2018 Motegi Moto2 Race Result: UPDATE - Winner Disqualified For Technical Infringement

Fabio Quartararo took the lead of the Moto2 race at Motegi within two laps and never let go, taking his second win of the season and cementing the young French rider's early promise as a rider to watch. The Sunday win, however, wasn't carefree as the Speed Up rider faced relentless pressure from championship leader Francesco Bagnaia who took a close second at the checkered flag.

Lorenzo Baldasari held on for a lonley third place to grab the final spot on the podium under a clear blue sky. Miguel Oliveira, secong in the championship, climbed through the ranks after a poor start to finish fourth just in front of Alex Marquez. The fourth place for Oliveira, however, widened the championship gap to Baldasari by another seven points leaving the two at 279 to 244 respectively.

Alex Marquez took fifth after dropping as low as eighth in the middle of the race.  Brad Binder, consistent all weekend, grabbed sixth just ahead of August Fernandez (7th). Xavi Vierge, Iker Lecuona and Luca Marini completed the top 10.

The Race

Bagnaia push to the front immediately, grabbing the holeshot and establishing a small gap within three corners. But matching the championship-leader's pace was Quartararo. The race quickly settled into a rythm with Baldassarri in third (a position he'd hold for the entire race) and Xavi Vierge in fourth, chased by Alex Marquez, Brad Binder and Agusto Fernandez.

Oliveira, anxious to catch his title rival, made quick work of Marquez and moved into fifth. With 20 laps to go, Quartararo dove inside Bagnaia to seize the lead. Bagnaia had a clear choice to make: Hunt down and try to pass Quartararo immediately or settle into second place behind the Frenchman who didn't factor into the championship.

Bagnaia chose the latter.

Quartararo opened gap or two-tenths of a second. With 18 laps to go, it grew into four-tenths as he began setting some of the fastest laps of the race. But a handful of laps later, Bagnaia began to claw back some time, closing within a tenth. The pair opened a gap on the rest of the field. 

Oliveira began to quicken his pace and with eight laps remaining, passed Veirge for fourth. But by this point, the leaders were out front by 1.3 seconds. At the front, Bagnaia began to hound Quartararo. Nose to tail, the two began to lap in the 1'51s. With four laps remaining, Bagnaia lunged at Turn Seven only to have the opening slammed shut by Quartararo. Bagnaia still pressed.

On the race's final lap and unwilling to give up a shot at a second Moto2 career win, Quartararo set the fastest lap of race, a 1'51.381 to secure the lead and take the win. 


After the race, the tire pressures of Fabio Quartararo were found to be below the minimum set by Dunlop, the official tire supplier. Quartararo was disqualified for contravening section of the FIM Grand Prix Regulations. Quartararo's result is nullified, making Pecco Bagnaia the winner.

Updated result:

Pos No. Rider Bike Time/Diff
1 42 Francesco Bagnaia Kalex 41'04.294
2 7 Lorenzo Baldassarri Kalex +6.227
3 44 Miguel Oliveira KTM +11.553
4 73 Alex Marquez Kalex +12.083
5 41 Brad Binder KTM +12.348
6 40 Augusto Fernandez Kalex +12.701
7 97 Xavi Vierge Kalex +13.652
8 27 Iker Lecuona KTM +13.811
9 10 Luca Marini Kalex +15.604
10 23 Marcel Schrotter Kalex +17.556
11 36 Joan Mir Kalex +19.221
12 45 Tetsuta Nagashima Kalex +19.811
13 77 Dominique Aegerter KTM +20.278
14 54 Mattia Pasini Kalex +23.091
15 87 Remy Gardner Tech 3 +24.468
16 5 Andrea Locatelli Kalex +24.622
17 22 Sam Lowes KTM +26.288
18 16 Joe Roberts NTS +33.887
19 4 Steven Odendaal NTS +34.074
20 2 Jesko Raffin Kalex +34.303
21 66 Niki Tuuli Kalex +37.458
22 89 Khairul Idham Pawi Kalex +37.921
23 57 Edgar Pons Speed Up +42.570
24 62 Stefano Manzi Suter +46.667
25 95 Jules Danilo Kalex +56.500
26 32 Isaac Viñales Suter +59.659
27 18 Xavi Cardelus Kalex +1'07.065
20 FRA Mb Conveyors - Speed Up 0 Lap  
Not Classified
  64 Bo Bendsneyder Tech 3 1 Lap
  9 Jorge Navarro Kalex 9 Laps
  21 Federico Fuligni Kalex 13 Laps
  24 Simone Corsi Kalex 19 Laps
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to get marked as a cheater..  

Mike, 2 typos in second paragraph:  1) Oliveria "seconq"   2) "championship gap to Baldassarri"  should be Bagnaia, yes?

.002 under
I remember "Stevie Wonder Head" Redding exploding his Bstone rear running it way under pressure parameters and creating a safety issue. But he was on a Ducati blaster and is a big guy. I don't know what the minimum pressure is for the Moto2 Dunlop, but am wondering with convern if it is a conservative one or generous.

Quartararo and his bike looked great. He and Pecco were FLYING. Nice 10 min highlights here:

His tyre was found to be only 0.3 psi under the minimum.
This is an incredibly small increment.
Surely a warning would have been fairer ?
Seeing how the rider doesn't set his own pressures, howabout the team losing points or being fined on the first offence ?
Seems unfair to me..

I prefer to see the races decided on the track.

If the officials have the information surely the software could flag the low pressure problem. Tell the team & give them an opportunity to fix the issue! If it's really a safety hazard surely they have a duty of care to warn the rider & avoid a high speed blowout. Scott Redding, Barry Sheene Daytona 1977...or do they think it adds to the drama of the show.

Safety issue or not ??

If it's a real safety hazard why let the bike onto the circuit? If the bike don't comply with the regs then it wouldn't pass scrutineering, and so shouldn't be allowed out of pitlane.

What a farce!  His tyre pressures were so close that, had they been set earlier in the day, that much could conceivably have osmosed or leaked.

And at the end of the day, his pressures were obviously fine - because his tyres stayed intact the whole race and HE WON.