2016 Silverstone MotoGP Race Result: A Runaway Victor And Fight Club Behind

The riders’ unanimous wish for good (or at least dry) weather came true as the grid aligned to take the start on the British track. But the situation wasn’t quite as rosy, the race getting stopped before completing an actual lap due to a crash in turn two, Pol Espargaro and Loris Baz colliding violently and needing trackside medical care. After the riders had been attended to, deemed conscious and the debris cleaned up, the riders lined up for a nineteen-lap second attempt.

With the modest temperatures, the sun was (only metaphorically) shining over Maverick Viñales’s podium shots and the Spaniard put in a sublime ride to lead the race from start to finish and give Suzuki their first victory in nine years. We were also rewarded with a seventh new winner in seven consecutive races and the fourth first-time winner of the season. Otherwise it was a familiar podium, shared with fellow front row starters Cal Crutchlow and Valentino Rossi, although the story of the race wasn’t as straightforward as that.

Vinales took the lead on the first lap, Marc Marquez up to second as the Suzuki was already starting to build a gap. Marquez won’t have minded the restart after a poor start and a close call with Scott Redding dropping him towards the back of the top ten first time around.

The rapid Suzuki pushed strong at the front as Marquez on the softer front tyre was slowing down the contenders on the harder option. With fourteen laps to go, Valentino Rossi found a way past Marquez and set off to chase his future teammate, although the gap never dropped and the Italian could not shake off the Hondas of Marquez, Cal Crutchlow and Dani Pedrosa.

With ten laps to go, all hell went loose in the chasing pack. The three Hondas plus Rossi kept rubbing elbows, with Iannone getting through on them all on a soft tyre combination. As the two Italians were duelling, Vinales was almost five seconds ahead already.

With six laps to go, Crutchlow went for podium glory as Iannone crashed out of second place, leaving Rossi and Marquez to fight tooth and nail for the final podium spot, the Spaniard adding a run-off excursion and an incredible scrap with his Italian archenemy to the script. With four laps to go, the world championship leader pulled the pin to hunt down Crutchlow. Another tight fight ensued but Marquez went wide to drop back behind Rossi and Pedrosa. A last lap lunge put him back in front of Pedrosa and into fourth place.

With Pedrosa having an encouraging race in fifth, the two Hondas were followed by the first Ducati across the line, Andrea Dovizioso in sixth. Despite a one-second penalty, Aleix Espargaro finished seventh, ahead of a pretty anonymous Jorge Lorenzo, the world champion failing to make up more than one place from his starting position. The top ten was completed by Danilo Petrucci and Alvaro Bautista, the Spanish rider picking up some good points for Aprilia in tenth.

With Rossi finishing his 250th MotoGP race on the podium, right in front of the championship leader and Lorenzo spending his 150th lower down the order, Marquez still keeps a healthy lead in the title fight, 50 points ahead of Rossi. Another 14 points now separate the Yamaha teammates.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Gap
1 25 Maverick VIÑALES Suzuki 39'03.559
2 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda +3.480
3 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha +4.063
4 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda +5.992
5 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda +6.381
6 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati +12.303
7 41 Aleix ESPARGARO Suzuki +16.672
8 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha +19.432
9 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ducati +25.618
10 19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Aprilia +32.084
11 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati +36.131
12 50 Eugene LAVERTY Ducati +39.130
13 22 Alex LOWES Yamaha +40.143
14 8 Hector BARBERA Ducati +41.356
15 53 Tito RABAT Honda +41.943
16 43 Jack MILLER Honda +47.610
17 45 Scott REDDING Ducati +1'56.177
    Not Classified    
  29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati 6 Laps
  6 Stefan BRADL Aprilia 17 Laps
    Not Starting:    
  76 Loris BAZ Ducati 0 Lap
  44 Pol ESPARGARO Yamaha 0 Lap


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I think we can safely label this the "Golden Age" of MotoGP. You have a probable GOAT fighting for wins and podiums 20 years into his career, the most inch-perfect racer ever in Lorenzo, one of the most aggressive riders in history (and with a near unrivaled ability to bend a bike to his will) in Marquez, new riders fighting for the win, etc. Throw in just enough human error to keep it interesting, and it just doesn't get any better. 

