2021 Mandalika World Supersport Race One Result: Challenging Conditions

The first ever World Supersport race in Indonesia opened under uncertainty, with the clouds hanging over the track as the temperature dropped to 29ºC and the teams stood by with wet weather kit on hand.

The lights went out and Dominique Aegerter led Federico Caricasulo and Raffaele De Rosa for the first few corners, but Caricasulo took the lead into turn ten. Manuel Gonzalez took third place as Can Oncu tapped De Rosa's exhaust pipe before starting the second lap. Gonzalez slipped into second place on lap two as Can Oncu in fifth place set the race record of 1'38.193.

Spots of rain didn't slow the pace down as Gonzalez took the lead into turn ten, the pair breaking free from Aegerter in third place. The sky darkened on lap four as Aegerter dropped a couple of places as the red crossed white flag summoned the rain.

Lap five, and the lap times dropped by ten seconds as the track got damper. A couple of riders nipped in for wet tyres, spending one minute and seventeen seconds minimum intervention time.

At the start of lap six, the top ten riders remained out on the track, headed by Manuel Gonzalez, Raffaele De Rosa, Can Oncu and Federico Caricasulo, still lapping ten seconds off the pace. At turn ten, Raffaele took the lead on lap six and remained out, leading Manuel Gonzalez and Can Oncu. The rain stopped and Manuel Gonzalez caught and passed Raffaele De Rosa. Can Oncu barged De Rosa aside into turn sixteen to start lap eight in second place.

As the track dried out under the heat, Raffaele De Rosa picked off Can Oncu and Manuel Gonzalez. De Rosa immediately put a gap from the fight for second place as Federico Caricasulo took second place from Can Oncu and Manuel Gonzalez. By lap ten, past half race distance, the pace returned to within a second of the dry speeds at the beginning of the race.

At the start of lap eleven, Raffaele De Rosa had a gap off almost a second over Federico Caricasulo who was over a second clear of Steven Odendaal, Can Oncu and Dominique Aegerter. 

De Rosa and Caricasulo were over two seconds clear of third place on lap twelve as Niki Tuuli pulled out with a technical fault. Raffaele De Rosa set the fastest lap on lap twelve as he tried to escape from Federico Caricasulo. Nearly three seconds behind Caricasulo, Dominique Aegerter held off a fight between Can Oncu, Manuel Gonzalez and Steven Odendaal behind him. Dominique Aegerter set the fastest lap on lap thirteen.

Jules Cluzel caught up with the fight for fourth and carved his way past Steven Odendaal to take sixth place. Dominique Aegerter set another fastest lap on lap fourteen, under two seconds from De Rosa and Caricasulo and closing at a pace of half a second a lap. Lap fifteen and Aegerter put in a 1'36.912, another fastest lap, to close to just over a second off Federico Caricasulo in second place. 

Behind the race for the podium places, Jules Cluzel continued his journey through the pack to sit in fourth place ahead of Manuel Gonzalez and Can Oncu. Dominique Aegerter caught Federico Caricasulo at the start of lap seventeen of nineteen and set up a pass into turn ten to take second place. Aegerter set the lap record again, with a 1'36.894, half a second quicker than the rider just over half a second ahead of him. Raffaele De Rosa set a personal best lap in the lead, but it was half a second slower than the rider behind him. 

Lap eighteen of nineteen and Raffaele De Rosa led Dominique Aegerter by under two tenths of a second with Federico Caricasulo over two seconds behind. Jules Cluzel in fourth place was lapping a second quicker than Caricasulo just over a second ahead of him, with enough time left to make an attempt at a pass.

After a flawless lap, Raffaele De Rosa took his first win in World Supersport, holding off Dominique Aegerter by a tenth of a second. The last spot on the podium was decided three seconds later, with Federico Caricasulo leading Jules Cluzel by just over half a second as fifth-placed Manuel Gonzalez looked on. 

After a dodgy start as the weather toyed with the race, Raffaele De Rosa managed his lead to take the first victory of his career and Kawasaki's first of the year. Dominique Aegerter's second place needed another lap for him to have turned it into a victory, as he was clearly the fastest rider on the track once the rain gave up. Federico Caricasulo, riding for his third team of the year, put his borrowed bike in third place.


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap
1 3 R. DE ROSA Kawasaki ZX-6R  
2 77 D. AEGERTER Yamaha YZF R6 0.105
3 94 F. CARICASULO Yamaha YZF R6 3.108
4 16 J. CLUZEL Yamaha YZF R6 3.671
5 81 M. GONZALEZ Yamaha YZF R6 4.312
6 4 S. ODENDAAL Yamaha YZF R6 6.054
7 61 C. ONCU Kawasaki ZX-6R 6.247
8 21 R. KRUMMENACHER Yamaha YZF R6 8.778
9 38 H. SOOMER Yamaha YZF R6 9.288
10 56 P. SEBESTYEN Yamaha YZF R6 18.714
11 40 U. ORRADRE Yamaha YZF R6 24.574
12 5 P. OETTL Kawasaki ZX-6R 33.358
13 28 G. VAN STRAALEN Yamaha YZF R6 34.997
14 74 A. GONZALEZ Yamaha YZF R6 43.938
15 31 D. VALLE Yamaha YZF R6 56.365
16 64 J. BUIS Kawasaki ZX-6R 1'24.326
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