2017 Qatar MotoGP Saturday 9pm Times: Viñales Leads, Ducati Rolls Out New Fairing

There have been few changes in the timesheets at Qatar with two hours of the second day left. Maverick Viñales leads as before, from Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo. Scott Redding has entered the top ten, jumping up into seventh spot.

The big news was Ducati rolling out their aerodynamics at last. Once again, their package is different from everyone else, a large loop on either side of the nose of the bike. No feedback on how it works yet, but the riders will surely be asked about it later tonight.

Times at 9pm local time:

Pos No Rider Bike Time Diff Prev
1 25 Maverick Viñales Yamaha M1 1:54.984    
2 93 Marc Marquez Honda RC213V 1:55.196 0.212 0.212
3 99 Jorge Lorenzo Ducati GP17 1:55.344 0.360 0.148
4 5 Johann Zarco Yamaha M1 1:55.354 0.370 0.010
5 94 Jonas Folger Yamaha M1 1:55.541 0.557 0.187
6 19 Alvaro Bautista Ducati GP16 1:55.607 0.623 0.066
7 45 Scott Redding Ducati GP16 1:55.699 0.715 0.092
8 4 Andrea Dovizioso Ducati GP17 1:55.781 0.797 0.082
9 35 Cal Crutchlow Honda RC213V 1:55.860 0.876 0.079
10 41 Aleix Espargaro Aprilia RS-GP 1:55.862 0.878 0.002
11 26 Dani Pedrosa Honda RC213V 1:55.875 0.891 0.013
12 46 Valentino Rossi Yamaha M1 1:55.958 0.974 0.083
13 76 Loris Baz Ducati GP15 1:56.154 1.170 0.196
14 9 Danilo Petrucci Ducati GP17 1:56.200 1.216 0.046
15 53 Tito Rabat Honda RC213V 1:56.214 1.230 0.014
16 17 Karel Abraham Ducati GP15 1:56.230 1.246 0.016
17 43 Jack Miller Honda RC213V 1:56.251 1.267 0.021
18 22 Sam Lowes Aprilia RS-GP 1:56.276 1.292 0.025
19 42 Alex Rins Suzuki GSX-RR 1:56.403 1.419 0.127
20 29 Andrea Iannone Suzuki GSX-RR 1:56.465 1.481 0.062
21 44 Pol Espargaro KTM RC16 1:57.682 2.698 1.217
22 36 Mika Kallio KTM RC16 1:57.688 2.704 0.006
23 38 Bradley Smith KTM RC16 1:57.791 2.807 0.103


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I hope those aeros are going to prove effective, because they sure are hideously ugly.

Infact, without my glasses I thought I was looking at the back end of a Suzuki B-King!!

Original and brutal-a Judge Dread kind of bike. BUT it ain't pretty!

i was more drawing parallels with the out of proportion look of the air vents and the B's exhausts.

Your friend will understand I'm sure and in time will make a full recovery ;-)

I think it looks neat. Shows you how much thought they put into it. Hondas looks like a hack job tbh. I think with the full colourscheme it's going to be awesome 


 This also indicates the " salad box " contains the electronics package methinks

I still don't understand why they aren't doing something around the front fender instead.
Wouldn't it be better for the wings to be pushing directly on the front wheel without using up suspension travel?
Can anyone please enlighten me as to why this is not being done?

It sure is ugly. They should ban it, on the grounds of bringing MotoGP into " Disrepute "

Those ducts have some similarity with the Aprilia solution we saw at the previous test. Which isn't that surprising, given that Ducati's accelerated development the last couple of years has come from an Aprilia engineer ;-)

What's going on at Suzuki? I know it's just testing, but being both so far down the list, and actually being only in front of the three debuting KTM's that have never been at Qatar (so at least they have a good excuse), hmmm...

The electronics that used to be housed in the nose of the fairing. "Coincidentally", there are some new cables connected to the box, now that they do need the space for those huge scoops. Until they win the first race with that solution, people can say the bike is ugly. I, for one, couldn't care less what a racebike looks like. They all look gorgeous behind that big number 1 plate in parc fermé.

Good god that fairing is awful. Ducati should figure out how to make the bike turn before attaching these monstrosities to it. 

Aerodynamics, that is a dreaded word as far as I am concerned. Bikes should be left to look like bikes, not like some funny contraptions on wheels. More importantly adoption of aerodynamics to this extent will kill overtaking, like it did in F1. Please God make this go away.

I have to laugh at this so much. You do realize a lot of people (including Ducati) have been warning about this right? This is what you get when you ban a relatively simple and cheap solution to a problem (the winglets).

If you thought the manufacturers were just going to give up on aerodynamics you have not been paying attention to racing in the last 20 years.

He finished third with a big hole in his fairing! I wonder how much you can change the downforce with your hand and arm positioning. Those are big openings. The riders arm position under braking could significantly increase downforce while lessening it when tucked in. 

What about in the rain? being behind another bike, that really will funnel water to the riders hands/arms.