2022 Aragon Moto2 FP2 Result: Canet Holds off Fernandez And Lopez


Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff Prev
1 40 Aron Canet Kalex 1:52.852    
2 37 Augusto Fernandez Kalex 1:52.952 0.100 0.100
3 21 Alonso Lopez Boscoscuro 1:53.011 0.159 0.059
4 96 Jake Dixon Kalex 1:53.128 0.276 0.117
5 14 Tony Arbolino Kalex 1:53.154 0.302 0.026
6 51 Pedro Acosta Kalex 1:53.225 0.373 0.071
7 75 Albert Arenas Kalex 1:53.315 0.463 0.090
8 54 Fermín Aldeguer Boscoscuro 1:53.410 0.558 0.095
9 16 Joe Roberts Kalex 1:53.575 0.723 0.165
10 42 Marcos Ramirez MV Agusta 1:53.638 0.786 0.063
11 79 Ai Ogura Kalex 1:53.654 0.802 0.016
12 35 Somkiat Chantra Kalex 1:53.667 0.815 0.013
13 84 Zonta Van Den Goorbergh Kalex 1:53.816 0.964 0.149
14 12 Filip Salac Kalex 1:53.834 0.982 0.018
15 13 Celestino Vietti Kalex 1:53.917 1.065 0.083
16 64 Bo Bendsneyder Kalex 1:54.070 1.218 0.153
17 24 Simone Corsi MV Agusta 1:54.104 1.252 0.034
18 18 Manuel Gonzalez Kalex 1:54.107 1.255 0.003
19 61 Alessandro Zaccone Kalex 1:54.311 1.459 0.204
20 23 Marcel Schrotter Kalex 1:54.331 1.479 0.020
21 6 Cameron Beaubier Kalex 1:54.373 1.521 0.042
22 7 Barry Baltus Kalex 1:54.390 1.538 0.017
23 9 Jorge Navarro Kalex 1:54.407 1.555 0.017
24 8 Senna Agius Kalex 1:54.641 1.789 0.234
25 19 Lorenzo Dalla Porta Kalex 1:54.681 1.829 0.040
26 81 Keminth Kubo Kalex 1:54.778 1.926 0.097
27 52 Jeremy Alcoba Kalex 1:54.999 2.147 0.221
28 28 Niccolò Antonelli Kalex 1:55.094 2.242 0.095
29 29 Taiga Hada Kalex 1:55.732 2.880 0.638
30 4 Sean Dylan Kelly Kalex 1:55.795 2.943 0.063
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David, you haven't been mentioning Acosta as much as early season. No criticism here, just noticing with you. Us mutterrers either. He has sagged just a bit, I think disappointment isn't an overstatement. 

A.Fernandez to Herve Gas Gas inked today. First thought? Just that he has a great big warm smile. Looks a nice kid. Nice change from Raul the tool? Who is SO fortunate to have "Zarco'd" his way into an oddly left to late in the Silly shuffle Aprilia ride for 2023.

Look at who has passed on Aprilia the last couple yrs!! Joe Roberts, Andrea Dovisioso (Factory seat even!), Joan Mir, Alex Rins, Alex Marquez, Remy Gardner, I think Toprak, Pol Espargaro (and his BROTHER is there?!), Jack Miller, and D.Binder. Quite a list! Fortunate despite his petulant pissy pride and shoddy showing all year. 

I was surprised no one challenged Savadori for the Black Test Team spot. One can interpolate that Aprilia is pleased w Savadori given 2022's success. Aleix has come to call him "Sava," sounds a bit endeared. After Dani and Cal I wondered if Dovi would Test permanently there, but he wanted to race w Raz. We saw how crap that went. That last Aprilia seat, oddly unloved. I expect both Oliveira and R.Fernandez to instantly leap frog a handful of positions or more. Orange to Black? Great move! 

Question mark hangs over Suzuki to Honda, eh? Rins back to crashing, the front end at turn in under pressure. Mir may fate better, but NEVER will he beat Marc without odd circumstances. He may be our new Pedrosa- "what a great team mate!" "He may come second again since he won a couple" sort of thing. He just caught the bouquet. 

Welcome, class of 2023.

1) Bagnaia 2) Quartararo 3) Bastiannini 4) M.Marquez 5) Vinales R) A.Fernandez 

(Subject to change when we see the new Honda w Marc and the Suzuki riders, plus the new Yamaha motor - dry track, race distance, lower than normal grip. 2023 Top 5 awaits Ivanhoe and 1st Winter Test through Thurs of Qatar...come beat Cloverleaf et al!)


