2019 Jerez World Supersport Race Result: Close Racing Abounds

World Supersport at Jerez was nineteen laps with a slightly reorganised grid after Superpole.

Federico Caricasulo set the pole position time yesterday while Randy Krummenacher's bike was getting the gravel removed, but did so under a yellow flag, getting demoted one place and handing the pole position to his teammate Krummenacher. 

However, neither of the Bardahl bikes would lead into the first turn as Lucas Mahias got a much better start and took the lead ahead of Caricasulo and Krummenacher, Krummenacher taking second place from Caricasulo at turn nine. Seven riders were in a group at the front, Jules Cluzel setting a new lap record as he took sixth place from Hikari Okubo. Raffaele De Rosa and Thomas Gradinger sat in fourth and fifth.

On lap three, Krummenacher set up a pass into turn six, starting at turn four, getting drive into and out of turn five to power down the back straight to take the lead into turn six. Three turns later, Caricasulo passed Mahias to sit in second behind his teammate. 

The leading seven remained a group with no changes until Mahias briefly held second place before lap six. That lap, Caricasulo passed Mahias with his favourite turn one manoeuvre, De Rosa passed Mahias, followed by Gradinger passing Mahias, Cluzel passing two riders in one turn, Okubo moving up and Mahias taking fourth back off CLuzel, only to lose it at the end of the lap.

Lap seven carried on with a few more overtakes, Mahias and Cluzel changing places a couple of times and Gradinger passing Okubo, finally making it stick as Okubo couldn't keep the pace from this point and he dropped off the back of the leading six. 

Lap eight, Federico Caricasulo took the lead with his turn one move, holding the top spot until turn six, at the end of the back straight, only to get to back at the exit of the turn. Krummenacher had to wait until turn thirteen before he could get the lead back. 

Four laps at blistering pace for the top six, with no changes in position in spite of hardly any gaps between the freight train. 

Lap twelve, things started shaking up again, With Caricasulo taking the lead into turn six, leading Krummenacher and De Rosa. Behind the third-placed MV Agusta, Jules Cluzel took fourth place from his fellow Frenchman Lucas Mahias while Thomas Gradinger had the pace to hold on to sixth place but not to improve on his lot. A lap later, Cluzel took third off De Rosa into turn one and Krummenacher repeated his turn six pass that started at turn four to take the lead. At the end of lap fourteen, Cluzel sliced under Caricasulo into turn thirteen, cleanly taking second place from him. He held second place until turn six. Lap sixteen, Caricasulo took the lead at turn one, forcing Krummenacher to leave enough of a gap for Cluzel to follow Caricasulo past Krummenacher. Cluzel remained on Caricasulo's rear wheel, managing to pass him again on turn thirteen for the lead. 

Lap seventeen, with three laps remaining, Federico Caricasulo took the lead back from Jules Cluzel into turn one, only to have CLuzel take it back at turn two. Four corners later, at the end of the back straight, Caricasulo took the lead back and got his head down, determined to break away. Thomas Gradinger finally made it past Lucas Mahias to take firth place from the former champ. 

On the penultimate lap, Krummenacher powered past Jules Cluzel into turn six and tried to catch his teammate, but Caricasulo was on a charge, setting new lap records on laps eighteen and nineteen to win the race by over a second. Krummenacher and Cluzel rounded out the podium ahead of De Rosa, Gradinger and Mahias. Okubo was seventh, over seventeen seconds back.

Federico Caricasulo closed Randy Krummenacher's lead to just seventeen points in the championship, with Jules CLuzel's third place consolidating his third place in the title chase. Hikari Okubo dropped back to just one point ahead of Raffaele De Rosa.


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap
1 64 F. CARICASULO Yamaha YZF R6  
2 21 R. KRUMMENACHER Yamaha YZF R6 0.968
3 16 J. CLUZEL Yamaha YZF R6 1.346
4 36 T. GRADINGER Yamaha YZF R6 3.494
5 3 R. DE ROSA MV Agusta F3 675 3.778
6 44 L. MAHIAS Kawasaki ZX-6R 5.156
7 78 H. OKUBO Kawasaki ZX-6R 17.412
8 32 I. VINALES Yamaha YZF R6 18.807
9 94 C. PEROLARI Yamaha YZF R6 19.124
10 56 P. SEBESTYEN Honda CBR600RR 20.775
11 38 H. SOOMER Honda CBR600RR 26.792
12 84 L. CRESSON Yamaha YZF R6 2.261
13 86 A. BADOVINI Kawasaki ZX-6R 32.228
14 6 M. HERRERA Yamaha YZF R6 35.983
15 47 R. HARTOG Kawasaki ZX-6R 54.011
16 4 C. STANGE Honda CBR600RR 54.150
17 10 N. CALERO Kawasaki ZX-6R 1'03.474
18 74 J. VAN SIKKELERUS Honda CBR600RR 1'03.493
19 65 M. CANDUCCI Yamaha YZF R6 1'19.274
20 53 G. SCONZA Honda CBR600RR 1'22.951
NC 30 G. VAN STRAALEN Kawasaki ZX-6R 1'22.561
RET 67 G. MATERN Kawasaki ZX-6R 8
RET 40 A. GYORFI Yamaha YZF R6 12 Laps
RET 39 B. QUERO MARTINEZ Yamaha YZF R6 16 Laps
RET 23 L. ARBEL Yamaha YZF R6 17 Laps
RET 95 J. DANILO Honda CBR600RR  
RET 22 F. FULIGNI MV Agusta F3 675  
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Exciting race in the sunshine.

Plenty of passing & pushing hard. Supersport 600 laying lots of black lines on the gas and backing it in.

I noticed even some of the supersport bikes have tyre temperature sensors these days. Development continues rapidly.