2016 Magny-Cours World Superbike Race One: Game On For The Win

Davide Giugliano will not be taking part in the races this weekend, being declared unfit. He would miss out on a 21-lap wet race today where Tom Sykes would need to cut into Jonathan Rea's forty-seven point lead if he is to challenge for the title.

Tyre choice would be varied with the conditions with most riders choosing wet weather tyres, with Chaz Davies and a couple of other Ducatis on intermediate tyres and Josh Brookes taking the long odds of the slick tyres.

As the lights went out, Jonathan Rea led Tom Sykes but Sykes would take the lead from his teammate within a few turns with Michael van der Mark, Nicky Hayden and Sylvain Guintoli behind them. Leon Camier and Lorenzo Savadori were in sixth and seventh place, ahead of Chaz Davies.

A lap in, Nicky Hayden and Jonathan Rea swapped places a few times, fighting for second place and Leon Camier set the fastest lap, a 1'54.901, on his way to fifth place. Chaz Davies put in a 2'00.816 in twelfth placeand Josh Brookes did a 2'12.863 in last place. Wet tyres looked like the right tyres to be on.

On the third lap, Leon Camier closed the gap to forth place and started annoying Michael van der Mark as he looked for a way past, and as van der Mark pushes past Nicky Hayden for third place, Camier followed him through and took fourth. Camier wasted no time in pressing his advantage and took third place from the Hondas and started closing down the Kawasakis in front. On the fourth lap, Camier stuck with the Kawasakis in front while Lorenzo Savadori caught up with the duelling Hayden and van der Mark, passing the Dutchman as the American took fourth place. Tom Sykes in first set the fastest lap, a 1'54.264 on lap four, with Chaz Davies in with a 1'57.030, still back in twelfth place. Josh Brookes in twenty-third place on the slicks had a 2'05.752 but that was the last of his two-minute laps. Conditions were changing, but wet tyres were still quickest.

Matthieu Lussiana pitted in and changed his wet tyres to slick tyres, as it was obvious he wasn't happy with his choice from the beginning, as he considered pitting in after the warmup lap, bottling out of changing at the last minute and taking his place on the grid instead of in pit lane.

Lap five, Camier caught the Kawasakis and had a gap of over a second to Nicky Hayden in fourth place, but at the end of the lap, Hayden also pitted in for new tyres but Leon Camier set the fastest lap on wet tyres with a 1'54.206. Chaz Davies on the intermediate rubber, very similar to slicks, set a 1'55.845, the gap closing between the tyres. Brookes on the slicks, the only benchmark for dry rubber, set a 1'59.274.

It would soon be the ideal time to change from the wet tyres to slicks.

Lap six and Nicky Hayden came out of the pits on slick tyres. Sykes, Rea and Camier led Savadori by almost two seconds. Lap seven, local rider Matthieu Lagrive set the fastest lap on wet weather tyres, a 1'52.872. Davies was closing in with a 1'53.892 while Hayden, the fastest man on slick tyres, registered a 1'56.316.

At the front, Leon Camier on the MV Agusta passed Jonathan Rea, then took the lead from Tom Sykes on lap nine. Further back, Michael van der Mark conceded fifth place, pitting in for slick tyres. On lap nine, Chaz Davies in ninth place recorded a 1'51.641 compared to Camier's 1'53.270 in the lead.

Wet weather tyres were no longer the tyres to be on.

Nicky Hayden, having changed a couple of laps before, pitted in at the end of lap nine with a mechanical problem, ending his race. Leon Camier in the lead would start to eke out a lead of over a second from the Kawasakis of Sykes and Rea who were joined by the Aprilia of Lorenzo Savadori. Savadori finally passed Rea and Sykes and the Kawasakis played the waiting game, with Sykes choosing not to pit in at the optimum time because he was concerned about slick tyres and the three left handers that could be tricky in the wet while Rea would not pit in until Sykes did, more concerned about the championship than the win.

Most of the field changed tyres at the end of the tenth lap, approaching the halfway mark and on lap eleven, carving his way to tenth place, Michael van der Mark set the fastest lap, a 1'47.808, a clear four seconds quicker than Leon Camier's 1'51.846 in the lead.

At the end of lap twelve, with Leon Camier over two seconds clear of Lorenzo Savadori, the Kawasakis concede third and fourth places to Alex De Angelis and Chaz Davies, both ten seconds back. Davies with a 1'48.648 to Camier's 1'50.960. Over two seconds a lap quicker, with less than ten seconds to close in nine laps, it looked like Davies took the right gamble with intermediate tyres, but van der Mark was closing in with a 1'46.368, over two seconds faster than Davies.

Van der Mark made the tyre change at the exact right time, but Davies may have made the better choice with risking intermediates and hoping he'd not get taken out in the first few laps, a risky proposition in these conditions.

As Camier's tyres started to go off the boil, with six laps left, Savadori closed in, but Davies was only six seconds behind and two seconds a lap faster. Savadori took the lead but Davies blasted past the pair of them on lap sixteen and never looked back.