P.S. R.Gardner to Yamaha WSBK = good news! Gerloff to ByeMaybeWinning? Not so much, is it? 

... should follow his countryman Beaubier's example and head home, imo. He looked half-way sharp in his first year, but his light's been flickering to dark every since. Admittedly, in 2022 he hasn't been as bad as last year ...

JUST read that now about Beaubier. MotoAmerica isn't a bad series to be in lately relative to other times.

Sean Dylan Kelly is really underwhelming in Moto2. Joe Roberts is it for Yanks, and he's done well a few Rounds but not more. Roger Hayden is enjoying a commentator job is USA. Outside if that, bleak! 

Japan has several rising stars (Suns?) in Moto2 and Moto3. The population of Japan? 126 million. USA? 332.3 million. Hmm. Get this - China today has 1,451,553,651 people. Over 10x Japan!

CFMoto shopping anyone? Me either. We don't have a Chinese rider you know of, do we? Some cultures love motorcycles and racing. Lots of reasons why of course, right around WW2 and industry, markets, trends/needs. Spare airfields. Engineering prowess. 

Triumph yesterday. Ducati today. CFMoto tomorrow?

If someone mentions Harley Davidson and "Baggers" they can wipe up rattled oil leaks in chaps! Yeah, the Buell ran well against the GSXR1000. I've got one. It sucks. Used to race against a good rider on an XB9 in Supertwins, it went pretty well. See any? Nope.

Off to wrench...

China's motorcycle industry is the largest in the world. I think it has changed in recent years but it wasn't possible to operate in China without a Chinese partner company previously. That's why you'll find Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Piaggio, MV and KTM partnering up to get their part of the pie. CFMoto and KTM have been partners since 2011. E-bikes used to be like migrating flocks of birds through the cities. Sort of an updated 9 million bicycles etc. Internal combustion bikes have been driven out of the cities more recently. Cars are more popular than they used to be as more people can afford them. The flocks have withered as a result which is a great shame. There used to be a lot rules about sports bikes. They varied from province to province, no sports bikes, certain sizes etc but bikes were always everywhere. Sports bikes were a very very rare sight. Slowly changing, more money floating about. Sports bikes, leisure bikes, riding around in circles for fun usually requires excess money. Racing is not often a priority in a country where famine knocked off 50 million people only 60 years ago. 

^ Well said. Agreed.

Taiwan has been making parts for Japanese (esp Honda) for a long time. China and to a bit lesser degree Taiwan have been blatantly stealing Japanese design. "Knock off" 50 - 190 CRF50 "pit bike" motors and GY6 50/125/150 scooters are EVERYWHERE. I have two Taiwanese ones, and one Italian that came w a motor from there (Kymco).

The quality of materials and build of Chinese stuff has been POOR. Never ever buying. Taiwan has been mixed, and some improving quite a bit (Lance scooters for instance). Torque spec on Chinese stuff? Strip and swear spec more like it. Junk. I haven't checked out anything CFMoto yet. 

Same for cars, right? Japanese is best, Korean so-so. No Taiwanese, but you get the idea. I've had lots of VW, Subaru. Bit of Honda, Toyota. Dodge (campervan) and a Fiat/Suzuki joint venture AWD now. Japanese stuff is great! 

Bye, dinner time w friends. 

See you for Q...

Depends, things change very fast. Guess what comes with a partnership as was ? Pretty much everything. They now build or at least have the capability to build with the quality of anything you'll find anywhere. Is always worth remembering they have quite a successful space program. There was a day when people talked of Japanese trash, never buy Japanese trash.

…how someone who has only “done well a few rounds” can be 6th in the standings….

Literally! 1 win, and two podiums in SIX seasons. The last 3 on a Kalex. 

13th place in 2021, after passing up a MotoGP Factory seat in Black. 

I doubt Joe finds this very funny. I like the kid! I've been wearing a Nicky Hayden Arai for a reason, but there isn't an Americn rider in sight to do anything for the medium and longer term. Not a single one. 

I wore a Bastiannini shirt for the first time yesterday, felt good. Cheers Dieterly, be well and enjoy the race tomorrow! 

…he’s still 6th in the standings, no matter how much you are trying to downplay his results or decisions, including him honor his Moto2 contract when he was offered a contract on the worst team in the MotoGP who was known to spit out riders like yesterday’s news when they got tired of them. 

No problem disagreeing w you, it happens now and again. I will admit being charmed by my own opinions sometimes. Often not by yours. Ok with that, no disrespect intended to you nor J.Roberts. Difficult time to wish for a USA rider!