rossi tried again a few turns later only to, once again, have Pedrosa immediately strike back.

Three laps to go, the gap to Lorenzo ahead still at just over three seconds, Rossi kept making passes that wouldn't stick, while Pedrosa fought harder than he's been seen to fight before, immediately striking back.

Two laps to go, Rossi passed at turn one again, Pedrosa passed back at turn two again. More passes, more parries and ripostes.

Last lap, the same fight continued, both riders fighting tooth and claw, Pedrosa closes every opportunity, and there were no passes left.

Until turn fourteen.

Valentino Rossi carried impossible speed into turn fourteen, making a pass that nobody could have expected, but Dani Pedrosa just kept his calm and held his line, inside Rossi into turn fifteen and onto the kilometre long back straight. Pedrosa knew that Rossi was very good on the brakes into turn sixteen, but his yamaha didn't have the drive to close up enough to attempt a pass.

Dani Pedrosa held off Valentino Rossi with the best solid racing he's shown in his MotoGP career, a performance that still only netted him second place behind a flag-to-flag dominant Jorge Lorenzo.

Lorenzo returned to Park Fermé making a shark's fin with his hand on top of his helmet having sliced nine points from Rossi's lead, closing the gap to fourteen points, having convincingly led the race from start to finish, but it was Dani Pedrosa's performance that will be remembered.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Gap
1 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 41'44.933
2 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda +2.683
3 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha +2.773
4 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati +7.858
5 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati +24.322
6 41 Aleix ESPARGARO Suzuki +24.829
7 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda +25.367
8 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha +25.503
9 44 Pol ESPARGARO Yamaha +26.452
10 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati +43.889
11 25 Maverick VIÑALES Suzuki +44.255
12 45 Scott REDDING Honda +48.176
13 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Aprilia +49.755
14 50 Eugene LAVERTY Honda +50.271
15 69 Nicky HAYDEN Honda +50.364
16 8 Hector BARBERA Ducati +50.722
17 76 Loris BAZ Yamaha Forward +51.997
18 6 Stefan BRADL Aprilia +53.406
19 43 Jack MILLER Honda +56.859
20 63 Mike DI MEGLIO Ducati +59.607
21 24 Toni ELIAS Yamaha Forward +1'15.237
    Not Classified    
  17 Karel ABRAHAM Honda 12 Laps
  9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ducati 14 Laps
  15 Alex DE ANGELIS ART 18 Laps
  93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 22 Laps


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Excellent race. It's a shame Marquez crashed, he could have fought with Lorenzo I reckon. Great fight and Rossi really went for it too, he knows he can't afford to finish a safe third!

Ride of the day for me is Iannone though, what a hero. And what a year he's having!

Yes, you're right, Iannone rode like a Joe that's not crazy, but I've never seen Pedrosa want to not give up a place that hard before. 

True, Pedrosa is a good choice too. Really, everybody in the top 4 rode an excellent race.

I think Pedrosa's fight with Lorenzo at Brno in 2012 was probably better though.

I can't remember how long I have been watching Pedrosa but I do know this... I have NEVER seen him fight like that. Good to see him healthy on a track he enjoys. In the "If My Aunt Had Balls" category, imagine if he had been that strong all season?

On MM93 - I do not recall who on the board last year or the year before said that MM is so much on the limit but seems to catch all the breaks that would catch others out and that his time will come where things don't go his way. He seems mired in it this year. It was good to see his ego put to the side and accepted fault by apologizing openly to the team. With a narrow lead held by Vale, he can still play a huge spoiler role in this chase.

Wake me up when someone not named Rossi,Lorenzo, Pedrossa or Marquez wins a race. So much for the "any day now" thought on a Ducati winning. Moto GP is a 4 man match race with 15 grid fillers with no chance of winning unless 3 of the 4 above mentioned riders DNF. It is sad, sad "racing"

Cmon mate most racing championships only have a few that get on the top step. In the end who cares who wins as long as the racings good. Sure it wasnt for the win but that battle at the end was brilliant. Well done dani.

