2022 Mandalika MotoGP FP2 Result: A Turnaround for Quartararo

After a more challenging and damp start in Indonesia, FP2 came with a clear sky and almost fully dry track – except for a damp patch at turn 2, causing some trouble in Moto2. The next challenge to come was the scorching heat but that didn’t stop fast improvements being made on the timesheets. Although Fabio Quartararo got off on the wrong foot, with a mechanical issue with barely two laps on the board and some missed track time, the Frenchman turned things around to pick up the lead in the final couple of minutes of FP2. It was a much needed boost for Yamaha overall, with Franco Morbidelli joining his teammate in the top 2, only separated by three hundredths of a second. Johann Zarco also saw his name at the top on a couple of occasions throughout the session before settling for third, ahead of teammate Jorge Martin.

Enea Bastianini scored a solid top five, although he closed the session with a pretty rapid crash, while Jack Miller added a fourth consecutive Ducati to the line-up in sixth place. Aleix Espargaro was the sole Aprilia representative, ahead of the factory KTMs of Brad Binder and Miguel Oliveira, while Alex Rins saved a top 10 at the very last moment. With the top 10 positions covered by half a second, Andrea Dovizioso missed out by another two tenths, while Fabio Di Giannantonio was top rookie in 14th position.

There was a touch of drama lower down the timesheets – unusually low for Joan Mir, Pecco Bagnaia and the Repsol Hondas. All four of them left it late to improve their times and yellow flags ended up playing a part in their lowly placements. FP1 leader Pol Espargaro looked pretty good at the beginning of the session but dropped to 19th in the closing stages, ahead of Joan Mir, who seemed to struggle a bit more and Pecco Bagnaia, who moved up and down the timesheets before his time attack was halted by yellow flags. After a session scattered with hairy moments at turns 1, 7 and 16, Marc Marquez ended up being the reason for one of those late yellow flags, the Spaniard suffering a fast tumble at turn 11 while on a hot lap and dropped to 22nd on the timesheets. The quartet will not be performing a rain dance on Saturday morning.


Pos No. Rider Bike Time/Diff    
1 20 Fabio Quartararo Yamaha 1:31.608    
2 21 Franco Morbidelli Yamaha 1:31.638 0.03 0.03
3 5 Johann Zarco Ducati 1:31.893 0.285 0.255
4 89 Jorge Martin Ducati 1:31.904 0.296 0.011
5 23 Enea Bastianini Ducati 1:31.921 0.313 0.017
6 43 Jack Miller Ducati 1:31.965 0.357 0.044
7 41 Aleix Espargaro Aprilia 1:32.008 0.4 0.043
8 33 Brad Binder KTM 1:32.017 0.409 0.009
9 88 Miguel Oliveira KTM 1:32.049 0.441 0.032
10 42 Alex Rins Suzuki 1:32.106 0.498 0.057
11 4 Andrea Dovizioso Yamaha 1:32.303 0.695 0.197
12 30 Takaaki Nakagami Honda 1:32.314 0.706 0.011
13 12 Maverick Vinales Aprilia 1:32.344 0.736 0.03
14 49 Fabio Di Giannantonio Ducati 1:32.418 0.81 0.074
15 72 Marco Bezzecchi Ducati 1:32.471 0.863 0.053
16 73 Alex Marquez Honda 1:32.554 0.946 0.083
17 25 Raul Fernandez KTM 1:32.557 0.949 0.003
18 87 Remy Gardner KTM 1:32.626 1.018 0.069
19 44 Pol Espargaro Honda 1:32.628 1.02 0.002
20 36 Joan Mir Suzuki 1:32.641 1.033 0.013
21 63 Francesco Bagnaia Ducati 1:32.845 1.237 0.204
22 93 Marc Marquez Honda 1:32.847 1.239 0.002
23 40 Darryn Binder Yamaha 1:33.014 1.406 0.167
24 10 Luca Marini Ducati 1:33.223 1.615 0.209
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Holy crap! Where is WaveyD. Have you seen this session? ^ Ape, that is all you have to calmly say here about this FP2?!

Yams, then Ducs x4. Asparagus. Both Orange guys. Then...nevermind THIS IS A WEIRD SESSION. Watching to try to make more sense of it. 

