2022 Misano MotoGP Qualifying Result: The Rain Dance Pays Off At Last

The wetness guessing game was fully underway by the time the premier class took their turn at qualifying, with rain starting to fall at a crucial time in Q1 and making for a tense preparation for Q2. Riders eventually gave into rain rubber for the opening lap, but the experiment was short-lived for most of the field, conditions proving more suitable for slicks. With the track drying steadily, the timing screens were predominantly red throughout Q2 and the battle for pole was mostly between moist master Jack Miller, Q1 leader Marco Bezzecchi and local favourite Enea Bastianini, with brief interruptions from the likes of Pecco Bagnaia and Johann Zarco. In the end it was no surprise that Miller’s bravery secured him pole in the tricky conditions – the first of the season and the first in a good few years.

Bagnaia did his best to limit the damage inflicted by his grid penalty for irresponsible riding and came within one hundredth of a second of pole. With the Italian dropping to fifth, it promotes Bastianini and Bezzecchi to the front row, with Maverick Viñales inheriting fourth. Bagnaia and Zarco will be joining the Spaniard on the second row, with Luca Marini opening the third row after escaping Q1 with an impressive lap, just as the rain intensified, before securing seventh on the grid. Fabio Quartararo and Aleix Espargaro will be somewhat disappointed with a third-row start, although the Frenchman was only three tenths of a second off pole.

Miguel Oliveira was the only rider to brave the Q2 conditions on slick tyres straight away but his early advantage evaporated and the KTM man dropped to 10th, sharing fourth row with Franco Morbidelli and Alex Rins. Meanwhile, Jorge Martin missed out on Q2 by one hundredth of a second, after Marini’s late attack, and will be starting on the fifth row, together with Fabio Di Giannantonio and Brad Binder.


Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff Prev
1 43 Jack Miller Ducati 1:31.899    
2 63 Francesco Bagnaia Ducati 1:31.914 0.015 0.015
3 23 Enea Bastianini Ducati 1:32.014 0.115 0.100
4 72 Marco Bezzecchi Ducati 1:32.048 0.149 0.034
5 12 Maverick Viñales Aprilia 1:32.118 0.219 0.070
6 5 Johann Zarco Ducati 1:32.169 0.270 0.051
7 10 Luca Marini Ducati 1:32.226 0.327 0.057
8 20 Fabio Quartararo Yamaha 1:32.246 0.347 0.020
9 41 Aleix Espargaro Aprilia 1:32.577 0.678 0.331
10 88 Miguel Oliveira KTM 1:32.775 0.876 0.198
11 21 Franco Morbidelli Yamaha 1:33.351 1.452 0.576
12 42 Alex Rins Suzuki 1:33.438 1.539 0.087
    Q1 Results:        
Q2 72 Marco Bezzecchi Ducati 1:31.961    
Q2 10 Luca Marini Ducati 1:32.004 0.043 0.043
13 89 Jorge Martin Ducati 1:32.015 0.054 0.011
14 49 Fabio Di Giannantonio Ducati 1:32.276 0.315 0.261
15 33 Brad Binder KTM 1:32.600 0.639 0.324
16 73 Alex Marquez Honda 1:32.631 0.670 0.031
17 51 Michele Pirro Ducati 1:32.658 0.697 0.027
18 4 Andrea Dovizioso Yamaha 1:32.663 0.702 0.005
19 44 Pol Espargaro Honda 1:32.826 0.865 0.163
20 6 Stefan Bradl Honda 1:32.838 0.877 0.012
21 40 Darryn Binder Yamaha 1:33.331 1.370 0.493
22 30 Takaaki Nakagami Honda 1:33.484 1.523 0.153
23   Kazuki Watanabe   1:36.289 4.328 2.805
24 87 Remy Gardner KTM 1:44.690 12.729 8.401
25 25 Raul Fernandez KTM 1:46.732 14.771 2.042
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Viva Miller.

Bad result for Fabio. Six Ducati and one Aprilia. Time to settle for points and see what opportunities come.

Mad times. Bez Q1: 31.961...Q2: 32.048 so the pace was there in Q2 which puts Martin's 13th on the grid 32.004 in perspective. Mad close times.

Nice idea. The weather, start and first few corners will tell how good an idea that is.

Let's say Peco wins +25 points. If Fabio no scores then that leaves Peco -19 points in the table with 6 rounds left. Peco would then only have to outscore the Fabio by 3 points in 5 races and 4 points in 1 race leaving them tied on points with Peco taking the title on number of wins.

A win for Peco and Fabio finishing 8th would give Fabio a 27 point lead. Peco would then have to outscore Fabio by 5 points per race.

A second place finish behind Peco only raises the bar to 6.5 points per race.

If an opportunity for Fabio to finish ahead of Peco appears then he has to risk it. With the Ducati hoard finally marching together the potential for losing big points each race is real but a no score for Fabio would be a disaster.

It'll probably snow.

He (FQ) has been a demon on the starts, if he can maintain that, then I think he should be in the running. Ever since jack has found that “setting” , it seems he has been a completely different rider; maybe Ducati should exercise a bit more patience with their riders…..Oh well…


... especially if you're not Italian.  Ducati has built a strong reputation for being highly intolerant of anyone who isn't Italian unless they're winning a Championship.  And even then, after you're *done* winning the Championship, you're still no good unless you're winning *another* Championship.  Only Italian riders are allowed to stay with Ducati for any length of time without winning a Championship. 

Jack, rain.

