2021 Barcelona MotoGP Test Final Times: Maverick Viñales Retains Coveted King Of Testing Title

Times at the end of the MotoGP test on Monday after Barcelona:

Pos No Rider Bike Time Diff Prev
1 12 Maverick Viñales Yamaha M1 1:39.400    
2 20 Fabio Quartararo Yamaha M1 1:39.537 0.137 0.137
3 30 Takaaki Nakagami Honda RC213V 1:39.702 0.302 0.165
4 36 Joan Mir Suzuki GSX-RR 1:39.816 0.416 0.114
5 63 Francesco Bagnaia Ducati GP21 1:39.866 0.466 0.050
6 44 Pol Espargaro Honda RC213V 1:39.877 0.477 0.011
7 5 Johann Zarco Ducati GP21 1:39.979 0.579 0.102
8 21 Franco Morbidelli Yamaha M1 1:40.022 0.622 0.043
9 88 Miguel Oliveira KTM RC16 1:40.036 0.636 0.014
10 46 Valentino Rossi Yamaha M1 1:40.050 0.650 0.014
11 93 Marc Márquez Honda RC213V 1:40.054 0.654 0.004
12 33 Brad Binder KTM RC16 1:40.141 0.741 0.087
13 10 Luca Marini Ducati GP19 1:40.226 0.826 0.085
14 43 Jack Miller Ducati GP21 1:40.242 0.842 0.016
15 73 Alex Márquez Honda RC213V 1:40.483 1.083 0.241
16 00 KTM Test 1 KTM RC16 1:40.912 1.512 0.429
17 23 Enea Bastianini Ducati GP19 1:40.923 1.523 0.011
18 9 Danilo Petrucci KTM RC16 1:40.937 1.537 0.014
19 32 Lorenzo Savadori Aprilia RS-GP 1:40.963 1.563 0.026
20 50 Sylvain Guintoli Suzuki GSX-RR 1:40.994 1.594 0.031
21 00 KTM Test 2 KTM RC16 1:41.053 1.653 0.059
22 27 Iker Lecuona KTM RC16 1:41.205 1.805 0.152
23 15 Matteo Baiocco Aprilia RS-GP 1:46.571 7.171 5.366
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Maverick manages more, move over for the Monday man! (Staring right at his crossroads, isn't he?). Juxtaposed is a surge of youth crowded at the door. How much money exactly is it to buy out Raul's KTM contract? Guess who knows, and guess what color their shirt is? Blyou guessed right. The crew chief change from a friend that can work with this rider well to one that can work with this bike well? It says something clearly, and that is "your time is now Vinales, and there is no issue to be found outside your head." Yamaha just managed a drastic pivot with their bike and program structure. Watch out for an era of dominance to follow? Is it in the air? A kid like Raul Fernandez in Aqua and soon joining a still rising young Quartararo. An even better bike mated perfectly to the Michelins. It may be in the cards. Red and Orange disagree, but better have something in hand. Suzuki doesn't look to be taking a next step with their program, but they tend to both late and quietly. 

Contrasting some factories. Yamaha vs Honda, but mainly now Orange vs Suzuki and Aprilia. Whilst we don't have Dani out, although he is here (isn't that odd?), KTM just churned a fresh chassis and other significant developments. Trouble with the change in tires for 2021 addressed quickly and effectively. Four same kit bikes out there and a hard working Alien Test rider. And money. KTM is spending it. Wisely, and in house. Did you notice who won the last race, how and on what? It wasn't Fabio's over eager naked torso. And it wasn't Bagnaia-esque brilliant and aggressive but latent as of yet Brad. Miguel Oliveira of Portugal is showing us his teeth, and they are sparkling indeed. Dry race, not at home, and didn't need Quarty's 6 second unzipping or track limits either. Let's all take some more time to appreciate both KTM and MO88. Brilliant.

Suzuki had one bike out yesterday. Guinters is really good of course, but what do they have to test? The bike is not much changed from last year at all. One rider is overriding it, bumping on his own riding style and talent ceiling and crashing himself silly. The other is visibly strained and slightly back on his heels relative to his expectation. What is being done with the Monster money? Mir just started amazingly yesterday, but the late race surge did not appear. Lower grip surface? Front tire? Who knows. But pinning it all on Mir with last year's bike and mediocre Q spots is not looking like enough. No one but Honda is staying still. 

