2021 Le Mans MotoE Race Result: Action All Around

After the chaos of MotoGP, the MotoE class got to enjoy almost fully dry conditions, but that did not stop riders crashing as early as the sighting lap, which took Miquel Pons and Andrea Mantovani out of contention. Amongst the people who actually got to start the race, Eric Granado made a good start from pole but soon had Dominique Aegerter and Alessandro Zaccone breathing down his neck and demoting him all the way to sixth spot by the end of the first lap.

Aegerter started lap 2 at the front but there were attacks all around him and the lead changed hands several times, given there were barely any gaps in the leading group. Hikari Okubo briefly held top spot but soon abandoned the fight in a tangle with fellow rookie Fermín Aldeguer on lap 3. Lap 4 saw Zaccone take the turn at the front from Aegerter and Lukas Tulovic, with Jordi Torres and Granado in the top five, while Casadei admirably joined a leading group of 8 despite a poor starting position in 16th.

Zaccone was the first rider to hold onto the lead for one full lap, although not through a lack of trying from Aegerter, while Granado had climbed into fourth and was claiming third from Tulovic at Garage Vert with 2 laps remaining. The Brazilian’s next victim was rival Aegerter at the final corner and the poleman started the final lap chasing down Zaccone for the win.

Zaccone made it all the way to the final lap in charge of proceedings and Granado could not make a move stick at turn 6 but he got one last opportunity at turn 13 and despite Zaccone responding at the final corner, Granado got the better exit to claim victory. Zaccone fought to the end but crossed the finish line second, although a track limits infringement dropped him one position to third. Casadei got promoted to second, having finished third after a late tangle between Aegerter and Tulovic on the final lap, which dropped the Swiss rider to fourth, ahead of Torres and Yonny Hernandez.

Zaccone keeps the lead in the cup standings, 8 points ahead of Casadei and Aegerter, while Granado climbs into fourth, 13 points down on the leader, one less than Torres.


Pos No. Rider Bike Time/Diff
1 51 Eric Granado Energica 12'23.012
2 27 Mattia Casadei Energica +0.306
3 61 Alessandro Zaccone Energica +0.253
4 77 Dominique Aegerter Energica +0.532
5 40 Jordi Torres Energica +0.640
6 68 Yonny Hernandez Energica +0.900
7 3 Lukas Tulovic Energica +1.045
8 11 Matteo Ferrari Energica +1.751
9 19 Corentin Perolari Energica +4.727
10 6 Maria Herrera Energica +4.999
11 21 Kevin Zannoni Energica +15.509
12 14 Andre Pires Energica +29.350
13 18 Xavi Cardelus Energica +29.485
14 80 Jasper Iwema Energica +37.419
15 54 Fermín Aldeguer Energica +1'06.915
Not Classified
  78 Hikari Okubo Energica 5 Laps
Not Starting
  71 Miquel Pons Energica 0 Lap
  9 Andrea Mantovani Energica 0 Lap
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