2020 Magny-Cours World Superbike Race Two Result: Up For Grabs

Jonathan Rea has his first opportunity to win his sixth title, needing a finish of third or best if Scott Redding can win. The rain had stopped, but it still wasn't dry enough to use anything but wet weather tyres. 

Jonathan Rea got the start he needed ahead of his teammate Alex Lowes, with Michael van er Mark and Scott Redding behind them, but Redding lined up van der Mark at turn five to take third place. Redding then took second place from Lowes and sat behind Jonathan Rea as the pair held the same pace for a few laps. Alex Lowes went backwards through the pack while Loris Baz, the only rider on the harder rear tyre, rode through the pack to set the fastest lap and end up ahead of Michael Ruben Rinaldi, only a second behind the leaders. 

On lap four, Jonathan Rea went a little wide at the 180 hairpin and Scott Redding hit the gap, lifting Rea's bike on the exit and taking the lead from the world champion. With clear track in front of him, Scott Redding increased the pace with only Rea and Baz behind him able to keep up with Loris Baz taking the fastest lap on lap seven.

Two seconds behind Loris Baz, Michael Ruben Rinaldi had earned the attention of Chaz Davies, as Davies found good pace. Davies took fourth place into turn five at the end of the long straight and as Scott Redding stretched out his lead to over a second, Davies started to chew his way into the two seconds between him and Loris Baz.

At half race distance, while Tom Sykes was holding a grudge match with Garret Gerloff further back, Loris Baz lined Jonathan Rea up and took second place from him into the hairpin at turn thirteen. Scott Redding led by two and a half seconds over Baz and Rea and Chaz Davies was closing.

It took until lap fourteen for Chaz Davies to catch Jonathan Rea and take third place from him at turn seven. Loris Baz was three seconds behind Scott Redding and over a second clear of Chaz Davies and Jonathan Rea. Three seconds further back was Michael van der Mark, riding at the same sort of pace as the leaders.

Chaz Davies did his prospects for the second seat at Ducati no harm by keeping Redding's remote championship hope alive, dropping Rea and stretching a gap of over a second, but with three laps left, Rea picked up the pace.

Scott Redding was three seconds clear of Loris Baz who had over a second of clean air behind him, but the third spot on the podium was not yet decided. Jonathan Rea was nipping at Chaz Davies's heels, and if he could-ads him he would be crowned world champion. Davies, looking for a Ducati contract next year, needed to keep in front of him to keep Redding's hopes alive for another weekend. Rea tried and tried, but, after a small slide in turn one of lap twenty, it was clear he was at the limit and all Davies had to do was not make a mistake. 

Scott Redding jubilantly won the race ahead of Loris Baz. Chaz Davies held off Jonathan Rea to tae third place and the title would go down to the last round.

Scott Redding is within fifty nine points of Jonathan Rea, with sixty two points up for grabs in two weeks time. Chaz Davies is fifty nine points behind Scott Redding and nineteen points ahead of fifth-place finisher Michael van der Mark. 


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap
1 45 S. REDDING Ducati Panigale V4 R  
2 76 L. BAZ Yamaha YZF R1 2.551
3 7 C. DAVIES Ducati Panigale V4 R 1.097
4 1 J. REA Kawasaki ZX-10RR 4.261
5 60 M. VAN DER MARK Yamaha YZF R1 7.409
6 21 M. RINALDI Ducati Panigale V4 R 16.505
7 22 A. LOWES Kawasaki ZX-10RR 19.409
8 31 G. GERLOFF Yamaha YZF R1 21.612
9 54 T. RAZGATLIOGLU Yamaha YZF R1 27.621
10 66 T. SYKES BMW S1000 RR 28.079
11 64 F. CARICASULO Yamaha YZF R1 32.422
12 20 S. BARRIER Ducati Panigale V4 R 41.498
13 91 L. HASLAM Honda CBR1000RR-R 42.450
14 50 E. LAVERTY BMW S1000 RR 45.588
15 19 A. BAUTISTA Honda CBR1000RR-R 46.318
16 97 S. CAVALIERI Ducati Panigale V4 R 1'14.050
17 53 V. DEBISE Kawasaki ZX-10RR 1'18.497
18 13 T. TAKAHASHI Honda CBR1000RR-R 1'47.214
RET 12 X. FORES Kawasaki ZX-10RR 5
RET 34 X. PINSACH Kawasaki ZX-10RR 1
RET 36 L. MERCADO Ducati Panigale V4 R  
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Three interesting races. Scott Redding has figured out the Pirelli wets and circuit Magny-Cours.