1978, 1979,1980, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995,1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2007

Since 2008 with the exception of the 1 race won by Ben Spies in 2011 unless your name is Rossi, Lorenzo, Pedrosa, Marquez or Stoner (until he retired) you no chance to win a race. Sothat is 7 seasons, approx. 126 races and with one exception the same 4 (5 counting stoner until 2012) have won every, single race.

There is no chance for anyone else to win, it is a 4 man match race, the rest just get in the way, it is a sad state of affairs.

As the regulations have gotten tighter (control tire, strict fuel consumption limits, engine limits, spec. ECU etc.), the way to go fast is harder and harder to achieve - and smaller and smaller differences matter more and more to the final outcome. Just like with any good bureaucracy, it is likely designed to cement the top and create just enough false hope for the others.

In the 990 days it was wide open - tires, electronics, development - all were mostly free. Without that, I suspect Rossi's trip to Yamaha would have been less fruitful!

There is no doubt that Rossi, Pedrosa, Lorenzo and Marquez are a cut above - but in a variable season there "should" be more winners, given reasonably competitive equipment, as you say.

The real issue is that in an effort to control costs, Dorna has made it impossible for the smaller teams to win - although the flip-side of that is that it is possible to build a 95% solution. Previously it was more like 100% - 80% - 110% - 90% etc. Much wider range in bike and tire performance.

Until tires, engine development etc. are "free" again - we will see the top 4 dominate, barring chaotic conditions were the last millimeter of performance doesn't matter (e.g., Silverstone, Misano). I think the start of the Michelin era - maybe a few races - has the potential for some chaos, but it will settle quickly.

I think you missed the word regular.
There is many reasons for the regularity of the best.
Reliability, traction control, tires, tech resourses every ting make the best riders perform at their best week after week. It's not boring unless you hate all 4/5.

It is just that the world's fastest riders will always get the best kit and thus be able to further exploit the advantages of their God given talent.

Actually all sports are like that. Whatever sports you pick, there are the dominant forces and what you call the "fillers". This is the -sad or not- reality and if you want to see a different winner every meeting then you better stop watching altogether because you'll simply be continually disappointed.

Personally I'm quite glad that at least this year there is real, red-hot competition in MotoGP. The race today was exquisite - Rossi was like a frantic maniac and Pedrosa was like a war dog, unrelenting and unintimidable.

In contrast, there have been years where the championship was a done deal halfway through the season and the question about Sunday was who is going to be second.

... only for sports that used to be sports but know are turned into corporate playground are like that.
Why is Chelsea not on top of the leaderboard ? Maybe it's becasue the "fillers" sometimes beat the crap out of the dominant forces.
In every sport where the athlete(s) is/are dominant but has/have a bad day, (t)he(y) can be beaten and it happens a lot.
In MotoGP there are no dominant athletes, only dominant manufacturers who determine who get's their top machinery and because of that all other teams are left fighting for scrap. that my friend is truly sad.

There are four dominant athletes: Rossi, Lorenzo, Marquez and (exception of a tough year) Pedrosa. It's clear to see they are a cut above track side.

Last year Dovizioso and Redding were very close but on lesser machines. This year it is Iannone and Vinales who are close on lesser machines.

It isn't easy to see but you can see it.

off course there are 4 riders dominant. not because of themselves though but because of the bike they are riding. proof of this is Rossi : comming back from Ducati he wasn't dominant in his first year, he needed to adapt again.
if next year we'd put Iannone, Vinales, A Espargaro and Smith on the factory Yam's and Honda's and the "aliens" on the satelite bikes with the same support as the current riders, in the first year maybe MM and JL might still win a GP. Keeping the riders like that for multiple years, again only the factory riders would take all the wins. guaranteed.

But I would tend towards trusting Cal Crutchlow's word on the matter.

