2015 Phillip Island MotoGP Race Result: The Passed Will Determine The Future

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Saving his fastest lap for his last lap, Marc Marquez passed Jorge Lorenzo in the third-to-last corner at the Phillip Island circuit to take the win Sunday in what likely will be called one of the most dramatic races of the year. Lorenzo finished second after leading portions of the contest and he narrowed the points gap to championship leader and teammate Valentino Rossi who finished fourth behind Andrea Iannone. 

The race among the four leading riders remained in doubt until the very end with regular lead and position changes. Dani Pedrosa, who started the race from fourth on the grid, finished in fifth after a race-long battle with Maverick Vinales (6th) and Cal Crutchlow (7th). The Espargaro brothers grabbed the next two spots with Pol in eighth and Aleix in ninth. Bradley Smith completed the top 10.

Lorenzo now sits 11 points behind Rossi with two races to go, a swing of seven points since the last round. But the gap could have been narrower still if not for Marquez's record last-lap and surprise pass for the win.

Early in the race, the front four opened a slight gap and appeared to settle in for battle. With five laps gone, it was Lorenzo, Marquez, Rossi and Iannone (who briefly led the race early on). Lorenzo then began to open a slight gap and the three behind him fought for position on nearly every lap. Iannone passed Rossi with 21 laps to go, putting the Ducati's remarkable straight-line speed on full display. But a lap later, Rossi passed his fellow Italian and closed on Marquez. Two laps later, all three had locked in on Lorenzo.

When the race hit the halfway point, Marquez was on Lorenzo's tail and Rossi had settled into third. But he could not shake a dogged Ianonne. A couple of laps later, Marquez passed Lorenzo. Then Lorenzo returned the favor. Iannone the passed Rossi again.

Five laps from the end, Rossi again passed Iannone to take third behind Marquez. And two laps later, with all four of the riders closely bunched, Rossi cut inside Marquez to take second but a charging Iannone pushed inside and passed both riders at the same instant to leap from fourth to second. With two laps to go, Iannone held second behind Lorenzo and in front of Marquez. 

Marquez passed Iannone and settled into his blistering final lap on Lorenzo's tail. On the Turn 10 hairpin, he caught Lorenzo mid corner and held on through Turns 11 and 12 to take the win. Rossi finished on Iannone's tail but was unable to take third a final time. 


Pos. No. Rider Bike Time / Diff.
1 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda 40'33.849
2 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha 0.249
3 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 0.93
4 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 1.058
5 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda 5.062
6 25 Maverick VIÑALES Suzuki 6.8
7 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda 9.375
8 44 Pol ESPARGARO Yamaha 18.401
9 41 Aleix ESPARGARO Suzuki 20.039
10 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha 20.657
11 45 Scott REDDING Honda 21.846
12 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ducati 22.84
13 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 29.168
14 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Aprilia 37.244
15 43 Jack MILLER Honda 40.192
16 8 Hector BARBERA Ducati 48.263
17 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati 48.572
18 76 Loris BAZ Yamaha Forward 48.677
19 50 Eugene LAVERTY Honda 50.201
20 63 Mike DI MEGLIO Ducati 50.262
21 6 Stefan BRADL Aprilia 50.277
22 24 Toni ELIAS Yamaha Forward +1'20.942
23 13 Anthony WEST Honda +1'23.454
Not Classified    
  69 Nicky HAYDEN Honda 18 Laps
  55 Damian CUDLIN ART 18 Laps


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Indeed, an absolute cracker of a race. To suddenly see Marc behind Jorge, I thought Jorge had made a mistake.

Also, did anyone see how poor Iannone's drive onto the finishline was? It almost look like he backed off on purpose to tease Rossi, hah!

Lorenzo had six tenths on Marquez when Marquez overtook Iannone. Six tenths, and Marquez reeled him in as though nothing could stand in the way of his will. Absolutely amazing performance from each of the top four.

And how about Rookie of the Year Viñales bringing the Suzuki across the line in sixth?! The tires and the weather played nice and Phillip Island delivered one for the ages. Incredible race.

Rossi suffered from a bad qualification! He had the pace in the race and could have won. It should have been something like:

1- VR#46
2- MM#93
3- JL#93

but anyway, this race proved that Lorenzo is not a big fighter (or even a fighter at all)!

No, he didn't suffer from his grid spot. He suffered with having two stunningly quick bikes blasting him down the straight each time, with two aggressive riders on them, hahaha. To me it looked like he was getting frustrated, certainly looked like he could reel Lorenzo in. As could the others, but they kept block passing each other and setting themselves back all the time.

