2016 Misano Moto3 Race Result: Runaway Leaders Tame The Fight

Sunday in Misano didn’t quite start with the usual repertoire. A few clouds covered the sunny skies of previous days and it also seemed to dull the action somewhat. Still, Brad Binder got a hand on the title (more like nine fingers at this point) with a controlled display, converting his pole position into a win for the first time this year.

While the result might sound hardly unexpected, the world championship leader didn’t have it all his own way. It was Enea Bastinini who led off the line, a great start from Jakub Kornfeil pushing Binder back but not for long, the Red Bull rider already back at the front on the second lap.

Front row starter Nicolo Bulega fell back to seventh place after the start, at the back of the lead group, with Fabio Di Giannantonio and Andrea Locatelli trying to catch up behind him. The Sky rider also wanted a piece of the spotlight at his home race and picked up the pace to lead briefly on lap six.

Starting sixteenth, Joan Mir recovered a handful of places at the start and soon found himself leading the charge in the chasing group, having to recover a second on the leaders. That mission was completed quite fast, making it a ten-man lead group.

Binder and Bastianini hogged the clean air at the front for most of the race, leaving Navarrro, Bulega, Locatelli, Ono, Mir, Kornfeil, Di Giannantonio and Canet to fight it off for the last podium position. Navarro took himself out of contention with a demoralising crash with sixteen laps to go, taking a bit of a whack in turn fourteen. With the battle heating up, Philipp Oettl joined the party as well.

Bulega led the second group before trying to catch up with the leaders, dragging Mir with him but not really coming within a second of Binder and Bastianini. Mir made his move with nine laps to go, having a go at closing the gap himself, to little success but keeping Bulega at bay. Just as he was making up some ground, the Spaniard had to drop one position for overenthusiastically approaching track limits. That saw Bulega back in third place for barely a few corners before Mir overtook him back. Towards the end of the group, Ono and Di Giannantonio lost ground on the podium battle.

Meanwhile, Bastianini kept comfortably behind the world championship leader and only had a go with five laps left. The South African waited until the final lap to strike back and dealt the final blow in turn eleven, denying the Italian a popular home victory.

Behind them, Mir narrowly snatched the final podium position from Bulega, the rest of the group being led over the line by Jakub Kornfeil. The Czech rider held off Andrea Locatelli, the Italian setting a new lap record on his way to sixth position. Canet, Oettl, Ono and Di Giannantonio completed the top ten.

Among the other usual contenders, Niccolo Antonelli was pretty anonymous but got some points in eleventh place, a bad start and several off-track excursions dropping Fabio Quartararo in eighteenth. Pecco Bagnaia had a disappointing day down in twenty-first position, leaving wildcard Stefano Manzi as the first Mahindra on their 100 GP anniversary in sixteenth place.

Navarro’s crash pretty much ended his championship bid, leaving Binder to cruise home with 106 points over Bastianini, the Italian taking over second place in the standings by 5 points. Behind Binder, the battle continues to heat up, only 17 points separating Bastianini in second and Mir in sixth.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Gap
1 41 Brad BINDER KTM 39'37.556
2 33 Enea BASTIANINI Honda +0.262
3 36 Joan MIR KTM +1.416
4 8 Nicolo BULEGA KTM +1.534
5 84 Jakub KORNFEIL Honda +4.278
6 55 Andrea LOCATELLI KTM +4.387
7 44 Aron CANET Honda +4.811
8 65 Philipp OETTL KTM +5.582
9 76 Hiroki ONO Honda +6.259
10 4 Fabio DI GIANNANTONIO Honda +10.896
11 23 Niccolò ANTONELLI Honda +13.939
12 58 Juanfran GUEVARA KTM +14.091
13 11 Livio LOI Honda +14.103
14 95 Jules DANILO Honda +14.810
15 16 Andrea MIGNO KTM +14.868
16 62 Stefano MANZI Mahindra +23.292
17 48 Lorenzo DALLA PORTA KTM +23.349
18 20 Fabio QUARTARARO KTM +23.523
19 12 Albert ARENAS Peugeot +31.140
20 17 John MCPHEE Peugeot +35.145
21 21 Francesco BAGNAIA Mahindra +35.170
22 89 Khairul Idham PAWI Honda +35.409
23 7 Adam NORRODIN Honda +35.467
24 77 Lorenzo PETRARCA Mahindra +48.285
25 3 Fabio SPIRANELLI Mahindra +56.451
26 43 Stefano VALTULINI Mahindra +56.486
    Not Classified    
  40 Darryn BINDER Mahindra 4 Laps
  24 Tatsuki SUZUKI Mahindra 8 Laps
  42 Marcos RAMIREZ Mahindra 10 Laps
  9 Jorge NAVARRO Honda 16 Laps
  19 Gabriel RODRIGO KTM 17 Laps
  6 Maria HERRERA KTM 22 Laps
    Not Finished 1st Lap    
  71 Alex FABBRI Mahindra 0 Lap


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