Aprilia?! More difficult even, all their eggs in one rider's basket - a good and reliably fast one, and never identified as a front pack guy nor thereabouts. Second racer is our current backmarker. Test rider doodling about barely reliability testing well over 5 seconds off the back off of the rest of the field. The Black Italian bike is so good right now! The program needs riderS. Two, one Cal and one Martin. No 2nd team, and no Dovi from this vantage point.

At Honda we are seeing Pol Espargaro losing his mind. He wants concessions at HRC of all places. Each rider is on different kit. Nakagami choosing to switch back to the early 2020 chassis, which was shite, is a disconcerting thing. One uncomfortable glance at Alex Marquez's season stats is all you want. The WAY Honda makes their bike needs to change. They won't. There were senior HRC brass here this wknd observing, including the deposed Tsordid ex project lead. Honda may be signalling change in Japan? They almost broke their Marc, their bike is dangerous garbage wrapped around a nice motor, and it is just a waiting game now for post Summer break for a nearly fit MM93. Wow, eh?

Rumor has it that the 2022 Yamaha is another step in the right direction. They look good now. Quartararo is helping showcase it, the French kid is on fire. He just lost his chest armor Velcro and his cool yesterday, but not his 2021 tip to take the Championship.

At Ducati, Zarco has found consistency and a Pramac contract. Red is doing well now regarding their stable of riders. Zarco has been at his best, and it is good enough for second place. He is due for a win. More? I don't think so. We all enjoy jovial Jack. Or if we don't, we keep it to ourselves since he is pretty fast and friendly. His trajectory has been a good rise. But the next big thing at Ducati is either Pecco or Martin. We are watching Pecco put the big Red pile of puzzle pieces together. It has been a bit agonizing to watch if done intently and closely. But the kid looks to be doing it. Martin much more rapidly and assertively. Importantly, both with that "this era" dynamic riding style of more elbows than butt. Watching how a handful of riders were hanging off long and far and forward and with finesse on sweepers the last few rounds has been breathtaking. The rear tire has so much grip at lean that it is nuts! 

Here comes EIGHT Ducatis. 8! Ocho. Who needs concessions when you have a third team and a fourth one? One of their older Pramac riders becomes a Crutchlow at LCR, churning out development donkey work. Pass around parts and share testing, Gresini AND Bonesaw46 too?! Huge advantage. 5 to 7 bikes can be current year, betting 6. Rising Red NASA launch countdown coming to a Winter near you.

Fascinating race. HRC have painted themselves into such a small corner, due to their supreme hubris, it'll be interesting to see  if they can get out. The ONLY reason they have so many titles, in the last 10+ years, is because of Freak 1 & 2. Their bike is a pile! Without Freak 2, KTM and Aprilia are kicking their butts. Everyone thought that MM was winning titles and embarrassing the MGP field because of the bike. Without him, they have trouble finishing in the top 10....or just finishing. There's no doubt in my mind that MM will be back at the front, but he has to be healed up. His shoulder is so weak, he can't hold a line in a right hand turn. 

And CONGRATS to KTM! I thought they were stepping off into oblivion entering MGP, but I was wrong. A staggering amount of work to go from zero to winning MGP races. And, they've done it without treating riders like shit (are you reading this Ducati?). I thought they handled the Zarco situation with unbelievable class. I'm rooting for them. 

Vinales: he really needs some shrink help. Miller makes the $$$ sign when MM wants a tow and laughs about it. Vinales folds. Hmmmmm.....

Quat: it appears the kid has learned a lot from last year and is the guy to beat, but....that's why we line up on Sunday  


How many really did? He might've won on my Moto Guzzi! From Freddie to Eddie to Mick to Vale to Casey. The remaining Honda cast (Dani partially excused) prove it was never the bike, heck even Cal explained why in detail at most races! Honda buy the aliens, they can ride any spaceship, they've never actually needed a plan B,C,D etc so that why they're stuck. More riders crocked, the widow maker continues, nice colour though. And don't even get me started about the WSBK CBRRRR1000RRRRSPRRR-SOLE...I'll get mi ceremonial sword (not a Katana 😬).


The headline is almost burning my screen away. Keep it up Mr Emmett.