2017 Motorland Aragon World Superbike Race One Results: Who can break Kawasaki And Ducati Dominance?

Eighteen laps of Motorland Aragon with a temperature of 14ºC, Markus Reiterberger would have to start the race from the back of the grid, having a technical problem in pit lane before the start.

Chaz Davies led from the line but Jonathan Rea was able to get under the Welshman’s Ducati with Marco Melandri holding off Tom Sykes and closing on his teammate. At the end of the lap, however, Davies, no longer complaining that his bike doesn’t have the speed of the Kawasaki, powered past Rea on the long back straight that led to the final corners to the start/finish straight and Sykes took third place from Melandri further back.

On the second lap, Davies led Rea, Sykes, Melandri and Xavi Fores and Melandri set the fastest lap, but a lap later, Davies and Sykes started to break free of the riders behind. As the race progressed a few more laps, Davies and Rea had over a second from Sykes, Melandri and Fores who in turn were over a second clear of Michael van der Mark.

On lap five, Melandri used turns one and two, a chicane with a fast entry and exit, to elbow past Sykes for thirds place and a lap later had built a gap. Fores, unfortunately, in keeping up with Sykes, lost the front into the first turn and crashed his Ducati. Fores restarted, only to pull off track a few laps later with his bike engulfed in flames. Fores held on to the bike a bit longer than was sensible and ran around trying to get his suit off. He was spotted later in his garage checking his undersuit.

Every time Davies built top a gap accelerating out of chicanes, Rea was able to close the gap in the first half of the track. Rea took the lead on lap eight, but on lap nine, Davies took it back in turns one and two only to have Rea return the favour on turn three. Exiting turn three, Davies had more drive and a better position and once again led the race. Rea set the fastest lap on lap ten behind Davies.

Further back, Alex Lowes fought through traffic to eventually close on Michael van der Mark, shadowing him for a handful of laps before passing him with four laps left.

With three laps left, Rea tried to take the lead only to have Davies take it back. At turn eight, Rea pushed through to the lead but Davies took it back on turn one of the penultimate lap and held it to the long straight.

In the lead, heading into the last corners, it looked like we were due a last lap scrap between the top two guys in the championship, but entering the turn at the end of the straight, Chaz Davies lost the front and the bike slid from under him. His Ducati then caught some grip and flipped as he slid on the run off. The bike landed on his leg and pulled rider and bike along, testing his leathers. Luckily, Davies got up and walked away, but he was out of the race.

The last lap was a lonely affair, with Jonathan Rea having enough gap from Marco Melandri and Melandri not being close enough for Tom Sykes to try and catch him.

Rea won the fifth race of the year and headed the fifth Kawasaki and Ducati podium. Davies’s crash meant Tom Sykes with a third took over second place in the championship. Melandri’s second place put him in fourth, pushing fourth-placed Alex Lowes to fifth.

Alex Lowes will start race one in pole position, ahead of Michael van der Mark and Jordi Torres. Chaz Davies will start in tenth place, one place behind Jonathan Rea.


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap
1 1 J. REA Kawasaki ZX-10R  
2 33 M. MELANDRI Ducati Panigale R 4.058
3 66 T. SYKES Kawasaki ZX-10R 7.512
4 22 A. LOWES Yamaha YZF R1 9.962
5 60 M. VAN DER MARK Yamaha YZF R1 12.302
6 81 J. TORRES BMW S 1000 RR 18.995
7 36 L. MERCADO Aprilia RSV4 RF 21.545
8 50 E. LAVERTY Aprilia RSV4 RF 27.309
9 6 S. BRADL Honda CBR1000RR 27.488
10 69 N. HAYDEN Honda CBR1000RR 27.663
11 2 L. CAMIER MV Agusta 1000 F4 35.409
12 21 M. REITERBERGER BMW S 1000 RR 41.558
13 3 J. SIMON Aprilia RSV4 RF 44.006
14 88 R. KRUMMENACHER Kawasaki ZX-10R 44.482
15 15 A. DE ANGELIS Kawasaki ZX-10R 45.915
16 84 R. RUSSO Yamaha YZF R1 1'23.533
RET 7 C. DAVIES Ducati Panigale R 2 Laps
RET 12 X. FORÉS Ducati Panigale R 4 Laps
RET 40 R. RAMOS Kawasaki ZX-10R 14 Laps
RET 86 A. BADOVINI Kawasaki ZX-10R  


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I know the result will probably be no surprise this year, but the headlines are still spoilers.  I wish it was just left at "Race one results" and no "who can stop xxx from winning?" (<--- that's a spoiler). 