Now you're getting it!   Rain or shine these guys put on a show unequalled in years!

Marc was faster at the end than Vale -no doubt-and was wise enough to walk away from another disaster in the making only to meet a tough Brit and almost shoveled a bunch of points to Vale if he would´ve crashed instead.

I´m grateful in a way that MM93 is the loose cannon he is, because I believe it keeps Vale interested in the sport.On the other side, I believe that Vale is getting fed up with the unneeded close battleing, because he knows that he would like to end his career in one piece and not accidently crippled by a young Spaniard who has no respect for anybody.


What a race though...

Who would have predicted this result! Vinales is the next alien, sure about that. So delighted to see Suzuki win a race on just their 2nd year. And lots of hatred towards MM93 for those overtakes, I say that made the race worth it. And Go Cal! Willow power working really good for the lad :) Can't wait for the next race.

whatever it is that he and/or the team have found, his rolling speed through the corners and exit show a marked improvement. very happy for him and lcr. junior team showing corprate how it's done. lovely.

"We were also rewarded with a seventh new winner in seven consecutive races and the fourth first-time winner of the season."

job well done by all concerned.

So Lorenzo's paralysis exends to cooler temperatures as well as rain now, what's going on in there? Started ninth, finished eighth; that was a particularly anonymous performance.
That said, excellent racing for 2nd/3rd/4th (beIn commentators said a Moto3 race broke out) and congratulations to the King of Fridays Mornings.

it was a gamble setting that caused him to have an unstable bike lol
it's the rain, it's the tires, it's the other riders, it's the electronics, it's a fogging visor, it's the rules, ... always something, except for Lorenzo!

I'm really wondering what must go through Ducati's people's minds right now. Have we just made the worst mistake in Ducati history, pumping all that money in someone who can't come to grip with change? All that money going to Lorenzo so they can't even pay Melandri's salary... 

Oh boy, I hope all the best for Ducati and I wish them more than a few podiums next year. I just don't see it happening with this bloke.

So, why were Aleix and a whole bunch of moto3 riders punished for off track excursions, while Marc -who did it twice- was not? Even the mere 1 second that AE got would have put him behind Pedders no?

I just logged in to ask the exact same question!

MM93 almost got a better exit of the corner, when he re-entered behind Rossi. Fair play would be to wait at least another straight or corner before attacking.

... that's not in the rules & certainly doesn't exist between these 2 riders. He didn't gain any places by exceeding the track limits & all riders are allowed several off-track excursions before they're penalised.

What a superb race, so many facets to it. 

Vinales breakthrough victory was flawless (what we saw of it).  I was trying to think of the last Suzuki win in the dry, was it Kenny Roberts in 2000??

Great to see Marquez back to his bonkers best, that was a super hard fight with Rossi but but neither rider just lazily used each other as a berm, all the passes were by riders holding the racing line.  So skillful, he looked like he was going to crash almost the whole time, but held it together.  Should he have been penalised for the run off?  On the one hand it seems unfair that a rider can run off and rejoin without losing anything, on the other the rules are the rules and the runoff is there, so if things were different in either respect he might not have run off (as Casey has pointed out in recent years).  How he managed not to bin it at the end of hangar straight...

Rossi, what can you say?  I am no fan but to be able to put in a ride like that so long into one's career, it's just so impressive.   He was beaten but still ended up the winner of their little grudge match, no wonder he was grinning.

