2022 Jerez Moto3 Race Result: Home Heroes To The Fore

The lightweight class opened race day in resplendent Jerez, its hills covered in flags and surrounded by noise – a perfect setting for a hard-fought first race of the day. Although the podium configuration was the same as the front row of the grid 22 laps prior, it was not an easy task to achieve for the trio. Poleman Izan Guevara waited until the final corner of the final lap to secure victory, with an exquisite overtake on the outside of Sergio Garcia and Jaume Masia, which saw him cross the finish line six hundredths of a second ahead of his teammate. While Guevara celebrated his second victory in the class, Garcia had reasons to smile in second place as well, as a disastrous day for title rival Dennis Foggia puts him firmly in control of the championship. Masia completed an all-Spanish podium on home soil and continues to look stronger every race.

Garcia was the star off the line, the championship leader making a perfect start to reach turn one ahead of poleman Guevara, while Foggia made some immediate progress to get ahead of Masia, with Diogo Moreira another of the early movers, up to fifth, ahead of Riccardo Rossi, Xavier Artigas and Deniz Öncü. Having been demoted to the back of the grid for Q2 shenanigans, Ayumu Sasaki and Carlos Tatay quickly made their way inside the top 20 by the end of the opening lap but then had wildly different trajectories after serving their long lap penalties on lap three, Sasaki joining the top 15 a couple laps later, while Tatay crashed out at turn two.

By lap four, the Aspar boys had company from Masia and Moreira in the victory battle, the rest of the challengers dropping almost two seconds back. While Öncü and Artigas pushed to close that gap, Foggia was losing ground after his fast start and fronted a sizeable third group, 3.5 seconds off the lead.

Amongst the leaders, Masia first hit the front on lap six and fought to fend off the GASGAS machines, with Moreira a comfortable spectator to that battle and Öncü steadily bringing himself and Artigas back into contention by lap eight. Masia and Garcia continued to trade the leading position and with Guevara, Artigas, Öncü and Moreira waiting to pounce too, but there seemed to be a threat from behind as well, as the next group including Rossi, Dani Holgado and Sasaki tagged along for the ride, to make it a 9-man fight for victory. Sasaki seemed to have effortlessly made his way into the top 10, while Foggia continued to drop positions here and there, down to 15th on lap nine.

Back at the front, Artigas had a taste of leading on lap 10 but was swiftly pushed back down the order, as the Aspar duo were eager to reclaim the lead by the halfway point of proceedings. Although Guevara, Garcia, Masia and Öncü were the featured actors in the first half of the race, the rest of the group were still in close proximity until the final 10 laps, when the leaders’ hot pace dropped Moreira, Holgado and Rossi one second back, things soon getting worse for the Brazilian rookie, with a long lap penalty for exceeding track limits and then the Italian crashing out with 8 laps remaining.

Öncü led the way for the first time going into the final 7 laps but the hierarchy in the leading group continued to change several times a lap. The Turkish youngster found himself once again in charge of proceedings for the final handful of laps and this time held onto top spot until the final lap, helped by Garcia and Masia engaging in battle right behind him. As is the rule in Moto3, when three fight, the fourth one wins, so despite Öncü, Masia and Garcia entering the final corner very much in each other’s personal space, Guevara approached them on the outside to sneak ahead at the chequered flag, ahead of his teammate, while Masia robbed Öncü on the exit from turn 13 to push him off the podium. Although closely behind that last lap battle, Artigas and Sasaki ended up as quiet spectators in the top six. Three seconds later, Kaito Toba took seventh place ahead of Ryusei Yamanaka and Holgado, with Moreira rounding out the top 10 positions after serving his long lap penalty.

With Foggia taking the chequered flag in 18th position, some 17 seconds behind the leader, the Italian drops 21 points behind Garcia in the world championship standings, victor Guevara up to third, 30 points behind his teammate and Masia fourth, 33 points back.


Pos No. Rider Bike Time/Diff
1 28 Izan Guevara GasGas 39:19.8730
2 11 Sergio Garcia GasGas 0.061
3 5 Jaume Masia KTM 0.208
4 53 Deniz Öncü KTM 0.319
5 43 Xavier Artigas CFMoto 0.417
6 71 Ayumu Sasaki Husqvarna 0.847
7 27 Kaito Toba KTM 3.787
8 6 Ryusei Yamanaka KTM 3.982
9 96 Daniel Holgado KTM 5.811
10 10 Diogo Moreira KTM 6.088
11 18 Matteo Bertelle KTM 11.069
12 19 Scott Ogden Honda 11.142
13 48 Ivan Ortola KTM 15.546
14 16 Andrea Migno Honda 15.662
15 82 Stefano Nepa KTM 15.687
16 23 Elia Bartolini KTM 15.728
17 64 Mario Suryo Aji Honda 16.582
18 7 Dennis Foggia Honda 17.529
19 38 David Salvador Husqvarna 23.338
20 87 Gerard Riu Male KTM 25.408
21 72 Taiyo Furusato Honda 25.569
22 63 Syarifuddin Azman Honda 44.166
23 22 Ana Carrasco KTM 44.337
Not Classified
  24 Tatsuki Suzuki Honda 10:50.9540
  66 Joel Kelso KTM 05:35.2050
  54 Riccardo Rossi Honda 25:05.1620
  31 Adrian Fernandez KTM 09:05.9880
  99 Carlos Tatay CFMoto 05:31.8320
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