I know track temps were way down FP1 via cloud cover and some rain, track a bit dirty. I thought Suzuki was staged for a good run. FP2 much warmer. Going to find more info...

Marc had a big fast crash, 30 sec video here:


Tensions are high. It is HOT. If you believe this session Mandalika is "a Yamaha and Ducati track." Whelp, we are officially in a post modern transensical dream.

Anyone else notice the audio in both Thurs and Fri pitlane paddock chit chat videos? We thought the Winter Test track surface was the worst thing? Nope. That sap lost his job and took up behind the scenes audio technician duties for Dorna. You have to clean the bitumen out of your ear canals after listening. A quiet weekend = good Krop? Like you have sincere concern for something ominous? Is that a feeling in the air for you? I have WTF is going on in the air. Like D.Binder wins and we all shrug, "yes, I suppose that was a possibility. He barely beat Maverick and Nakagami to the line, just another S.African anthem while fairings melt in the heat sort of Sunday." 

FP3 is going to be interesting. Expect ANYTHING. Hoping things make more sense after sleeping on it, woke up to watch 2AM. May be dreaming. 

I was sleeping. Caught up now.

Do you think Ducati have solved their engine software issues now that they have removed the shape shifter ?

I've not had a really close look but it seems that there is quite a big difference between time attack and longer runs. If that is so then the times here are good for Q2 and little else. Good to see Franco up there, that will help Fabio which will help Franco which will help Fabio etc etc. Dovi also looking much improved. Difficult to know much. Time attack here suits Yamaha ? If race pace order is much different then who knows. The run from turn 4 to turn 10 looks nice. The camera angles aren't doing it justice me thinks. Need some of those old Assen long views. Top 18 within 1.0s. People trying to big up rivalries between rookies...what a load of crap. It's like two blind men arguing over this seasons colour and who shot JR anyway ? Pray for dry weather, with the size of the run offs here the bikes looks extra slow in the rain.

Where had this site been all my life?

Don’t ask why but everyone has riders they like or don’t and despite of what folks may think, Dovi has always been one of mine since his 125 days. After the checkered flag in FP2, he was tenth in the combined standings likely heading straight into Q2 if it’s raining on Saturday so I got excited then he got bumped by Rins who was on a late hotlap. Damn! At least there’s hope that he’s picking up pace on the Yamaha even if it’s only with a Hail Mary soft tire and a lucky lap.

If it is raining for FP3 and nobody improves their times, with the likes of Pol, Mir, Bagnaia and Marky Marc heading into Q1, Dovi has no chance of getting into Q2. :(

I might have been the only member of the Dovi fan club left on this forum so glad you're here!

Qualifying may not mean as much as usual this weekend as posted above, so keep an eye on 04's race pace.

I'm a Dovi fan too, St. Stephen. And if Q1 is wet, Dovi may slide into Q2, Elisabeth Rightwrist. He's very good in wet conditions.

I like Suppo's perspective. The rider's mindset is the most powerful tool. If the rider likes the track and has a good feeling, the engine configuration doesn't matter so much. Suppo sees an unpredictable race, Crafar is leaning toward the KTMs due to the low-grip conditions, and Dave is predicting Suzuki success. I enjoy watching it unfold most of all.

And I'm glad to see that I am not the only current member of the AD04 fan club. HOWEVER:

Unless your name is Pool Pirate or St. Stephen, you did not pick him to finish top 5 in 2022!

(not very analytical, I know, but I did go with my heart--and if he podiums no one on this forum will hear the end of it!)


Not being disagreeable while disagreeing is the secret sauce. Deleting ones controversial posts before posting is another hard earned lesson. And finally, a survival technique I have honed over the years. Other than Shrink , who posts often and long, I couldn't associate a post around here with an author to save my life, nor does seeing a user name bring up any notion of this person's earlier posts, their opinions, nothing. No grudges, no lost sleep. YMMV

Where art thou, Brian?

Hey! The quote above the chess board today said, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift...that's why they call it present," (Master Oogway). Interesting coincidence about the predicting-the-future game, huh? Kinda brings the FP2 business into sharp focus.

After a half-century of tiptoeing on other people's eggshells, I've decided to let my freak flag fly high, because at any moment it may be lowered to half-mast and the pole will certainly turn to dust.

Gotta agree with others. This site is cool.