If I haven't watched a race yet and don't know the result I make it point to stay far away from social media and especially MOTORCYCLE RACING WEBSITES. You should try it instead of complaining about spoilers. 

I thought Laverty is supposed to fight for championship in aprilia ? he just barely got into top 10.. shame, aprilia wsbk is in downhill ever since they focus to motogp.. no argue aprilia is demon bike but they have to keep up with kawak & ducati.. not even max biaggi can make wonder with it now

How is it possible that Davies will start the second race in 10th position? He did not finish race 1 from what I have seen?

From tenth place, the grid is determined by qualifying, not race one.

Another awesome race by Jonathan Rea, old Tom & Team Kawasaki.

Ducati corse did a good job hiring Marco Melandri. Just as well since MM was the only Duc to finish.

message to Chaz Davies, second is better than a DNF. Even MM93 knows that now.

Good result for Yamaha also, I guess that means it ain't the Ducati cup anymore?

Best of luck to all racing today, in SBK and BSB, etc, etc.

The Ducatis were on FIRE at Aragon! Most spectacularly Davies.

What a beautiful riding style to behold, Davies/Duc. But it does go through edge grip a bit. The more conservative Rea/Kawi style leaves a few more cards in your hand. The battle is a great display. Davies looked SO hard to pass. The Ducati vs Kawasaki lines make this a very fun race to watch. Davies doesn't deserve much criticism. He was amazing and left little in reserve battling Rea and controlling a race from the front. Lots of blocking. I absolutely love his performance today.

(Skim or skip this paragraph if you'd like, it isn't for everyone -)
Much of the race I had an undercurrent ponderance of the Twin vs 4. A recent weekend three of us swapped between a big Duc twin, a Honda 4, and Triumph triple. All were quite taken with what the triple offered re power delivery and lines. A four is sure exciting w top end rushing HP. But so fat between the knees. The Duc gave nice feel and feedback on the pegs/bars/butt...it talks a lot and directly. The torquey brute motor is brash but satisfying. Easy to get going quickly on. But once we wrapped ourselves around the tank and got over the front of the 675R triple it offered up something a bit more. Excepting some top end HP it did everything. So rideable! So much electronics needed to tame a 200hp inline 4. Perhaps lots of electronics on the twin to manage rear tire life. I haven't seen the data yet but did I hear right that the top trap speed today was Aprilia? That's a pleasant surprise, they are on the rise now despite rules bringing their engine down in tune. Their Superbike DNA switch from twin to four, from bulky to diminutive, was unusual in how fundamental it was. A handful of yrs ago that smallest of factories was at the pointy end with a brand new project. My imagination is now glued to the possibility of a big triple Superbike with less electronics entering the picture. In my head an 1150 triple is battling at the front. Yamaha is building lots of triples but appear wedded to the heavily computer - aided four blueprint for their sportbikes. Their WSBK project is moving forward, and their middleweight is the one and only Supersport venture to be seen sprouting via a similar DNA. The MV triple is another barn burner middleweight despite being such a small project, but of course they aren't going to consider a triple for their Superbike are they? Honda, crapping out a so-so litre bike 10 yrs in the making after scrapping the V4 homologation plan, seems to have deserted the scene.Triumph doesn't seem to have much room to grow from stock to race tune in terms of motor (or we just aren't seeing a well funded project outside of BSS), but they have a strangely no where to race 765 coming that will be a gorgeous addition that puzzles. Can you see anyone birthing a triple Superbike? I can't. Would I very much like to? YES.
(Okay, two star paragraph done, hope half of you skimmed)

Here is a 17 min choppy cut video of Race One w the good stuff for review:


A second Ducati was also on fire, but not quite as hot in the corners as Davies:

Chaz, seriously mate, you are driving me nucking futs! Loose limbed on an even looser bike, you are a joy to behold in full flight......then "THUD! It's like watching Luke Skywalker on the verge of defeating Darth Vader only to see his light-saber go flat  because he forgot to charge it over-night: AAAAARGH!!

Taking nothing away from JR and Kwikasfuki, they are doing a  brilliant job, but it's disappointing to see the only guy/team capable of seriously challenging them repeating the mistakes they made at the start of last year.

On the plus side I've freed up some $$$ that would have been spent on hair cuts...looking at the tufts (handfuls, many handfuls) of greying locks torn out and strewn around the couch I'm thinking I won't be needing one for quite some time!

Oh well, the championship scrap may be pre-destined but it's still good racing.