It is healthy to keep a bit of turnover. Miller had PLENTY of time. He had peaked. All due respect, but it fits to shed him. He was good to Ducati. Solid team mate, team player. 

Ducati has not had an Alien to latch onto since Stoner. They crapped on him unwisely around his mystery illness. They overpaid, then dropped too early, Lorenzo. It was amazing to see the 250est front wheel rider we've seen unlock the Duc riding style. The timing was JUST off, wasn't it?

Then our friend Dovisioso hefted the Duc to 2nd via sheer determination. Hard working Astronaut. I agreed then too, time to move on to a younger rising star. 

Is it Pecco? That is the matter at hand RIGHT now. He has the best bike out there. He's arriving at his favorite tracks. He's healthy and fit. Our lone 2022 Alien Quartararo is overriding an underpowered Yamaha. I love the French kid, he's doing great, and it looks like this could get really close. 

Has Jack peaked, or is he only now *reaching* his peak? Seems to be the latter to me.

... that Jack Miller is only starting to peak.  I think it took him a number of years to sort of re-learn his racecraft after coming in straight from Moto3.  Once he got that first dry win under his belt, I think that flipped a couple switches in him.  Now it seems like he's finally getting that last 0.5% of his riding skill dialed in to where he can be predictably at the front.

I'm of the opinion that the one thing he's missing is the right team dynamic.  He's won a few races with Ducati now, but he's clearly not the fair-haired boy (back to that whole Italian thing again).  I think that the switch to KTM might be the last piece of the puzzle, IF his personality is a good mesh with the Factory ethos.  If KTM can be okay with Jack's brashness and direct style of communication (and I think they will... Austrian/German culture is very direct), then he may find that final piece and really go on to do something.

I have a feeling... a nugget of a suspicion... that Jack Miller can be a World Champion in 3 years if he continues this course and if KTM can smooth the edges on the RC16.

I think Jack found a bike that didn't work with him until too late. It's also the case that he knows his future and the any pressure to keep his ride is removed. He struggled for a while last year with the pressure to perform. He has been outperformed by his team mate this season and last. Jack is as fast as anybody on his day. He just needs to string those days together more often. He also seems to struggle with tyre life compared to others on the same bike. Looking at the way Bastianini is riding it's easy to see why they would take a chance on him. Miller is a big loss though, a proper character, a loyal team member, always gives it everything. He might go to KTM next year and find something that works well for him. He might find something worse. Peaked or not peaked, if it's not working with him then he's not going to produce. Same for all the riders.

Weather is drier tomorrow. An odd shower or two possible, not sure on which part of the day. Good temps.

My head still insists that intermediate tires "should" be helpful for some conditions. It doesn't look like I have a future working for Michelin. 

Very much looking fwd to our race. Will join a nutty Aussie and a local race mechanic to watch it. 

Bastiannini's turn? Pecco again? My guesses. Not going to count out Vinales, he is ON. And yes, I rate him higher than A.Espargaro for talent, a touch lower on consistency, but Maverick is on the rise.

I want a Pecco - Quarty Championship showdown, and fistacuffs on track. I woke up thinking mournfully of Fausto Gresini, missing him. Full support of Bastiannini, right rider for Red. Loving him in Lavender. See him scintillate Sunday. Pink Piranha pointy position! I very much want the shirt. Headed to eBay for a peek right this now.

Will the “Beast” get to test the GP23? As he will be on one next year ?? 🤔🤔

Puig didn't confirm any staff turnover when Simon pressed him at the start of FP4.

I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. He has a long history at HRC but if a shake up is required then it is so. I think he only took over this job in 2018. Not the time to panic though as Marc said, unless it is Takeo who has panicked.

All of them could have their day tomorrow. But I would not exclude Vinales. He has this hugenormous talent and on a good day he would even demolish MM. If he has indeed found the missing ingredient, Sunday could be the day he lands again on the top of the podium. Wishful thinking, yes, but I still prefer to enjoy MotoGP with emotions and not with statistics (i.e. logic). Of course, I did not take part in the Nielsen Survey.


I would love to see Maverick in the mix, but I think everyone knows starts and the first few laps aren't his forte, and his already starting at a disadvantage. Despite Fabio's race pace I think the odds are high for a Ducati lockout of the podium at their home race. 

Wow, those lap times for the Remy and Raul. I guess they got their toes trodden on in the rain dance, I'll have to rewatch Q1 despite knowing full well I'll be lucky to see even a glimpse of their helmet in the background. All credit to Watanabe for qualifying, cranking out the laps,  and managing not to start the race in final position. 

If you watch Q1 they are both there big orange and bold. They are following Binder D, Bez and Alex. They drop the full length of the start finish straight in that first lap. That's the 14-16 second gap. I think they must have been told to go easy lap one. Remy fires in the next lap, I think, +1.7 seconds but it's canceled. I guess they both lost laps. Raul is on a better lap on his second run but loses 1 to a yellow and then it starts raining. That first lap was clean of yellows and rain, definitely should have gone for it. Good group to follow, not too fast (bar Bez) and unsurprisingly, not too slow.

We really must acknowledge the efforts of KTM. 10th, 15th, 24th and 25th on the grid. The tech 3 blokes 12 and 14 seconds down. (Hmm Remy faster yet again.) Not really ready to race I guess. If they are looking for someone to sack maybe they can grab a mirror. 

Brad mentioned post qually that he is just as fast on an old medium rear (think it was medium) as a new soft. I've heard that from him before.