2018 Misano Moto2 Race Result: The Unstoppable Superhero And A Disappointing Villain

The second race of the day had a much less dramatic plotline to begin with, championship leader Pecco Bagnaia turning pole position into a undisputable and loudly celebrated home win, crossing the line three seconds ahead of his nearest rival. And his nearest rival on track was the same as in the title fight, Miguel Oliveira making a swift comeback from a lowly grid position to limit the damage with a second place. The final podium spot went to Marcel Schrotter at his 151st attempt – the German’s first podium close to being a second position but Oliveira proved a hard man to find a way around.

Bagnaia had made a fine launch from pole position, holding off Schrotter and Mattia Pasini into turn one. Another rocket start from Oliveira was rewarded with a couple of positions in turn one and allowed him to join the podium battle straight away but it already looked too late for the win as Bagnaia had built over a second’s gap at the front by the first crossing of the line. To start the heartbreak early this time around, Alex Marquez was taken out on lap one from the edges of the top ten.

By lap four, Pasini was edging ever closer to Bagnaia, with Oliveira leading the charge over a second and a half back, with Schrotter, Joan Mir and Brad Binder pushing the Portuguese rider close behind. Fabio Quartararo lost some ground at the start but he did not look totally out of contention at this stage, half a second off the chasers and in the company of Jorge Navarro and Xavi Vierge.

While the final podium place looked like it was going to turn into a street brawl, Bagnaia and Pasini were checking out at the front, the SKY rider keeping his compatriot at a comfortable distance, consistently over a second away by lap eighth. Another two seconds behind, Oliveira and Schrotter were posting personal best times to edge ahead of Mir and Navarro, the Gresini rider getting all the praise after a fast comeback through the pack.

On lap ten, smoke started pouring out the back of Luca Marini’s machine, stopping an excellent run of form for the young Italian and causing brief concern over track conditions. It ended up being just something rubbing against the rear tyre and teammate Bagnaia continued to showcase the other gorgeous special-liveried SKY machine over two seconds ahead of the pursuers.

Meanwhile, Oliveira and Schrotter had caught up with Pasini at the halfway point of the race but the Portuguese rider waited until the final eight laps to make his move, with the German following two laps later. With podium places assured, Pasini fading behind him and Mir another second back, there was little more Oliveira could do as Bagnaia was three seconds ahead. Meanwhile, Mir got the best of Navarro and the Gresini youngster was then hit with a one position penalty due to exceeding track limits, causing him to lose three seconds and dropping into hard battle with Baldassarri, Binder and Quartararo.

Status quo was maintained amongst the podium positions and the focus for the last four laps was on Mir’s pursuit of Pasini for fourth, the Marc VDS rider swiftly claiming the position. Pasini could breathe a sigh of relief that the next man was Baldassarri, four seconds down the road but the Italian got lucky when Mir had to give the place back due to track limit infringements, leaving the two embroiled in battle on the final lap, the ultimate victor being Pasini. To add a pinch of drama to proceedings, Romano Fenati unpleasantly stole the show for the final three laps, the Italian getting angry at Stefano Manzi following an earlier tangle and then being black flagged for attempting to grab his compatriot’s front brake lever in a poorly (or not at all) thought out vendetta.

Bagnaia eventually crossed the line with no drama whatsoever, while Schrotter was oh-so-close to Oliveira through the final lap but his one aggressive attack ran him wide and allowed Oliveira back past. Pasini was best of the rest and as good as the veteran could expect, with Mir settling for fifth due to his own infractions. Baldassarri finished sixth, almost three seconds down the road, ahead of Quartararo, Binder and Navarro, with Xavi Vierge low key completing the top ten.

