2019 Austria MotoGP Race Result: Find Someone To Love You Like MotoGP Loves That Final Corner

Judging by every other minute spent on track at the Red Bull Ring except the last 10 seconds of the race, Marc Marquez was going to leave Austria with the full set of circuits checked off the victory list. But Ducati were in no mood to lose their playground and staged a tribute to the 2017 race, with Andrea Dovizioso coming out of the final corner in the lead. However, the two main actors reversed roles and Dovizioso mercilessly attacked a sliding Marquez into turn ten and managed to bring the big trophy home for the Bologna crew. Marquez rued his medium tyre choice but still punished it until the checkered flag to cross the line two tenths off the winner. Fabio Quartararo almost went unnoticed on his way to third but scored yet another podium ahead of his factory colleagues.

The heat of battle was previewed on lap one, when Marquez made a great start from pole but so did Dovizioso. The Ducati and the Honda could not decide who was best going into turn three and both ended up on the losing side, going wide and allowing Quartararo to lead the way. Dovizioso was quicker to regroup and trail the Frenchman, while Marquez was looking for a way around Jack Miller while also fending off Valentino Rossi, the Italian having made great progress on lap one. Alex Rins was right in the mix with the lead group initially but he got pushed one second behind the five-man pack by lap three and was trying to find a way back, together with Maverick Viñales.

With Quartararo finding half a second on the opposition, Marquez was keen to get past Miller and made it stick at turn three, setting his sights on Dovizioso next. The Italian felt the threat and upped his pace to drag back Quartararo and get past him with the unrivalled acceleration of his Ducati. Marquez soon followed suit but the Yamaha man did not make it too easy for the world champion.

By lap six, it looked like a classic Dovizioso-Marquez tussle, with Quartararo, Miller and Rossi as welcomed extras. Two seconds down the road, Viñales and Rins showed better speed than the leaders in their attempt to catch up but were not making fast progress. Miller abandoned the fight at tricky turn nine on lap eight but there was little airtime for him as Marquez was soon attacking Dovizioso into turn one and the two were rubbing elbows like long lost comrades. Marquez immediately upped the pace by half a second and only Dovizioso seemed to pass the test, Quartararo one full second back by lap 12. Rossi was close but not within striking distance of the Frenchman, while Viñales was getting ever closer to his teammate, a second and a half behind the Italian and fending off Rins.

Tom and Jerry continued their play for the next dozen laps, Marquez stretching a four tenths lead in the first part of the track and Dovizioso getting back within two tenths on the fast final sector. The Spaniard was his sliding twitchy self but looked in control despite the Ducati getting dangerously close to its rival, both riders posting very low 1:24s heading into the final ten laps, half a second faster than anyone else.

Dovizioso made his move in turn one and made it stick at the start of lap 20, the Ducati stretching its legs on the straight and taking its turn in the lead. Marquez tucked in behind his rival and had a close look at the red machine ahead. The two continued to light up the timesheets, while flying away from Quartararo, the Petronas rider three seconds behind on the victory battle and two safe seconds ahead of the tentative exchanges between Rossi, Viñales and Rins.

Dovizioso and Marquez started the final five laps still glued to each other, barely a Toblerone between them, and there was a sense of déjà vu as Marquez was planning his last lap assault. The Spaniard tested the waters at turn seven with three laps to go but the Ducati retaliated immediately, this leading to a couple of exchanges for the lead and turn one turning into the scene of a couple of close hugs for the final laps. Marquez started the last lap in the lead, punishing his tyres for one final time but Dovizioso went all Marquez with a block pass in the final turn and did what the Spaniard couldn’t at their last close encounter at the Red Bull Ring.

While all the cameras were on the Italian’s celebrations, Quartararo secured the final podium spot ahead of his factory colleagues. Rossi held back Viñales and Rins, while Bagnaia turned a top qualifying position into a top seven place. Miguel Oliveira ended up as the top KTM rider at the manufacturer’s home race, ahead of Danilo Petrucci and Franco Morbidelli, who completed the top ten.

