2015 Phillip Island Moto3 QP Result: A Head Start On History (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: Danny Kent will not start the Moto3 race from pole position. After the session, Kent was penalized by race direction for riding slowly in the racing line and will start the race from seventh position. John McPhee will start from pole along with a subsequent, single-place forward adjustment to the top six qualifying riders.

Original story:

Maybe Danny Kent is getting anxious to lock up the 2015 Moto3 championship at the Phillip Island circuit. He certainly rode like it in Saturday's qualifying session when he grabbed pole position by a margin of three-tenths of a second over second place. John McPhee, who briefly held the top spot before Kent's final fast lap, settled for second on the grid. Miguel Olivera also jumped to the front row at the end of the session with a 1'36.606 -- four-tenths slower than Kent, the championship leader.

With a win tomorrow, Kent can lock up the 2015 Moto3 championship. What's more, his only mathematical competition, Enea Bastianini, finished the session in 29th and will start Sunday's race deep in the grid. 

Efren Vazquez leads the second row, one-hundredth of a second in front of Jorge Navarro, who led for much of qualifying. Romano Fenati, on pole last week at Motegi, dropped in the order at the end to take sixth. Livio Loi had his best qualifying of the year in seventh. Maria Herrera (8th) also had her best qualifying of the season. Jakub Kornfeil, also a leader early in QP, dropped steadily in the order at the session's end to settle into ninth. Brad Binder, who finished at the top of the timesheet in FP3, suffered a mechanical problem and ended his session in 10th. 

Early in the session, a non-injury crash among Francesco Bagnaia, Niccolo Antonelli and Remy Gardner put out all three riders for the bulk of the session. All re-entered toward the end of qualifying.


Pos. No. Rider Bike Time Diff. / Prev.  
1 52 Danny KENT Honda 1'36.180    
2 17 John MCPHEE Honda 1'36.540 0.360 / 0.360
3 44 Miguel OLIVEIRA KTM 1'36.606 0.426 / 0.066
4 7 Efren VAZQUEZ Honda 1'36.693 0.513 / 0.087
5 9 Jorge NAVARRO Honda 1'36.705 0.525 / 0.012
6 5 Romano FENATI KTM 1'36.822 0.642 / 0.117
7 11 Livio LOI Honda 1'36.942 0.762 / 0.120
8 6 Maria HERRERA Husqvarna 1'36.960 0.780 / 0.018
9 84 Jakub KORNFEIL KTM 1'37.011 0.831 / 0.051
10 41 Brad BINDER KTM 1'37.134 0.954 / 0.123
11 32 Isaac VIÑALES KTM 1'37.162 0.982 / 0.028
12 98 Karel HANIKA KTM 1'37.169 0.989 / 0.007
13 58 Juanfran GUEVARA Mahindra 1'37.176 0.996 / 0.007
14 63 Zulfahmi KHAIRUDDIN KTM 1'37.193 1.013 / 0.017
15 36 Joan MIR Honda 1'37.212 1.032 / 0.019
16 29 Stefano MANZI Mahindra 1'37.224 1.044 / 0.012
17 23 Niccolò ANTONELLI Honda 1'37.282 1.102 / 0.058
18 10 Alexis MASBOU Honda 1'37.344 1.164 / 0.062
19 20 Fabio QUARTARARO Honda 1'37.429 1.249 / 0.085
20 88 Jorge MARTIN Mahindra 1'37.480 1.300 / 0.051
21 95 Jules DANILO Honda 1'37.495 1.315 / 0.015
22 48 Lorenzo DALLA PORTA Husqvarna 1'37.513 1.333 / 0.018
23 19 Alessandro TONUCCI Mahindra 1'37.538 1.358 / 0.025
24 65 Philipp OETTL KTM 1'37.571 1.391 / 0.033
25 40 Darryn BINDER Mahindra 1'37.635 1.455 / 0.064
26 2 Remy GARDNER Mahindra 1'37.644 1.464 / 0.009
27 91 Gabriel RODRIGO KTM 1'37.644 1.464  
28 24 Tatsuki SUZUKI Mahindra 1'37.646 1.466 / 0.002
29 33 Enea BASTIANINI Honda 1'37.697 1.517 / 0.051
30 21 Francesco BAGNAIA Mahindra 1'37.800 1.620 / 0.103
31 16 Andrea MIGNO KTM 1'37.806 1.626 / 0.006
32 55 Andrea LOCATELLI Honda 1'38.242 2.062 / 0.436
33 22 Ana CARRASCO KTM 1'38.378 2.198 / 0.136
34 96 Manuel PAGLIANI Mahindra 1'38.503 2.323 / 0.125
35 35 Olly SIMPSON KTM 1'39.201 3.021 / 0.698
36 14 Matt BARTON FTR 1'42.588 6.408 / 3.387


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.,.real deal. While Ana seams like she reached her maximum Maria is showing a potential in her first year. Great stuff. Ok ok I know that Kent is under the spot light but I just wanted to push that light to the two girls this time :)

Danny Kent just penalised six places for riding slowly on the racing line in FP3. What a joke, this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of, how does free practice suddenly impact a time in Qualifying, looks to me like a hidden agenda here, Pom hating Australian stewards getting some revenge? What a load of bollocks Dorna.

Please inform yourself before making unfounded accusations of a very questionable nature. The general rule of not slowing on the racing line has been brought to life in Moto3 because of excessive and dangerous "waiting for a tow" behaviour, and has already been enforced several times this year.

Just last weekend in Motegi the four offenders were Oliveira, Navarro, Kornfeil and Masbou. Maybe "they" don't just apply it to Brits, but to all riders from countries with a coast line? Wait, Kornfeil is from land-locked Czech Republic, so out the window with that theory. More likely, race direction (and not the stewards) apply it each time there's an offence.

In the case of Kent, you can verify his sector times yourself, there are several occasions where he takes longer than 110% of his own best sector time. http://resources.motogp.com/files/results/2015/AUS/Moto3/FP3/Analysis.pd...
And not all of those slowdowns are caused by rider error, some are deliberate. That's why race direction has all those video feeds at their disposal.

Now the farce is being carried into pit lane. The pack sitting in pit lane waiting for Kent (yes, you too Fenati) What does race control have to do to get these guys to circulate on their own merits. For goodness sakes just get out and ride the bikes like they are meant to be.

Some of those taillight riders are getting moss growing on the fairings from waiting for a tow for so long :-)

The penalty is for putting people in danger by blocking the racing line. You could argue that no one was racing so may an appeal is warranted. It's nothing to do with nationality so stop being so thin skinned and support the notion of fair and safe riding rather than supporting naughty little boys!!

Grammar Nazi here, but Mike you really should read through your summaries before posting.

"He certainly rode like it in Saturday's qualifying session when he set the grabbed pole position"

Efren Vazquez leads the second row, one-hundredth of a seccond in front of Jorge Navarro,

I really hate to be that guy, but it just seems rushed and unprofessional.

Every single post should be mistake-free. That said, every post-race post is rushed to get on the web as soon as possible. However, that never excuses mistakes, factual or grammatical. You are dead right; it is unprofessional to let it slip through when jumping to the next session. It is fixed. My apologies.