Bagnaia’s dominating victory extended his lead in the championship but Oliveira limited the loss as much as possible, now eight points behind his rival. Marquez rejoined the action after the early incident and finished the race but the no-score dropped him to sixth in the championship, promoting Binder to third.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Gap
1 42 Francesco BAGNAIA Kalex 41'02.106
2 44 Miguel OLIVEIRA KTM +3.108
3 23 Marcel SCHROTTER Kalex +4.094
4 54 Mattia PASINI Kalex +6.320
5 36 Joan MIR Kalex +6.728
6 7 Lorenzo BALDASSARRI Kalex +9.470
7 20 Fabio QUARTARARO Speed Up +12.068
8 41 Brad BINDER KTM +12.134
9 9 Jorge NAVARRO Kalex +17.425
10 97 Xavi VIERGE Kalex +21.986
11 24 Simone CORSI Kalex +24.701
12 87 Remy GARDNER Tech 3 +25.582
13 77 Dominique AEGERTER KTM +25.760
14 5 Andrea LOCATELLI Kalex +26.718
15 2 Jesko RAFFIN Kalex +31.168
16 16 Joe ROBERTS NTS +38.707
17 4 Steven ODENDAAL NTS +39.432
18 73 Alex MARQUEZ Kalex +39.551
19 27 Iker LECUONA KTM +40.436
20 64 Bo BENDSNEYDER Tech 3 +41.814
21 66 Niki TUULI Kalex +48.043
22 89 Khairul Idham PAWI Kalex +53.390
23 95 Jules DANILO Kalex +1'05.605
24 21 Federico FULIGNI Kalex +1'16.602
25 18 Xavi CARDELUS Kalex +1'31.250
    Not Classified    
  40 Augusto FERNANDEZ Kalex 4 Laps
  62 Stefano MANZI Suter 7 Laps
  45 Tetsuta NAGASHIMA Kalex 10 Laps
  12 Sheridan MORAIS Kalex 12 Laps
  22 Sam LOWES KTM 14 Laps
  10 Luca MARINI Kalex 16 Laps
  52 Danny KENT Speed Up 24 Laps
  13 Romano FENATI Kalex 0 Lap
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Would I be right in thinking that boy has some anger management issues? He got a two race ban, I think he needs therapy, before he injures someone.

The sequence I saw was an incident, Fenati reacting to the incident, then apparently following Manzi into the pits (only heard that), then following him *back* onto the track, and chasing him down to do the brake grab. To me that's the actions of someone who can't control his anger. 

Ban him from racing with the option to apply for reinstatement.

He was great coming in to M3. Last year's Misano win in the rain was dominant. I'd hoped his mid-season firing a few years ago taught him something. But no. After today's brake lever grab he needs to go. A two-race ban!?! Please...

in production racing in the 1980’s, you’d get many a star of the Yamaha LC ProAm challenge admit to this stunt-many year’s after they had retired of course. But the impression was it was just a prank to be done to you if you didn’t do it first, there was never talk of malice or wanting damage done as a result.

I really thought tricks like that had disappeared with those heady days. I was shocked to see the culmination of Fenati and Manzi’s lack of control. There isn’t a path that should be open in world racing now for Fenati; at Misano Moto 2 saw a tragic fatality with Tomizawa eight years ago, there can never be an excuse for anyone wilfully doing this, or similar, and potentially sparking a chain of events that could end in similar tragedy. As was shown in 2010 here, our brilliant sport is dangerous enough.

He has had plenty of warnings and incidents, he does not learn and never will. He should be banned for some 8 GPs at least.

Self Regulating...If the team can find a suitable replacement-and there’s a fair chance from CEV/CIV- they’ll probably sack him, presuming there’s no contractual or sponsors’ issues. 

And then, he’ll be looking for a new team..........like I said, self regulating. I will surprised to see him in that paddock again.

This from Crash,net..

“The rider, from this moment, will not participate anymore to a race with the Marinelli Snipers team. The team, Marinelli Cucine, Rivacold and all the other sponsors and the people that always supported him, apologized with all the World Championship fans.'

Romano Fenati's shocking grab of rival Stefan Manzi's front brake during Sunday's Misano Moto2 Grand Prix could cost him more than the disqualification and two-race ban handed out by Race Direction.

Fenati has already been announced as joining the new MV Agusta Moto2 project next season, to be run in partnership with the Forward Racing team which Manzi currently rides for.

But in an Instagram post, MV Agusta boss Giovanni Castiglioni said the Fenati-MV deal now "won't happen":

"Regarding his contract for a future position as rider of MV Agusta Moto 2, I will oppose myself in every way to stop it. It won’t happen, he doesn’t represent our company's true values." “

From race direction to show that they are fair and competent. 

A two-race ban is not enough. Especially if at the same time they punish Manzi. By doing so and showing lenience towards fenati they imply that maybe Fenati is not completely wrong.

Yes Manzi did some very aggressive and overconfident and rather bully moves (which it seems to me that are almost accepted in motogp... And rarely punished : a more coherent thinking and acting from race direction would be welcome... )

Still, Fenati punishment does not even begin to cover the folly of his action! Did we need a crash and broken bones (god forbid worse) to get a season ban?

fenati has big anger management issues and it's very sad that nobody in his entourage has been able to help him overcome them.

Given that his present employer and his future one too have issued statements saying they will fire him his career is probably over. 

But it's race direction that should have done this job: ban him for the rest of the season and allow him to come back with a warning and "special surveillance".

This would have been a strong signal and the opportunity to give him one final chance to redeem himself get some help sort out his anger issues and then maybe become the fine racer everybody expected him to be.

What a terrible image. What a shame. 

A shame that Oliveira's and Bagnaia's races should be overshadowed by twattish behaviour by others.

Marquez seems determined to implode.