Jorge in clear track was able to just chuck in some stupidly consistent laps, not needing to deal with many others.

Of course Jorge can fight, however it isn't worth the risk at this point. He is ahead, got some points back, plus Marc was on fire. He said himself that he couldn't outbrake Marc at the end, and was amazed at his lap.

If Rossi qualified on the second row, he could get rid of Iannone, in the end! Rossi was on better times than Lorenzo today but because of starting from the third row he lost 7 invaluable points to him!

And yes, he was beaten down the straight, but that would have meant nothing had he managed to get a better grid position not losing time trying to pass Crutchlow, Pedrosa and Ianonne!

So I guess his first lap battles with Andrea were a mirage on my part, or his mid race battle with Marc?

For once we were treated with a real race long battle between 4 of the top riders in PERFECT weather conditions, each using their riding styles and bikes characteristics to the maximum. Can't we just for once accept that the better Riders/Strategist 'of the day' made it to the podium?

I mean looking at warm up it appeared that MM was going to disappear in the middle distance, Jorge was maybe going to get a tow until mid race and the battle would have been for 3rd. Instead we were treated to a race where no one knew the top 4 finishing order until the LAST CORNER of the FINAL LAP.

Your observation is right! What I am implying is that Rossi started from the third row while the other three riders were in the front row!

Look at Analysis by lap and see how fast Rossi was compared to Lorenzo or even Ianonne!

It's Rossi's shortcoming that couldn't get a better qualifying result and yes "Shoulda Coulda Didn't" won't make any difference now...

And it was Lorenzo's weakness to lose his place in the final lap, not Marc's superb technique or whatever you wanna call it. Lorenzo's always like that, losing at the final moment unless he's made a huge gap escaping from the front row!

What are you on about? Lorenzo wasn't at fault for anything. I'd say he was in awe at Marc's lap, as was everyone else.

Marquez set an insane laptime on the last lap, on tyres he said he had overheated a bit. Iirc, that was race lap record pace...

Lorenzo didn't think it worth the risk of trying to do the same feat...most wouldn't in a great position on the last lap.

I'm just mad at Rossi's loss because of his gird position! He was better than Jorge and could win this race or finish in front of him!

Perhaps Marc did that extra push in order to help Rossi lose less points! He's not in the championship and can take too many risks! But I don't believe if it was Rossi instead of Jorge he would give Marc a chance to pass him!

It's all over now!

There was a point in the race where all 4 were together...separated by half a bike length. You can't exactly say his grid position caused his end result. But hey, it's all ifs and buts.

Marquez is a racer...like all of them. They want to win. That desire can be tempered though, as we see some riders play a safe race and take the points, rather than risking all and getting nothing. Kent springs to mind over this year.
If anything, Rossi could be grumpy at his great friend Iannone for taking points off him. But i know he wouldn't be like that, he wouldn't have it any other way...because he is a racer.
To win a fight with someone who isn't fighting always leaves a sour taste in ones mouth.

Rossi still has a nice lead in the points...all is not lost for him, my friend :)

Sorry Virtue but I think it's preposterous to suggest that Marquez did anything with a view to saving Rossi points. The only thing that guy wanted today was to win the race and the motivation for the last lap likely came from the frustration of never having won at PI in the top class before.
As for JL, in the pressed he said that he could have fully closed the door on MM but he was worried MM would try to overtake anyway and bring them both down so he left as little space as he dared knowing he was still in front of Rossi. Could JL have made that up as an excuse to conceal poor craft? Was it disrespectful to MM to say that? I guess you could speculate about the first one and argue the second one. You could also just accept that JL's problems with the front tyre meant he was struggling a little bit and that the final lap came together for MM but could just have easily resulted in his binning it.

The only thing I can say is I wish every race was as close as that and it's gonna make the last two races even more nail biting!

... Jorge proved ones again that he is a pure phenomenon regarding the tempo of his almost identical time laps.
Marc and his ability to stay on the bike when you closed your eye's thinking that he already fail and that mega last lap.
Rossi oh what can you say about this guy that hasn't been told already plus that he was super watchful thinking about the title.
Iannone showed once again that he is super talented and fast and has a big balls to put a fight with the best. That pass on Rossi and Marc in one turn was mega mega. Ducati has the power of course but the guy showed that he can ride fast in corners as well.
Plus Vignales and Miller. They are future winners if not champions for sure.
It looked like a Moto3 race regarding the position swaps and when was the last time that we had top 4 finishing in a second and something?!?
What a race oh what a race!

may have ended an entertaining championship. Lucky that the corner is wide enough to continue safely.