When he was at Yamaha (2nd year, when he was a regular podium contender), a journo asked him if he thought his bike was capable of winning a race at all. He said that it was definitely possible and the satellite and factory bikes were so close that someone like Lorenzo would still win even when on a Satellite bike. It was just a matter of getting the most out of the bike and the rider.

that may well be true. the biggest difference being that the Yam factory has enough money/manpower to gett the last bit out of their Yam, while Tech3 does not. And Yamaha will never give all information to Tech3 and keep soem things a secret to ensure a satelite bike in 99% of all cases will finish behind the factory bikes. It's not the bikes, it's the teams that make the biggest difference.

I don't know if you watched races prior to 2009, 2008 and 2007, but the racing has gotten a lot more predictable since the control tire came in to play. Guys like Ducati actually stood a chance at taking podiums and winning before 2008, Suzuki actually got a win in 2007 (w/ 4 podiums for both Hopkins and Vermeulen), In 2008, Elias twice podiumed on a satellite Ducati, IN THE DRY. You can say it's always been the same few people, which is almost true, but before 2009, there was real opportunity for something different to happen, like 2006 and 2007. Diversity is good for competition, just imagine what would have happened had only MM been able to get a good setup for the race, it would have been Yamaha 1-2.

to the increasing importance and complexity of electronics coming on stream at the time.

The control tyre was an important step in levelling the playing field between the "haves" and the "have nots".....but unfortunately the "haves" restored and increased their advantage by employing a small army of technicians to create an unassailable gap via electronic intervention. Two, 4 or even half a dozen tech's employed by the smaller teams can't compete with the sheer weight of numbers and technical expertise available to the Big Two.

So giving a factory bike to Redding and Crutchlow (or anybody else) sounds good in theory but without the army required to extract maximum performance expecting them to compete at the pointy end is like giving Alexander Graham Bell an Iphone and expecting a call.

People say MotoGP is the pinnacle of the sport, it is 2 wheeled Formula 1...but not even F1 allows the sort of driver intervention that MotoGP does and is taking steps to remove even more driver aids.

Throw in the new wrinkle of the seamless gearbox which only the Factory's can afford to develop thanks to Dorna's draconian rules (no el cheapo dual clutch gearboxes such as are already available on scooters) and the lesser lights are well and truly nobbled.

And we wonder why it's hard for these guys to get sponsors.....

Yes, Chelsea might not be at the top of the leaderboard but who is above Chelsea? Other dominant teams I'm quite sure (I don't follow football nor any other sports apart from MotoGP & WSBK). No surprises for you there.

And since you compare the predictability of MotoGP to that of other sports Chelsea is not at the top of the leaderboard in the same way that Marquez or Pedrosa aren't. How many times has Pedrosa been beaten by a "filler" rider like Iannone or Smith? Quite a lot I reckon.

And to raise my point even more, remember what happened in 2006 - a "filler" rider actually won the championship. So actually it is even possible to see a reverse in the "dominators always win" trend.

Nicky was in no way a filler in 2006; he was top dog on a factory Repsol Honda following Max Biaggi's departure at the end of 05, with little Dani as his rookie team mate.

2006 was a strange year. Seven riders won races, including a wildcard and a satellite. None of these has happened since. Since 2006, every winner has been on a factory bike and no wildcards have won. Also, no more than five different factory riders have won in a year.

Hayden won the title with only two wins, that's also something that's not happened since. 

pedrosa did himself proud today. i thought surely rossi was going to beat him to second place but pedrosa rode a spectacular race solidifying again his right to be included in the group of top tier riders of all time.

Pedrosa was great! But Honda was also faster than Yamaha down the straight! Rossi overtook him in the last lap, turn 14 but down the 1 KM long run, Honda is riding 340 KM per hour while Yamaha 334 KM per hour.

It's kind of bizarre to see/hear you and most of the guys take credit away from Pedrosa for what could possibly be 'one for the history books' ride/race, today. Surprising that even the commentators kept pressing on the same point.

Yes, the RCV's sheer speed and raw power does help Pedrosa and it was clearly evident. But then if you look into this from a neutral point of view you'd have also noticed how good Rossi's M1 was under braking and how quick it was through corners. The main-straight was only 1 kilometers, the rest 4 were all full of twists and turns, weren't they?

