2022 Jerez Moto2 FP2 Result: Dixon Continues To Dominate

Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff Prev
1 96 Jake Dixon Kalex 1:41.646    
2 37 Augusto Fernandez Kalex 1:41.898 0.252 0.252
3 79 Ai Ogura Kalex 1:42.009 0.363 0.111
4 22 Sam Lowes Kalex 1:42.072 0.426 0.063
5 14 Tony Arbolino Kalex 1:42.073 0.427 0.001
6 75 Albert Arenas Kalex 1:42.161 0.515 0.088
7 51 Pedro Acosta Kalex 1:42.181 0.535 0.020
8 16 Joe Roberts Kalex 1:42.202 0.556 0.021
9 40 Aron Canet Kalex 1:42.229 0.583 0.027
10 35 Somkiat Chantra Kalex 1:42.263 0.617 0.034
11 6 Cameron Beaubier Kalex 1:42.278 0.632 0.015
12 54 Fermín Aldeguer Boscoscuro 1:42.295 0.649 0.017
13 64 Bo Bendsneyder Kalex 1:42.314 0.668 0.019
14 18 Manuel Gonzalez Kalex 1:42.545 0.899 0.231
15 23 Marcel Schrotter Kalex 1:42.585 0.939 0.040
16 9 Jorge Navarro Kalex 1:42.615 0.969 0.030
17 5 Romano Fenati Boscoscuro 1:42.692 1.046 0.077
18 2 Gabriel Rodrigo Kalex 1:42.744 1.098 0.052
19 13 Celestino Vietti Kalex 1:42.752 1.106 0.008
20 19 Lorenzo Dalla Porta Kalex 1:42.773 1.127 0.021
21 42 Marcos Ramirez MV Agusta 1:42.784 1.138 0.011
22 61 Alessandro Zaccone Kalex 1:42.834 1.188 0.050
23 52 Jeremy Alcoba Kalex 1:42.919 1.273 0.085
24 84 Zonta Van Den Goorbergh Kalex 1:43.103 1.457 0.184
25 7 Barry Baltus Kalex 1:43.119 1.473 0.016
26 24 Simone Corsi MV Agusta 1:43.209 1.563 0.090
27 4 Sean Dylan Kelly Kalex 1:43.697 2.051 0.488
28 28 Niccolň Antonelli Kalex 1:43.937 2.291 0.240
29 12 Filip Salac Kalex 1:44.187 2.541 0.250
Not Classified
  81 Keminth Kubo Kalex   0.000 0.000
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^ Prime shop window moment for MotoGP? 

Pressure? For some it is optional, they ignore and stay focused. For others they use it to churn more performance. And then there are the -- POP --

(Linked to Yamaha? Right passport these days. Really Needs Fast could use a boost)

Testing kings, as in someone thriving with no stress? We have a couple of those eh?

Marc made a right mess of Friday where there is little stress. He seems to be in a major transition. He is changing. 

Rins last season seemed to be folding under stress. This yr so far no, but I am just waiting for it. 

I personally thrive under duress. But then after my body suffers and I need to "hide in my trailer" a while. These guys are all pretty amazing. And we get to watch! 

Quartararo has Sunday on his plate. Everyone else is going to have to take it from him. FP3 should tell us lots. Ducati may be answering the call?


It's one possible explanation isn't it ? Never given it much thought while watching the bikes. It's a common fallacy that some people can perform better under stress. Yet all studies, I think (all is a big word), point in the opposite direction. Train fine, perform gross. The fine being tied to the gross. Never see gross as the only reality which matters. Train gross, perform to a new lower gross. Thing is with Mav's heart rate, you would think he isn't experiencing anything particularly stressful. I wonder if he bends less but gives earlier. The initial laps with an unexpected bike in the madness of a 24 rider knife fight leading to a regression.

Stress is a strange thing. I do remember reading about air crew communication in emergencies. One crew recounting that his colleagues mouth would open but only white noise came out. Vocabulary reducing to almost infant levels but fortunately that of infants who knew how to fly planes. Basic but functional. Anyway blah blah.

Maybe for most people SOME stress increases performance, and over on the other side too much and it decreases? 

Then some people have a baseline of too much internalized stress, generally performing better with it down. Others w a baseline of under stressed, doing better w a bit of fire under their butt? Example, Tony Elias thrived at do or die moments. 

Thirdly, spend too much time under stressed, and your comfort area shrinks under you. Experience too much over-stressed, and you are going to have to run back to your comfort spot too. In between is a sweet spot in which we are growing/learning/developing and the area of comfort and performance gets bigger and includes much more distressing situations. 

Odd particular tangent, there is a drug called propranolol, a beta blocker. If someone is going into a novel situation of acute stress, taking it before inhibits fear response. (Public speaking, being on trial, etc). Interestingly, after having experienced that specific situation without a survival mind sympathetic nervous system distress, people can often go do it again fine without the drug. You just need the experience once. Anyhoo, blah blah blah here too. Enjoy the Jerez weekend! 

The amount of stress experienced is a variable, as is the ability to cope with that load. However, stress always reduces performance.

Physical training so that the rest of body doesn't impinge on the capacity of the intel chip. Experience, as in anything being a new experience or not and to what degree. An entrained, as if hard wired, method (the how to do, super fine, never gross) of handling a given task which can free up the 'what to do' allowing it to sit serene and distanced from the reality of doing. A solid, simple, low overhead and effective 'what to do', rapid cycle rate, singular, hypothetically driven + error correcting feedback loop. All can increase the potential output, increase the capacity and resilience of the system overall so that when weight is applied it can still operate at a higher level relative to others. The maximum is never increased due to load.

Having said that, most of us operate day to day in 1st and 2nd gear only. When placed under pressure we find a 3rd, 4th and 5th gear suddenly exceeding our own expectations of what is normally possible. There's a difference between nominal and maximal.