What bump on Rossi?

If you refer to the Honda hairpin, later super slow-mo showed clearly that they did not touch but rather Rossi picked up the bike likely as he could see Ianonne, but there was no touch shown on camera (did look like it initially however)

After watching this race I can't help but thinking that two riders stood out, and have been standing out all season, as future champions, "aliens" if you like, which I don't. Iannone and Vinales are the guys I have in mind. Unbelievable results from both, today! Vinales 6 sec behind winner?! And 14 ahead of teammate in such a "rider's track". It's a pity he won't be winning a race as a rookie due to equipment cause I do believe he's one of those riders that given a factory Yamaha/Honda/Ducati(?) would have done it. As for Iannone, he has slowly built his performances up from merely delaying the front runners in the opening stages, to battling and winning against them in the end of the race. Comparisons with Dovi are no longer useful, he's been improving so steadily that I think he'll be even more frequently on the podium in the future and win a race at some point (soon).

As for the race itself, wow! What a treat! It seemed to me that younger riders, out of championship contention, had the upper hand in the battles, although I expected Rossi to somehow get himself on the podium. This result has also (amazingly) carried the same scenario over to the next race: If Rossi comes ahead of Lorenzo in Sepang it's gonna be hard to lose the championship, but if he doesn't he can still afford to be second (or right behind Jorge) in the remaining races. But if Jorge gains more than 5 points on him in Sepang, then it's proper showdown in Valencia!

Rarely does so good racing go hand-to-hand with so much tension over the points. Quite a season this one :)

I don't know which race you were watching virtueorvice, but as they say, you don't win it on the first lap, nor do you win it on Saturday, but you can lose it in either!!
Being there today, I saw a masterful display of talent, speed, racecraft, and sheer grit from all 4 at the front, and that Rossi didn't quite make it may be heartbreak for some, but races like that should be revered as the major contests they are.
I'm am glad to see those gladiatorial contests, as there has been many in the past, so take leave of your bias, n appreciate the generations of great riders displaying their skills.
Have been there thru Rainey, Lawson, Gardner, Schwantz Doohan, Stoner n all the other champs in 500's n MotoGP, n the current era is up there with the best.
And, there's always next week, so buck up, n enjoy the moment...OK??

There's so much hype on what happens in FP 1, 2, 3 and Qualifying. Sometimes a lap time is blown way out of proportion, because in the end, all that matters is what happens on Sunday afternoon. And a lot happened on this one.

What a stunning Sunday afternoon this was, I'm jealous you were there for that and I wasn't! The Moto3 race was ridiculous too.

Roll on Sepang........ ;)

For the most part I agree with your comment...
And what made this a cracking exciting race was the fact that any of the front runners could have won it!!!
Isn't this the type of races we all want in MotoGP? We got our wishes ...

And by the way, why did you take down my previous comment David?
I'm getting tire of your censorship !!!
I was on subject, correcting a statistical mistake, so why? And it was a very polite reply...so why?

Firstly, you were not correcting a statistical mistake. The sentence reads:

"Have been there thru Rainey, Lawson, Gardner, Schwantz Doohan, Stoner n all the other champs in 500's n MotoGP, n the current era is up there with the best."

The operative part of that sentence is "Champions in 500s and MotoGP". Casey Stoner was a MotoGP champion. It was a casual comment, and there was no need to jump on it. That's why it originally got deleted.

This was one of the greatest races in perhaps ten years of MotoGP. I do not want the comments section ruined by arguments over riders who are retired. If you are tired of the way I moderate comments to keep them on topic, then there are plenty of other websites which have a more liberal policy. Or you could start your own website or blog.

What a race! Impossible to call before the very end. How many time did we hope for a proper race long fight? Well we finally got one for the history books.
I was just surprised that Vale, Marc and Andrea didn't settle to real Jorge in when they first had a chance. I guess there's too much at stake to risk helping the others. Had it been Moto3, we would have called it inexperienced :)
Just one question: are seagulls deaf? I mean, you've got 20 GP bikes racing towards you, it can't sound safe can it?

Marquez, Rossi and Iannone all had the pace to reel Jorge in at various points through the race. But just as they were getting close they'd start swapping positions with each other, gifting Jorge a bit more breathing space. It must have been massively frustrating for #46. He surely would have been screaming obscenities inside his helmet when Iannone kept passing him.