Michael van der Mark continued to ride around slower riders, scything underneath where needed and round the outside where not. Jonathan Rea and Tom Sykes duelled further back for eight place, despatching slower riders in their wake.

On the penultimate lap, Van der Mark caught Savadori and just rode around him as if he weren't there, taking a fast wide line round a right hander and leaving the Aprilia rider to the charging Kawasakis behind him. Sykes caught and passed Savadori with ease with Rea having made a mistake and dropping to almost four seconds from Savadori. On the last lap, Rea closed that gap, as he was over five seconds a lap quicker, and he took fourth place at the flag.

Chaz Davies, having over twelve seconds over Michael van der Mark in second place, took the victory and coasted along the side of the track as he crossed the line, slapping hands with his crew as they leant over the barrier, beating the long odds of surviving without a tyre change and winning his Nth race of the year.

Tom Sykes took the last place on the podium and took a few points off Jonathan Rea in fourth, but not as many as he had wanted for his title challenge.

Jonathan Rea leads the title chase by forty four points over Tom Sykes with five races left, with Chaz Davies a further forty two points behind.


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap Best Lap Speed
1 7 C. DAVIES Ducati Panigale R   1'44.175 268,7 1'54.087 255,3
2 60 M. VAN DER MARK Honda CBR1000RR SP 9.871 1'42.442 282,7 1'55.334 260,2
3 66 T. SYKES Kawasaki ZX-10R 10.218 1'40.491 286,5 1'53.593 265,4
4 1 J. REA Kawasaki ZX-10R 18.031 1'42.156 286,5 1'52.881 264,7
5 32 L. SAVADORI Aprilia RSV4 RF 19.974 1'48.246 274,1 1'55.811 243,8
6 76 M. LAGRIVE Kawasaki ZX-10R 24.661 1'47.586 272,0 1'56.744 248,8
7 2 L. CAMIER MV Agusta 1000 F4 25.743 1'49.416 273,4 1'55.303 270,7
8 12 X. FORÉS Ducati Panigale R 27.409 1'44.602 279,1 1'56.878 243,2
9 50 S. GUINTOLI Yamaha YZF R1 49.455 1'41.813 285,7 1'54.574 260,2
10 15 A. DE ANGELIS Aprilia RSV4 RF 52.570 1'51.039 272,0 1'57.355 260,2
11 22 A. LOWES Yamaha YZF R1 52.788 1'43.388 282,0 1'57.547 251,7
12 25 J. BROOKES BMW S1000 RR 53.947 1'42.696 288,0 1'57.312 255,3
13 40 R. RAMOS Kawasaki ZX-10R 54.929 1'42.988 286,5 1'58.421 255,9
14 81 J. TORRES BMW S1000 RR 1'22.280 1'43.798 284,2 1'58.353 252,3
15 99 L. SCASSA Ducati Panigale R 1'27.383 1'47.401 275,5 1'57.475 259,0
16 17 K. ABRAHAM BMW S1000 RR 1 Lap 1'46.492 282,0 1'58.765 246,6
17 21 M. REITERBERGER BMW S1000 RR 1 Lap 1'48.786 278,4 1'59.800 252,9
18 11 S. AL SULAITI Kawasaki ZX-10R 1 Lap 1'50.862 264,1 2'07.317 220,4
19 56 P. SEBESTYÉN Yamaha YZF R1 1 Lap 1'48.611 260,2 2'00.463 247,7
20 94 M. LUSSIANA BMW S1000 RR 1 Lap 1'50.307 268,0 1'59.363 254,1
21 4 G. VIZZIELLO Kawasaki ZX-10R 1 Lap 1'52.967 262,1 2'02.231 248,3
22 57 A. PLANCASSAGNE Yamaha YZF R1 2 Laps 1'54.751 252,9 2'01.140 238,9
RET 10 I. TÓTH Yamaha YZF R1 3 Laps    
RET 69 N. HAYDEN Honda CBR1000RR SP 12 Laps    
RET 9 D. SCHMITTER Kawasaki ZX-10R 13 Laps    


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Chas Davies, always a class act.............

What was the issue with Hayden's bike?

Did Rea experience shifting difficulties at all? Was his mistake at a spot where he could have missed a shift?

Twin bikes are an easier mixed conditions ride. The intermediates were a fit. Davies had a good go!

Hayden's issue isn't yet known. He said "Ultimately we had a problem, I started to lose power and by then I knew my race was over."

Rea's mistake was nearly running into Sykes. Nothing to do with his shifter. Rea ultimately wasn't as fast as Sykes because he chose an intermediate rear instead of a slick, I believe.

As for twins being easier in the wet, where were the other Ducatis?

Thanks Jared.
The other Ducati was in Giugliano's garage right? (Twins easier thought referred to experience w fatter smoother powerbands). Going to watch the race now.