Dovizioso’s valiant victory reduces Marquez’s championship lead to 58 points, with Danilo Petrucci still third, 94 points down on Marquez and with Rins getting closer to the Italian.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Gap
1 4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 39'34.771
2 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda +0.213
3 20 Fabio QUARTARARO Yamaha +6.117
4 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha +7.719
5 12 Maverick VIÑALES Yamaha +8.674
6 42 Alex RINS Suzuki +8.695
7 63 Francesco BAGNAIA Ducati +16.021
8 88 Miguel OLIVEIRA KTM +16.206
9 9 Danilo PETRUCCI Ducati +17.350
10 21 Franco MORBIDELLI Yamaha +20.510
11 30 Takaaki NAKAGAMI Honda +22.273
12 5 Johann ZARCO KTM +25.503
13 6 Stefan BRADL Honda +31.962
14 41 Aleix ESPARGARO Aprilia +34.741
15 17 Karel ABRAHAM Ducati +48.109
16 29 Andrea IANNONE Aprilia 1 Lap
    Not Classified    
  53 Tito RABAT Ducati 8 Laps
  43 Jack MILLER Ducati 21 Laps
  55 Hafizh SYAHRIN KTM 26 Laps
  44 Pol ESPARGARO KTM 27 Laps
  35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda 27 Laps
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Last weekend many commentators suggested MotoGP was headed down a Marc Marquez spiral of weekend win after weekend out. Processional and sundry BS. You cannot expect every weekend to be a white knuckle duel to the final corner. This one went down to the wire, yet again between two devastating riders when they have all their ducks in a row, and they both did since FP1 Friday. Marc had a bit of a lame duck explaination blaming rear tire choice for the race. I dont think he believes that himself. More like something to throw to the journo's and fans. The facts as visualised were astonishing. Both used the best set up and rubber they deemed fit and both teams did an excellent job with their #1 riders. That was one superlative battle that could have gone either way. Dovi and Marc both rode a race like they did in Motegi in the wet back then, left the rest for dead whilst joined at the hip. Salute.

Looks like Gigi lit a fire where one was needed. First time I've seen the 'killer' come out in Dovi; what a welcome sight! Apparently the Ducati will go around corners if caution is thrown to the wind. That was a sublime last 3 laps and a great ending. Plus I'm loving Michael Laverty. Great insights outta him! What a race weekend! Can't hardly wait for the newly pristine Silverstone pavement to welcome the greatest racing in the world.


That was not possible. Amazing strategy from AD04, and played to perfection. Going to re-watch tonight. Marc looked to have 3 tenths in reserve to whip out when needed prior to the last few laps. Not sure how the Ducati had so much more rear tire left than the Honda.

It has been a while since we have seen a knife fight at the front with Marc. The mirror symmetry to (brilliant) 2017 was fun. Both riders were very smart...Dovi in his Red heist, and Marc in containing himself.

Normal conditions and grip, yes, but the Yamaha showed strong. Poor set up choice for Vinales, but good that they are exploring outside the box a wee bit again. Perhaps his garage's experimenting again signals that the bike has just breached a development threshold. Next event's grip level will offer more insight, but all three Yamahas beating Rins looks promising. What doesn't yet of course is the current horsepower deficit. Fabio Quartararo was riding inch perfect, but Marc and Dovi came through and waltzed away from him embarrassingly. Yamaha isn't working on more motor until electronics and engine character are up to snuff. As per their usual they won't aspire to match the two monster motors, but there is a mandate to cut that gap a great deal.

Oliveira, great ride! And the tires holding up to the finish is an accomplishment for KTM. At 2/3rds race distance Oliveira was matching the pace of Marquez and Dovi! Almost had Bagnaia. Let's see if they can repeat that away from their home track. Sorry to see Pol's motor poop out. Not as much as Cal I bet. [KTM quits making a Moto2 bike?! Wow! Surprise. That makes sense as they condense focus on MotoGP and Moto3, Ajo can run another chassis and still pipeline a rider behind Binder. So can Tech3]

Bagnaia! Looks like you flipped a switch at the test re riding style for the Ducati. Hoping it stays on, and you have arrived. A lot of us are likely to agree.

Andrea Dovisioso...intelligent, consistent, and AGGRESSIVE to boot. Bravo!

10 mins highlights

Needs to be on a factory bike. Getting one of the slower straight line speed bikes on the grid onto the podium and that track, ahead of the two factory Yamahas again, was a fantastic effort. Disappointed for Miller. Hope that crash doesn't have further implications. 

Keep him where he is and give him the final 500 rpm. Not sure what's the status of his chassis is what revision he is on but for heaven's sake obviously there something off on the factory bikes and the older bike is better. So let him stay where he is give him factory support give him the new motor but let him thrive in the team.snd not out him under any undue factory pressure. Give him time to come into his own. Let him be free to experiment. 

Is Quartararo on a 2019 bike with less engines so less revs and downgraded bits eg forks?

 and 5 engines compared to 7 for factory riders and Franco. He was using uprated forks this weekend.