That Ducati really does have an absolutely monstrous motor, though. We've seen it all year but even with all the wings it was running at this round, which surely must create a massive amount of drag, it still easily bested the other bikes.

Definitely would've loved to see Rossi turn his race pace over Lorenzo into a finish in front of Lorenzo, but regardless it was a brilliant race to watch.

I think he was just always a little too involved with 2 bikes (with a little more acceleration) rather than just one, but that was his own doing not helped with his qualifying problems. I'm still shocked at that pass by Iannone where he took two in one! That took some very large attachments to pull off.

Alien status yet???

Vinales also must've had a great race, cheers to the kid. Another one that I wish was on a Honda or Yamaha.

I think what this really does is set up Sepang as the race where the title will swing in favor of one rider over the other once and for all. I think Rossi will view this as his chance to get enough points ahead of Lorenzo to be able to not have to risk too much at Valencia.

Can't wait now for Sepang!

When suddenly at a GP 4 guys had more or less the same pace and wanted to win so desperately. But somehow this was even greater.

Unbelievable racing. For the ages.

It is not the first time this year Rossi saying his bike is slower than the one he had last year. It is proved by top speed registered and I am sure Rossi is leaner and lighter this year. With just 2 rounds remaining, I think it's time for Rossi to open up the remaining unused fresh engine to get maximum available power.

Perhaps David can give a summary on engine utilization?

I stopped doing engine reports because basically, the factories have it totally under control. Only Honda and Yamaha have 5 engines each, all eight riders are on their fifth engine. No dramas, no one has a spare engine, and all of the races have a few races on them. Rossi's engine has seen more action than either Lorenzo's or Marquez', having been uncorked at Misano, rather than Motegi.

Speed on the straight is usually a combination of corner exit, horsepower and drag. Rossi said afterwards he was struggling with rear grip in that last corner. So was everyone else, but he perhaps a little more than others. The track didn't have as much grip as last year, so that may explain the discrepancy.

The Ducati's advantage is simple: they have more fuel and more engines, so at a track like Phillip Island, where the fuel is not too much of a concern, they can turn the wick up on the straight. 

Lorenzo deserves huge credit today for smoothly riding at the front for as long as he did. Lorenzo probably had the 3rd-best pace today (1:29-high) but converted it into a 2nd-place finish that easily could have been 4th for 5th if he had fallen into the "pack" behind him. I don't know if anyone was going to beat Marquez. Lorenzo often has a disaster if his rhythm gets disrupted, but he kept his cool today which was impressive.

Iannone ran a brilliantly disruptive race today; I don't think "alone" he would have had the pace, but managed to stick with the group and arrive on the podium. Amazing. Yamaha needs to find some power, too. Watching the Ducati and Honda motor away on the straight was amazing!

I am curious as to why Rossi's bike is so slow. You could see it - Lorenzo was slower, but not by nearly the same margin.

It was somewhat surprising to see Rossi - especially with pace of 1:29-mid - lose out in a set of scraps, but that's why they line up and race. It's not always your day. Amazing, edge of your seat stuff from start to finish.

got death penalty at the end LOL.. I really hope ducati got their first win since stoner era

Hearkening back to the 990 era and Mugello about 2005/6 when Rossi, Capirossi, Biaggi and Melandri duked it out for the win. That was a fantastic 4 way battle at a fantastic venue with Yamaha, Ducati and Honda in the mix for the win.
Much the same today. Back then Rossi made a break on the last lap and won, this was much tighter and even better.
Memorable race and great job done by all of them.
What happened to Dovi? 30 seconds back?
Next year Michelin shod, more level playing field for all and will Iannone do a Stoner'esque 2007 in Qatar on the red rocket?
Time will tell and I am getting ahead of myself.
There is a little matter of the 2015 title chase and happily this looks like going down to the last lap at the last round.
Fantastic race!

So much to talk about in this race, I will pick just two...

First, Somebody do a pass count please...as in how many times did the top 4 riders make overtaking moves or get overtaken, and by whom? It was insane. Marquez made 3 passes on 2 different riders on the last lap alone. Kudos to the producer for getting it right for once. They switched to the helicopter shot at exactly the right moment on the last lap to see the both Marquez/Lorenzo and Rossi/Iannone pass and repass simultaneously. Incredible.