Sometimes it's better to give credit where its due. That's it.

I wrote this 1st September here on Motomatters:

The numbers
Submitted by Yngve on Tue, 2015-09-01 13:45.

And we had a strange weekend in Silverstone that made Rossi come out on top.

I think no one argues that in the dry a win for Rossi seemed unlikely but I also think that Marquez would have won at Silverstone in the dry.

So Rossi came out with +12 points instead of - 4 compared to Lorenzo ( giving that the order at the finish was 93,99,46).

Now we have problaby the strongest circut ( at least on paper ) for Rossi coming up. If he wins there and Lorenzo is second then he leads by 17 points.

Aragon is Hondaland and Maybye Rossi will slip out of the podioum for the first time ( Marquez, Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Rossi )
After Aragon Rossi leads over Lorenzo by 14 points

Montegi: 93,99,46 Rossi still ahead by 10 points

Phillip Island: 46,93,99 Rossi gains to 19 points

Sepang: 93,46,99 Rossi to 23 points clear of Lorenzo

So in Valencia all Rossi has to do is to score 2 points.... But we all know what happend the last time that was the case :)

If we try to see the races through Lorenzos (rather foggy) visior it might look a bit different:

I really dont think he can beat Rossin in Misano so after Misano it will still be advantage Rossi ( 46,99,93 ) by 17 points.

Aragon... I think Lorenzo wants to win there but if he does I truly belive Rossi will be no 2 because of the test they had earlier but lets say 99,93,26,46. So after Aragon Lorenzo is only 5 points after Rossi.

Montegi 93,99,46 and now Lorenzo is only 1 point behind Rossi.

Phillip Island.... I cant see Lorenzo in front of Rossi.... But maybye Marquez: 93,46,99 and Rossi is 5 points ahead.

Sepang: 93,46,99 Rossi 9 points ahead.

In Valencia we may get a repeat of 2013 with Lorenzo trying to outsmart Rossi ( in 2013 it was Lorenzo vs Marquez ).. But this time Marquez dont give a fuck and wins ahead of 99 and Rossi 3th... Title goes to Rossi with 5 points.. Hell if Marquez wins Rossi can even be 5th :)

Wow, what a race between Dani & Vale. The last five laps between them could be use by Dorna to promote the sport and get people excited with Motogp racing. Tye degradation or not their show was top class racing and it was epic.

I agree Iannone was probably the man of the day .... unfortunately for him the Pedrosa-Rossi was huge and Dani managed to win a dog-fight with #46. It's quite rare and remarkable. Add to that #26 not being known for this kind of skills. I think the best shot of the race was Dani face on the on-board camera grinning after the race. It's the proper reward for a very unlucky guy who got through so man injuries and managed to come back like that. Well deserved.

I do confess I'm not the biggest Danni fan. I have said some rather insulting & critical things about him. But that was the best ride I think I've ever seen from Pedrosa. He didn't win the race, Lorenzo was a class above the rest tonight, but Danni did defend hard (but fair) against Rossi. The two have had dices in the past, but I don't think I've ever seen Danni take it up to the doctor as well as that before. The only caveat, Rossi has a lot to lose at this point, Pedrosa not so much. But still, a great ride from Danni tonight. If he rode like that every time he got on the bike, he'd have a couple of world titles up his sleeve by now.

But.... If Pedrosa hadn't of had poor luck and many many injuries. He'd have more titles than Lorenzo and Marc. The guy has been beaten up worse than any other rider on the grid at the moment. And he still climbs back on and proves he's one of the best of all time.

His ride today was epic. Hats off.

Fantastic race by all counts. Pedrosa really impressed today. To do battle with a ferocious and incentivized VR46 and come out on top is a rare result. Iannone, as said - brave and valiant ride. Lorenzo - Perfection. The shark fin, a reference to Rossi's helmet at Misano , and then the autograph signing stunt in the middle of the track..... I dunno, it just makes me want to celebrate his brilliance on a bike less.

Yes, it is a common opinion on Lorenzo that he is kind of "indigestible". He has this over-cocky way of celebrating wins.

