2021 Misano MotoE Race 1 Result: Last Lap Roulette

A dry but not all that sunny Misano Circuit set the stage for the first opportunity to wrap up the MotoE title, but that flew right out the window on the very first lap, when Alessandro Zaccone crashed at turn 3 after a slow start. The incident also allowed a fast starting Jordi Torres and Mattia Casadei to escape at the front, with the Italian taking the lead by the end of lap 1. Dominique Aegerter didn’t take too long to join the leaders and made a move for the lead by the end of lap 2, while Eric Granado was looking to replicate that, seven tenths of a second down the road.

Despite a track limits warning, Aegerter was pushing to keep Torres away and the exchanges at the front of the race allowed Granado to catch up and join the victory battle. By lap 5, the three remaining title contenders were engaged in direct battle, with Casadei tagging along but letting them fight it out for now.

Aegerter held onto the lead for the final 3 laps and defended his position beautifully, while Torres tried to find the best opportunity to challenge him. However, a mistake at turn 14 saw the Spaniard touch the leader’s rear wheel and run wide, dropping down to 4th and letting Granado have a go at Aegerter. The Brazilian took the last chance he had at the final corner but it didn’t prove to be the best idea, as Granado lost the front right in front of Aegerter and threw all the good work away. The Swiss rider did well to avoid getting tangled in the crash but it lost him some momentum and allowed Torres to catch up and beat him to the finish line. Casadei inherited the final podium position, with Matteo Ferrari taking the chequered flag two seconds later, ahead of the LCR duo of Miquel Pons and Kevin Zannoni.

The reigning cup champion is back in prime position in the title standings heading into the final battle tomorrow afternoon, with Aegerter as his main rival, 8 points back. The unfortunate crashes for Zaccone and Granado leave them with 17 and 24 points to recover with one race left, although the Italian's participation looks uncertain after needing a visit to the medical centre.


Pos No. Rider Bike Time/Diff
1 40 Jordi Torres Energica 12'11.858
2 77 Dominique Aegerter Energica +0.160
3 27 Mattia Casadei Energica +0.405
4 11 Matteo Ferrari Energica +2.786
5 71 Miquel Pons Energica +3.072
6 21 Kevin Zannoni Energica +3.095
7 54 Fermín Aldeguer Energica +3.621
8 3 Lukas Tulovic Energica +10.598
9 68 Yonny Hernandez Energica +10.482
10 18 Xavi Cardelus Energica +10.905
11 9 Andrea Mantovani Energica +11.088
12 19 Corentin Perolari Energica +16.045
13 6 Maria Herrera Energica +17.087
14 80 Jasper Iwema Energica +25.402
15 14 Andre Pires Energica +32.416
Not Classified
  51 Eric Granado Energica 1 Lap
Not Finished 1st Lap
  61 Alessandro Zaccone Energica 0 Lap
  78 Hikari Okubo Energica 0 Lap
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