Second, as magnificent as Iannone was today, this was actually his best shot at victory this year. 4 times he had the opportunity to pull a gap on Lorenzo and Marquez after taking the lead. One time he hit the bird, incredible he even made that corner after ducking out of the way of the feather explosion, and 3 times he made mistakes running wide and gifting the positions back. Lorenzo even commented on his small mistakes gifting him the lead back. Not being critical of Iannone, just saying that if he wants to beat these guys, he has to run a perfect race, and he almost did it! His racecraft is phenomenal, choosing the right lines at the right times with other riders nearby. He has roughed up Marquez on multiple occasions now. And He's killing Dovi, something Dovi past teammates couldn't do....he just stole back my rider of the year vote from Smith.

Wow! Thanks for posting. Amazing.

If VR's pass on DP and CC in consecutive corners counts as a double pass, then so should MM as he passed Iannone twice in consecutive corners on the last lap! Iannone's pass on MM and VR was one of the most spectacular I have ever seen. That was a perfect example of his racecraft, to see Rossi going in for that move, to enter the corner wide and chop a late apex to explode past to undercut both riders on exit with only a bike width of space is something only real racers do!

As for racing and passing, what in the world was vinalez doing roughing up Petrosa and crutchlow? Would love to see how he passed crutchlow on the last lap! Tremendous performance, and another signal of the future (along with Iannone) for him to be outshining Aleix.

From where I was sitting it looked like Iannone sniped the bird and head butted it before it punched a hole in the upper fairing. What helmet does he use?
Clearly the inner lining was not dislodged....HA HA!

I've been watching these races for only a few years, but one of the first I ever saw was a Moto2 race with Iannone, and I remember thinking "Who is that guy? He's throwing the bike around like a wild man while everybody else looks so static!" I said to myself, "That man is going places." And here we are! Dovi seems to have faded to the background versus Iannone's spectacle.

Lorenzo is entitled to win races any darn way he pleases, but I had fingers crossed that Maniac Joe (along with MM) could get to the front and disrupt another personal track day for Lorenzo, and stir the pot a bit. I didn't quite get my wish that Rossi capitalize on the chaos and squeak in ahead of JLo, but I don't think there's any real complaint to be made about this race that isn't partisan in nature.

I feel badly for the seagull, even if I did at first suspect him to be a Spanish suicide operative.

How much would that damaged fairing have affected Crazy Joes handling?

Perhaps not only the handling, but also his top speed (not as if he needed anymore of that). Truly an impressive race.

-- peer

It was truly a nerve wrecking race.
I do not want to lose too many words, I`m just convinced that it will motivate VR46 like crazy for the next races.
The knives will come out, no doubt ...and it will be a bloody mess.

Pass of the year in my opinion. Couldn't believe and said WTF to myself. Taking two riders in one corner may be done frequently in Motogp but if so, we don't get to see it because the usual front three haven't done it. So to put a pass on Rossi and Marquez in the same corner must mean that Maniac must have to have his suit custom tailored to fit his gigantic balls.

Good on you, Maniac. Unreal.

Not the result I'd have liked but it would be nothing short of churlish to start qualifying any of the final positions. Fantastic racing, top marks to all 4 riders, never seriously thought I'd see a race like that in motogp again. Oh, and a pat on the back to Dorna too; if all the machinations lead to this as the spectacle, carry on chaps.

I was really disapointed that the race had one or two laps to few to let Vale win it.
BUT I think races like this are necessary to raise the profile of the title Vale will bring home at Valencia.

Some folks think Rossi finished 4th because of his 3rd row start. I think it had more to do with the 3 guys ahead of him and how they had nothing to lose while Rossi had everything to lose. Some folks point to Rossi's race pace. I think if you put him in the open air rather than AI's and MM's draft, his times would be significantly lower. And finally, folks point to AI's balls, but really it took that, being just the right gap back, and Rossi balking himself and MM to make it the double pass happen.

on a day where most have nothing to lose, starting from the 3rd row is not giving yourself a chance. Rossi had excellent race pace while in the midst of combat with MM and AI, so to say he would have been slower in clear air is also not particularly useful.
Rossi was left with block passes as the other two had grip and horsepower to spare, as Jorge also discovered.

What an epic race. Reminded me of the 89 and 90 races at the Island, 4 bikes with the top guys of the time all at 100% for the whole race.
Rossi, hanging with the guys who were just about still pooing in their nappies when he was already racing GP's, Iannone still not even fully fit and stating his case to be a proper front runner, Lorenzo silencing the critics who say he can only run time trials (obviously didn't watch him in 250's), and Marquez proving he really is something very special indeed with a last lap beyond belief.

Just wow.