Brilliant rider nevertheless of course.

I think it's the sincerity behind it. Rossi always seemed to genuinely enjoy coming up with the jokes and sharing them. Lorenzo's feel like a deliberate statement and he doesn't have the right energy coming off of him to make most people feel a part of it.

It's a bit like Edwards saying whatever he wants and making jokes or taking the piss. He gets away with it because of the vibe he gives off. Crutchlow tries something similar and comes across like a dick. Obviously in this example it helps that Edwards is just funnier than Crutchlow but it's a similar difference.

I wonder if we're going to see Lorenzo were Rossi's design at Valencia. It seemed Rossi made a joke about it and Lorenzo took it as something more and shook Rossi's hand.

gesture was explained by Lorenzo "Life is like a shark, you keep going without stopping or you drown." Don't let your love of Rossi/Hate for Lorenzo get in the way of a good story. If Rossi does not want to see him celebrate all he has to do is win. Even though Rossi is still in the points lead this year he's watched Jorge win a awful lot.

If Pedrosa fought this way every race he would finally win his first and much deserved MotoGP World Championship. Every year I watch and wait. I can't think of a more talented and deserving potential World Champion. Today he proved his tremendous world-class ability yet again. Who among the riders in the field today could have done what Dani did in this race vs Rossi? Go Dani! Maybe next year it all comes together...?

great fight between VR and DP and i didnt expected DP to win so credits for DP. but then again i didnt expected VR doing so good this time his pace wasnt bad but he needs to trust the tires more in the first round, jl had 2 sec after the first lap.

AI very good ride also injured.!

MM.......cant say it any other way so again in the kitty litter.

About JL celebrations....... and i like JL so.....Are Forced. i must say some celebrations i liked but about 99% it all seems forced to me.

anyone have any idea what the TTTTTTTT D....B.....A that was shown on DP's board on the last lap means?

I think I remember reading somewhere here that the "T" is referring to the Spanish for bull, telling Dani to pull out all the stops and go as hard as he can.

But the D B A? Don't Be Afraid?

I think it is something related with Titanium. The D B A I have no idea.

Fabulous bit of racing from DP. Not seen that amount of aggression since his 250 days. Properly exciting race. 93 was truly livid wasnt he ?
Lorenzo is like a sledgehammer out front, almost unstoppable. Be interesting to see some close combat like today with DP .
I want VR to get the tenth as I believe he is one of the best racers I have ever witnessed. Today proves that -he knows he theoretically "LOST" today, but was happy because of the battle.....
I want to see racers race. not disappear.....

Hmmm, after this race, I think Jorge will take the title. If it is a dry race, I think Valentino can challenge him only in Malaysia. Jorge will be in the zone after this one. That is for sure!

Oh, Dani Pedrosa, thank you for the show! Truly amazing!

Vale can challenge anywhere at this point. Aragon was the last bogey track and he actually came out fairly well unscathed for how badly this could have gone. Don't forget he crashed her last year.

Motegi - slight advantage Lorenzo
PI - advantage Rossi
Sepang - advantage Rossi
Valencia - advantage Lorenzo

Nick Harris is right: this championship is far from over!

I don't think it's advantage Rossi at PI. Quite the opposite, actually. I think Lorenzo is probably the second best rider to Stoner on that track. The speeds he carries through C1 are absolutely unreal.

Sepang is where Lorenzo struggles a little bit and it's also a very strong Honda track. If Rossi manages to get a Honda or 2 between him and Lorenzo. Barring rain and other anomalies, the championship would be decided based on what Rossi can do at Sepang. Lorenzo should, on paper, beat him in the other 3 races pretty much uncontested.

on what is possible. Everyone is saying how bad the bike is but realistically it's plenty good enough to have won the title. Such a shame Pedrosa's season was plagued by yet another injury. With Puig out of the picture his natural personality is finally coming through and I find myself actually warming to the lil' guy.

