2020 Le Mans MotoE Race 1 Result: Two Short Bursts Of Drama

MotoE provided the first racing action of the weekend on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Le Mans and the handful of laps were nothing short of drama. Mattia Ferrari nailed the start to lead into turn 1, with Alejandro Medina the other big winner, going from seventh on the grid to second by turn three, ahead of Josh Hook and poleman Jordi Torres. Having started last, Mattia Casadei was unceremoniously dumped out of the title battle with a high side at turn three and his stricken machine prompted a red flag for safe removal. Without a lap being completed, the grid went back to original positions for the restarted five-lap race, which meant that the poleman got another shot to get it right.

Ferrari once again got the holeshot but turn 3 demanded more attention, with the Italian sliding out on his own while Xavier Simeon’s crash wiped out title rival Dominique Aegerter and Niccolo Canepa. After that dramatic start, Torres found himself one second ahead, with Niki Tuuli his main challenger but getting harassed by Mike Di Meglio and Josh Hook. However, Torres’ advantage did not last as the pursuers regrouped and the Spaniard was reeled in by Di Meglio and Tuuli, leaving Hook behind. The Frenchman tried to line up a move but never made one and Torres scored his first victory in the class to swing the championship lead his way. Di Meglio settled for second on home soil and Tuuli made a long overdue return to the podium, with Hook and Tommaso Marcon joining the top five – the Italian having started 11th with a grid penalty.

Class rookie Torres will enter tomorrow’s title decider 18 points ahead of Ferrari, while Aegerter managed to rejoin and get a couple points to trail the leader by 20.


Pos No. Rider Bike Time/Diff
1 40 Jordi Torres Energica 8'43.391
2 63 Mike Di Meglio Energica +0.116
3 66 Niki Tuuli Energica +0.557
4 16 Josh Hook Energica +1.925
5 70 Tommaso Marcon Energica +4.296
6 51 Eric Granado Energica +4.590
7 6 Maria Herrera Energica +6.514
8 55 Alejandro Medina Energica +6.201
9 61 Alessandro Zaccone Energica +11.875
10 35 Lukas Tulovic Energica +12.419
11 18 Xavi Cardelus Energica +13.262
12 15 Alex De Angelis Energica +14.087
13 84 Jakub Kornfeil Energica +23.207
14 77 Dominique Aegerter Energica +59.643
Not Finished 1st Lap
  11 Matteo Ferrari Energica 0 Lap
  7 Niccolo Canepa Energica 0 Lap
  10 Xavier Simeon Energica 0 Lap
Not Starting
  27 Mattia Casadei Energica 0 Lap
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Neil Morrison is the perfect counterpart. Never has an announcer expressed the screaming voice in my heart so accurately. Please stop showing us the crash replays! There are only 4 more laps left of this race! Just guard your line Elvis and this win is yours!

And it does not stop. Golly, I have never laughed so hard during a moto race. Just my 2 cents (and at the risk of sounding repetitive myself), I wish the Morrison/Dunn combo could replace the repetitive soundtrack of Birty/Day. At times, announcers have to find an entertaining way of reguritating a lot of the same info over and over. Other times, there are some new juicy tidbits of gossip that delight the fans. Matt Dunn and Neil Morisson are a class act in both of these respects. Not trying to hurt anyone's feelings - just the way I see it...

MotoE is on the path of replacing MotoGP. The efficiency of electric propulsion far exceeds that of the internal combustion engine. The drawback is energy storage and the weight of that storage. Whether we like it or not, great inroads are being made in this area. And who does not like smooth power? Remember the intoxication of two-strokes? Much smoother than four-strokes in the power band. More power pulses per revolution. How many power pulses do electric motors have per revolution?

It's continuous.