Julia is unnecessary to Motogp. Fabio's mom, however,,,

Is a HUGE market for all the mfrs. Tremendous fan base for the racing, as well.

¿ and why not? 

it's supposed to be a World Championship not a White Championship ...

Short summary: Quatar/Indonesia, money/enthusiasm. I know which I prefer! 

Look. NO other rider besides AD04 has this benchmark established against The Marc in his prime. 11 min video, best of last lap battles AD04 vs MM93


LizRighty, welcome! This site is AMAZING. Qualitatively different than anything else. The community around and amongst David Emmett, Neil Morrison, photographers, etc - they collaborate and share. David is very intent, like unyieldingly, in his focus upon every detail of the racing. Zara D quietly knocks out these great write ups. GREAT Podcast. Walls are being broken down that used to keep "the little people" from the elite, we are them via their work and good nature. The community here too can't just be called "the comments section" when they are so meaningless and disgusting at other sites. It is incredible, and better for your Dovi appreciation.

Andrea Dovisioso is a rare and unique character in the circus. Hard working. Thoughtful. Serious. Kind. Brave! Now, our elderstatesman too. It suits him. His success was hard earned. He grasped his way out of adverse situations lots. 

Such a difficult transition from many brilliant yrs on the pre-2020 Ducati to a Yamaha, polar opposite riding style! He has already accomplished plenty. 

He seems to be a great fit for helping development. Thoughtful Professor is planful and articulate. But he is also one of the hardest working straightforward blue collar sorts we see. And nice! Dovi is real and kind. Big integrity. Direct.

For some riders they impress with a feature on track. A stand out area. When another rider does it, it seems tribute. Flattery of imitation. Example, "Doing a Dani (Pedrosa)?" = earliest part of drive out of a turn, push the bike WAY out away from you, up and onto the fatter contact patch, and give it the beans, then climb back on.

"Doing a Jorge" = get out in front and lead a whole race avoiding getting caught in battle, especially if very consistent in lap times and markers/lines.

(So on). So, what is "Doing a Dovi?" Fierce battle that is utterly calm in which attack from the other rider is anticipated re where and how so seamlessly that no time is lost, barely any gas is rolled off, you maintain such proximity and momentum that they careen seemingly through your front wheel losing their optimal line. But you motor right through ahead back on the inside. He BARELY withheld the bike as it is getting into the corner, just long enough to allow the other rider to screw himself Aikido style. So brave, so focused, unshakeable. "Undaunted." F@cking ballet within a murder scene. He IS getting run into as a berm. It just doesn't complete itself somehow. Because he "Did a Dovi." Then, looks The Marc is the eye helmets off, grounded and calmly, and chastizes him with a bit of smile. Professor Aikido.


What the heck are conditions going to be like for Q? And the race? The tires...good lord, stressful. WaveyD, plz fill us in when you see race pace revealed? Appreciate your eye for the longer runs.

If Suzuki isn't yet sorting their new grunt-spin adjustment, why not go ahead and take Brad Binder for a tip Sunday? Anyone else seeing him coming?

Did you watch the Marquez crash up there ^ ? He is very bruised up, but ok and fairly relaxed about it. 

Marc's front end went so early and so fast it's a real concern. We were discussing this very thing before the weekend got underway and I likened it to Stoner and Ducati 2010. Casey is another front-centric rider that ultimately ended up with a bike that was completely unpredictable at the front end and would let go regularly and with zero warning. All year Marc has been saying that he can't understand the front end and he has no feel with it.. that is ominous. That type of crash as soon as he pushed is what I feared most for his season. This could get messy.

I won't be too disappointed if it rains in FP3 as having those guys coming through the pack will make for great viewing whilst also serving as no surprise for this unpredictable weekend. * with two of Pol, Marc, Mir & Bag starting 13-20 with good pace in shifty conditions, we could really be in for some excitement mid pack as well. 


Get comfy!

Warm tone font w friend D9's -- I don't think of Casey as a front end focused rider. That is how I see a Lorenzo. Keep the wheels in line, carve. We used to say "250 Style," can we even do that anymore when none of these kids have even smelled the 2 stroke ring-a-ding? 