One of his backers has just splashed out on a set of the latest CF bodied forks for him. 

Tested at Brno, not sure if he used in this race. 

There is some conflicting info out there about exactly what chassis Quartararo is running. Yamaha may be being a tad coy about it. In the 2nd week of Feb it was announced that he was getting a 2019 rather than the 2018 that was alotted, but with a few select lower spec bits (forks, down 500 revs, last to get updates). Then a report snuck out in Spring (via Neil?) that he was running Zarco's old 2016 frame. This doesn't seem unequivocally/overtly confirmed (Pitbull, you first posted that didn't you? Have a reference somewhere? I heard the anecdote and it may be an outlier). I think he has the 2019. He did just get the carbon fiber fork upgrade at the previous round/test. I don't get it. Neither has Yamaha apparently. For sure give this kid the motor and electronic updates ASAP Yamaha!

Likeable and inspiring kid. Sure Yamaha will keep him in the stable. If their bike is coming right as it seems, and a factory seat opening for him for 2021, betting he stays put.

On season points, this 2019 top Yamaha race is shaping up to be a goodie. Near them Rins should be moving forward after his DNFest. Petrucci looks stalled (immediately after signing, go figure). Eyes on next round's lower grip, fingers crossed for blue. And a good title fight in which a rookie in a brand new team could be top Yamaha. Or a resurgent Vinales, who returns to that fantastic Dutch form, and takes it to the pointy end. Or, Vale finding a old dog's Sunday formula for one more strong run. As long as the Yamaha is coming back, all of it is welcome. Preference? Underdog Petronas rookie ruling the roost and motivating the Factory garage. Wanting a Petronas jersey in addition to my Tech3 one (but did they have to put all that black where Aqua should go? Guess the Hayate-like fortune is worth the lack of beauty).

Great Austrian display, that kid. If he can do that on THIS bike? Verrry promising. Me olvido de cómo suena el himno Francés. E passato tanto tempo!
It is fun that we have four very different solid MotoGP bikes these days. I fear that the HRC bike has the most momentum of them now, are working on chassis/handling with their budget as big as that powerplant, and going to have another step forward before anyone else. They have The Marc. I would make those difficult-poopie Jarvis faces too if I had his job.

Santa, it is 4 months to December, but I have been very good the last several years. Too good perhaps, and I am even hiding my resentment. Thank you SO much for the great 2017 and 2018 season gifts. I am a little bit confused about this year Santa, I did NOT ask you for the Honda engine! Was there a mistake? For 2020 I would like to ask for some more Suzuki power, and for a Jr Team to be announced. Surely you know how good our friend Davide has been (red and green would be ugly as a lump of coal on their bike, but would you like to be their title sponsor? How about a lovely snowman?). And Santa, a rider at Ducati to please catch fire with this bike as it is, any of them is fine (even Tito if you are feeling funny, I heard you are bringing him a brand new bike?!). It looks like Yamaha is working very hard, so do you think you can spare some elves for their engineering and development just in case? I am sure you know if he has been bad or good, but please offer some understanding towards Zarco regarding his performance on his bike this season. And it is ok if you don't decide to give Jorge and Puig the 250GP bike they want at Honda (especially since Marquez would get it too and already has all the slidey elbow presents), but do please consider these others ok? Oh, and your wee elf Dani's collar bones as well if you haven't already. I know he is enjoying the milk, cookies and Red Bull.
Sorry to bother you in August, Happy Holidays!

Jarvis has the best cat's bum in the whole paddock :)

I absolutely loved Davide Tardozzi's unbridled reaction when Dovi won, as much as the win itself!

I forget how the French anthem sounds, its passion & tempo? I would welcome a better translation s'il vous plait.

Fabulous Fabio Quartararo may give us a few recitals of  La Marseillaise in coming races and coming years. I think Marc Marquez rates Fabio Q's skill & talent very highly as well. Recognizes a rival perhaps.

Spielberg was the demonstration that Marc's Honda is by far the best bike around (and now equal to Ducati in the straight), so superior that Marquez doesn't need to fall anymore: others can make a faster lap, but the average lap of Marquez is always superior. Spielberg was also the demonstration that Marc, great rider, is the greatest only with the best bike, but another great rider like Dovi can beat him when the difference is not great. 

I love how you made it sound like two lovers playing together. 

Love me some Quartararo. In the most endearing way, I refer to him as ‘the French farmer’. Big physically, with that goofy gap toothed grin. Love the whole freshness of his approach, the fist bumps to the crew on exiting. Viva Quartararo.