Crutchlow, where was this Cal Crutchlow the last few years?  Imagine if he'd stayed at Ducati??  I don't think Marquez expected that fightback late in the race, he was on it.  Having said that, I reckon he'll get the "Barros 2007 chip-tune" from now on, taking points from the factory like that... tut tut...  :D

Also nice to see Pedrosa finding some form on the Michelins, and in a cool race at that.  He's always seems to be stronger late in the season (when it's too late LOL), so hopefully we see him towards the front a bit more.

Who else?  Ianonne.... on his ear again but always entertaining.  It'll be interesting seeing him on the Suzook next year, that bike is pretty good.

Lorenzo, another shocker.  His title aspiratrions are pretty much over, although I've no doubt we'll see him back at the front in the warmer races.


Motogp is the best reality show on earth

I have to say I'm super bummed for Lavery! He made it past Vale in the first start and was looking very strong (granted I'm making that judgement based on less than a whole lap but he was going forward!) On the second start he got beat up.

Also I can wait to hear same Lowe's quotes. Couldn't be more gutted for him. He clearly had the pace.

What can you say about marq other than he was riding right on the limit disregarding others safety and got what he deserved.

Perfection for Maverick.

Lorenzo - good luck on the duck. I prevent the same low sides that Innone is experiencing.

So whats the story with Lorenzo?

Has he given up?

lost his mojo?

or already 'riding' for Ducati?

he seems to have more excuses than Biaggi.

The guy has been so strong for the past few years, and now....


As jakke says. Ducati must be very worried at the moment







Did anyone else notice that the LCR Honda was as fast or faster than the factory bike at Silverstone? I have a theory that all of the cycling that Cal does to stay fit helped immensely when he touched MM93 and pushed him off. I will bet you a paycheck that Mark Cavendish taught Cal that move on a pushbike training ride. Sprinters train to do that to gain a wheel at the finish line when bumping elbows. That was a fantastic race. 

So I could not tell, even after rewinding several times, if Cal and Marquez actually touched.  Or did it just look that way because Marquez happened to swerve when they might've touched.  Regardless, your theory is interesting.

There should be a lot more notice given Alex Lowes. Totally new to the bike, the tires, and the electronics, and yet he manages to score points in his first race. On a bike that the regular rider has struggled to finish as well on.

Well done, Alex.

The end of "alien regime"?


Seems to me Honda and Yamaha can't keep the stranglehold no more on the series, I'd say the new rules with unified ECU and the Michelin factor has made the series better tenfold. 

what a spectacle! Shame we didn't see too much of Maverick in his maiden Motogp win, but I'm certainly not complaining! Very happy to see the Zook on the top step again.

Certainly looking good for them now, Ianonne is coming and should fill Mavericks shoes very well.

The Yamaha's were certainly 'off' this weekend but Rossi proved again that he is the No 1 in that team this year by a margin. The Lorenzo/Ducati combination could be one of the biggest mismatches in the modern era! Its a shame for Ducati they had to sign him so early, for now they would have got him for at least half of that amount! No special Edge grip tyres, spec electronics and a bit of weather wet or dry-hot or cold puts him far closer to the back than the front.

Marquez-reckless and lucky! Most other circuits and he would have been in the gravel twice! Certainly is back to his dangerous old self, however unlike in 2015 lady luck is on his side this year. 

Cal Crutchlow just rode the race of his life for me, I've never seen him perform better, really, really good ride.

Great race, great season-best in years for me-probably since 2006. Props to Michelin and the spec ecu (and the weather ;)

Great race for Cal Crutchlow. It seems Honda has made some progress sorting out that bike, but most of the credit goes to Cal. An amazing rider who never gives up, ever.

There's only one alien left. He rides a factory Honda and it ain't Pedrosa for sure. 

As for Lorenzo on the Ducati......I believe it was Stoner who said 'it's going to be difficult' or words to that effect.

Ducati in the wet is a puzzle. Stoner and whoever his team mate was at a given time, were always good in the wet. Can't be the bike frame. Must have something to do with the engine/mappinig??

Innanone who??