Casey? Right hand focused more than anything, the link to the rear end and pitching the bike through corners with exit lines in mind to link corners. His awareness reached THROUGH corners, and far. The front end will hold up, but it is the throttle making it so. As "sideways method" a rider as we have seen for a while. 

Loved and missed. So purty! Invigorating and enthralling. So chilled out and calm about it too, humble. I always wished I'd gotten to provide psych services AND gut help. They are closely linked...90% of Seratonin, neurotransmitter responsible for sense of peace vs anxiety and depression? Synthesized in the lining of the large intestine. Not just atypical undiagnosed lactose intolerance. A systemic inflammation issue, a physiologically based crap deal of low energy, pain in lower G.I., anxiety/despair, digestive difficulty. He could have been helped. We lost a treasure. 

Mate you are absolutely correct with saying that Casey was a balls-out right wrist type of rider. There's just no other way to categorize his unique strength and what really sets him apart. My comment was very Ducati-specific because it was the lack front end feel that sent him packing to Honda. The way he managed to get (and keep) heat in the front tyre was nothing short of genius especially given that he was forced to shift his focus from the rear to the front and still managed to do what he did. Use of slight front brake at times while still under acceleration, lining up dead last after the warm-up lap.. all of these little things to claw back a tiny bit of confidence (and heat) that was lacking every time he hit the track, amplified by the Bridgestones.

Reading his comments in his book, speaking to his family directly and listening to him on the podcast really opened my eyes to how much work it took with that front end and just how scared he was of it's unpredictability. That's what got me the most - it had him in literal tears of frustration as it really was that bad to the point of needing to begrudgingly leave Ducati just to have a bike under him that could display his talent.. and didn't he what!

Knowing what I know now, being in his pit for that final win in red makes it all the more special. I don't think we can really appreciate what is going through the riders grey matter at the time until we get a few insights from interviews and books way way after the fact. 

I do recall a certain twinkle in a certain family member's eye whilst we were watching slow motion replays of Lorenzo at PI, and perhaps a comment about imagining how a certain rider would be on a certain bike. I sometimes wonder just how close it was and how different things would have been if he found himself in blue instead of orange.

Top shelf people. Didn't deserve what they copped from the Euro media and the yellow army. It hurts to think about what we missed out on.

The book will give you real insight into where he started developing his genius with the front end on flat track. The time he could put on the field with the technique was just insane. It's just like hearing him talk about PI T3 on Gypsy Tales. He's discovering the double helix structure, just presumably without the acid.

^ 100% agree!

FP3 is on now for the smaller bikes. Staying up late to catch things. Riveted junkie. 

Enjoy mate!

I've totally forgot my 5 for this year. Any idea where I might find all of ours? Shrink? Wavey? Larry? You guys add so much to MM: MotoMatters, not that other MM. 

I was unable to catch FP2 as it happened so came here to get the rundown. What in name of Giacomo Agostini happened between those two sessions?! If it hadn't been a new track I might have thought I was looking at the results from the wrong year. The goddesses just keep giving up surprises. Love it! FP3 will be very interesting. And those Q sessions... ready for it!!


PS - secret Dovi fan here too. I don't see any surprise reprisal for him, but hope he'll grab a few sneaky points in what is likely his last season.

Dovi & Ducati fan.

Welcome Elisabeth Rightwrist.

I'm in the right time zone! Indo MotoGp and Aussie titles this weekend, me at home. Local airport closed. fuel too pricey to travel to Queensland. TV and the interwebs. I better move the exercise bike in front of the tele.

Brad & Miguel on the KTMs yes

More from Morbidelli I hope. Dark horse Dovi will do better.

Ducati Corse better get some points, suppose I'm used to it, Jack has bad luck at Qatar. Pecco still learning. I said the independent Ducs were not going to give way to the anointed one. Sorry to be right this time.

Bruised MM93 will catch up. 20 races to go.

Looking forward to hearing what Fabio conjures up to complain about in the final commentary on the day.

Also a Dovi fan. Loved watching him on the 250 and take it to Marc on the Duc.

…my Dovi 04 t-shirt signed by Dovi and Petrux at Mugello in 2019 when Petrux won. My wife and I are long term Dovi fans and we hope he does well but he’s up against it. So good to watch MotoGP in the afternoon as Mandalika is only 3 hours time different to Oz. Bring on FP3 and Qualy.