Brad Baker Holds Off Marc Marquez To Win Barcelona Superprestigio

Brad Baker has won the third edition of the Barcelona Superprestigio, holding off a strong challenge from Marc Marquez to take his second victory in the event. Jared Mees, who got boxed in at the start, took a comfortable third.

It was Baker who got the holeshot in the Superfinal, the American having gotten stronger and stronger through the Open class finals, and getting a practice run in the last of the Open finals. Marquez chased him, but could never get close enough to mount a final challenge. He tried on the last of the sixteen laps, the two touching, but Baker held him off comfortably.

Jared Mees took third, the reigning champion getting boxed in at the start, and having to fight his way through the pack. By the time he hit third place, the gap to Marquez was too great to catch him. Fourth place was Alex Rins, the Moto2 rider impressive, despite having missed the first day of practice.


Pos No Rider Gap
1 6 Brad Baker  
2 93 Marc Márquez 0.130
3 1 Jared Mees 2.843
4 142 Alex Rins 4.096
5 15 Dani Ribalta 4.952
6 97 Xavi Vierge 5.552
7 70 Masatoshi Ohmori 6.691
8 66 Federik Lindgren 10.440


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Sublime performance by Baker, while Marc is impressive in his home turf. For some reason though, Marc never managed to win against Baker in this tournament. Maybe there will be a reverse in fortunes if Marc were to race in the Superprestigio of the Americas!

Wish I could've stayed home to see it - but a 70* day in the midwest during December is no reason to stay in. Doesn't look like anyone is showing a replay :(

It should already be on the official MotoGP YouTube channel. They streamed the event and usually live YT streams turn in to regular videos as soon as they are finished.

It was unavailable in my country.

Croatia, now an EU member, is obviously considered a third world country by Dorna.

What really ticks me off is that I have a paid subscription on the MotoGP site, but am treated as a sub par customer because of my location.

I realize Dorna is in it for the money, not some altruistic cause like bringing racing to the mases for the sake of it, but a lot of their moves are unnecessary.

I remember when they made the guy who made "Racing in slow motion" edit out the MotoGP parts, even when they were showing the sport in a good light and clearly positively advertising it.

Sometimes I think Dorna is run by a bunch of people with a "No, you can't touch that. That's mine." mentality.

Blocked in my country (Netherlands) of course. Keep in my mind that this is pretty much the first time anything on Youtube has ever been blocked for me.

even my little browser add-on that's supposed to allow them to play couldn't get it to work :(

I watched on the feed and it worked just fine the ENTIRE event. Then 3 laps into the final it cut out.......

it finally refreshed on the cool down lap....

very upset to say the least.

Grats to baker! I wonder how pisses Marquez was this time.

I was watching the feed via Fantastic HD feed for hours, then endless buffering for the last four laps of the final. At least there was some good racing up until that point.