I'd be curious to see what removing just the fuel limits would do. Jorge, Marquez and Pedrosa very small people and the power required to accelerate them is smaller somewhat. Redding and Petrux especially, and Vale, are quite a bit taller and I would bet a few kilos heavier too.

Based on what I've seen when horsepower is taken out of the equation (in the wet)..Marquez and Rossi are pretty close, although Rossi seems to be a little better. Lorenzo and Pedrosa are a step behind.

Be that as it may, there ARE fuel limits...and the last few races should be awesome spectacles. I'm actually not as convinced as some that Jorge is all that much faster than Vale. I think it's very, very close even in perfect conditions - except for the first lap, where Lorenzo is untouchable. There are shades of '08 here, but Casey's bike had some defects and Lorenzo's doesn't. Both were time trialists. I think that if Marquez had stayed in touch today would have been even better, although the battle for 2nd / 3rd was epic in its own right. Pedrosa rode...like Rossi! Very hard, but just on the edge of clean.

Rossi is literally just 1kg heavier than Lorenzo, based on MotoGP official rider profiles. There is no way that should be a valid excuse. He's still lighter than most of the MotoGP field.


The case is much stronger for Scott Redding who is 78kg and Petrucci, who is 77kg.

"Marquez, with shades of Basil Fawlty, chastised his Honda before trying to pick it up. Visibly angry with his bike, he gave up and returned to the pits."

I believe Marquez was enraged with himself over the unforced error, because he knew he had the outright speed to take a clear win. His comments shortly after the incident, where he apologized to his crew, appear to bear this out.

I call it like I see it, and this was posted before the press conference or late reports. David's later posts should always be trusted over my race reports. smiley

I am a racing fan first and a Lorenzo fan second.

I grew to become a Lorenzo fan during the 2009-2010 seasons when he was willing to bash fairings with Rossi (and anyone else for that matter) in order to claim the title and lead dog role in the team. However, I am still of the opinion that the death of Marco Simoncelli and the numerous big offs he has had have made him the bland, boring racer he is today. After his Assen crash in the rain, his wet race performances have never been the same either.

I just don't see the same willingness he used to have to take the risks involved with block passing or trying to out brake the likes of Rossi or Marquez ... much the same as it's been with Pedrosa in his career. That's the reason I think so many of us were surprised by Dani's performance today.

Anyway, most of us would prefer to see the race wins come by way of head to head combat but Lorenzo has concentrated on avoiding these confrontations en route to victories. When it isn't there, he gets passed (pretty easily and without fuss most times) by anyone who is close enough and fast enough to show him a wheel a few times. That usually leaves him with no less than a 4th or 5th place on his bad days.

I wish he would fight his way to victories that his outright pace are not worthy of but that isn't the kind of racer he is anymore. Maybe if he is close enough to his 3rd championship and gets roughed up a bit, he'll see the red mist and let that genie out of the bottle again. Otherwise, he'll continue to be the fastest, most boring, dry track rider in MotoGP.

Marquez, Rossi & a healthy Iannone will provide the "rubbin' is racing" spectacles for us to enjoy.

Btw, I think his (first) Lorenzo's Land spacesuit/flag planting celebration is one of the better ones but yeah, most of his celebrations suck. Rossi helmet designs and celebrations are the best hands down. lol

I think the crashes of Marquez and Kent are what Rossi was avoiding today. You can't risk it all when a Championship is on the line. Not until Valencia.

Had Rossi not been fighting for the Championship, I think he would have gotten the better of Pedrosa.

the racing was much better before the control tire. It was sometime around 2006 or 2007 when Kenny Roberts Junior was leading the last lap (by a nice margin) on a satellite Honda, thought ti was the final lap, slowed up and blew the race. That is not even possible now. Speaking of, Kenny Roberts was in Grand Pix for almost 30 years then the new rules and sponsorship issues forced him out. The man was a force in GP racing and poof, gone because he knew without an actual factory machine you are wasting your time.

Sure the racing between the 4 may be entertaining but what is the point of the rest of the field? Fight for 4th?Why are riders, teams and sponsors wasting their money with no chance to ever win. I just don' get it, what's the point