Jonathan Rea didn't win every race. JR1 seemed to be pushing harder in race 2 & the result wasn't as good. Still way better than Kawasaki team mate Alex Lowes. Even though AL22 got a good start.

Estoril will be that much more exciting due to the championship not being decided yet. Hopefully my prediction from yesterday will be wrong, most are. Seems inevitable that Rea will take championship win number six in 2 weeks time.

Redding & Chaz Davies nearly, almost there, but not quite. Chaz has worked out how to be fast on the V4. Maybe next year.

Congratulations to Loris Baz. Bravo! Well done Ten Kate racing! Who needs Honda?

I'd love to see a Razgatlioglu/Gerloff/Takahashi podium just to strike a blow for WSBK diversity!

Much as I love Steve English, his comment in the Superpole race as Rinaldi pushed Gerloff off to the side, the same as Redding did, that riders were "self regulating"--it seemed to defend the very (European) behavior he objected to. 

(I know, it's bizarre to advocate for a white male (from TX!) to strike a blow for diversity.)

Anyway, it's a real shame Gerloff ruined Tom and Eugene's chances for the win. Great to see them recover to a 15th and a DNF in the next race. From....pole.



Think Rea got caught in two minds in this race, worrying about the magic 62 points lead and forgetting to finish in the front 3 if Redding indeed won. He seemed to be having some tyre woes too, but on such a damp - not raining surface, presumably everybody was.

Redding was impressive however he has nothing at all to lose from his current points situation, realistically his post was just delayed two weeks.

Enjoyed this weekends offering, the wet weather in all races adding a certain frissance to the proceedings.

JR; he's probably been the best rider in WSBK since Carlos Checa retired, only hindered by the underperforming Honda. That's evidenced by the fact that none of his teammates at the time got anywhere near him. Such a shame we'll never see him in MotoGP.

I think JR spent too long being loyal to Honda in WSBK on a bike which didnt showcase his talent. He did have a run out on Motogp Honda if i recall but you cant expect miracles in a small number of races. 

and that most have been 8 years ago at least. Rea is now 33 and a year younger than Cal Cutchlow who is coming to the end of his Motogp career. Had he been 10 years younger I am sure on the right bike Rea would have done very well. Rea will stay in WSBK until he loses the hunger or suffers a bad injury. And there is nothing wrong with that..... 

Sometimes sport is all about the performance and sometimes relationships, politics and other extraneous factors come in to play. As all of these comments in this thread suggest, it is simply stupid that some GP team which needs a total professional who is damn fast doesn't call Mr Rea. I appreciate that the money might have been a problem but I can imagine no reason that Ducati wouldn't have made a call to his manager. And we all like PE but who thinks that Rea wouldn't have been a better bet on that cantankerous Honda? I am not his biggest fan but it is inexcusable that he is not in MotoGP and his incredible professionalism over the last two years is just proof upon proof. He might be 33 but he isn't exactly slowing down.

Jonathan Rea should be in Motogp. At least that was the general consensus among the motogp regulars when Rea subbed for Stoner in 2012 at the age of 25. Even now at 33, Rea would probably be competitive in motogp on a bike that fit his style. But the current trend is for younger riders and the statistics back this up. Not very many championships were won by guys in their 30s during the motogp era. Rossi at the age of 30 in 2009 is the oldest.

I was looking at another WSBK champion James Toseland. WSBK Champion in 2007 and then spent two years on a so-so Tech3 Yamaha in Motogp. He was 28. I dont know what the future holds for Scott Redding - that is an interesting one. 

Q from BMW was telling, neat bike! Esp in difficult conditions, offers rideability.

Redding was bold. It is important that he finishes the season strong, it is about more than just the 2020 trophy. He and the Duc had a set back and some zero point finishes a while ago. Would love to see him bounce back to pointy end performance and roll into 2021 contending. 

Agreed on Ten Kate w Baz. And he is a BIG guy, on the Yam. They are doing it right. Next year you can buy that kit. R6 too. Sayonara Honda! And yes, Rea should have said that sooner. But that V4 homologation special was SO close? This Honda looks pretty good but not in closer to stock trim. Still developing the SBK, it has a ways to go. Unlike the BMW, holy crap is their bike great right out of the crate. It should have Superstock dominated. 

Wanted a closer championship. Will we get one next yr?

Appropos of nothing, just re-bumped into this incredible save clip from Ant West. Loses the everliving shite out of his bike at speed over a big crest. And...