2022 Aragon MotoGP Qualifying Result: Not Much Of A Surprise

To no one’s surprise, MotorLand was more DucatiLand on Saturday afternoon, no one else allowed a bid at pole position throughout the 15-minute session. Enea Bastianini was hot out the gates, posting a 1:46 on his very first lap and having no rivals on the first run, but rivals were plenty the second time around. The timing screens went red both literally and metaphorically and Pecco Bagnaia stole top spot in the final minute of the session. Jack Miller missed out on pole by nine hundredths of a second, with Bastianini joining his colleagues on the front row of the grid.

It was a busy afternoon for Aleix Espargaro, who had to contend with Q1 and only one fresh soft tyre left for Q2, but the Spaniard still found his way back to the front, up to fourth on his final flying lap. The first of the home favourites will be surrounded by Ducatis on the grid, with Q1 graduate Johann Zarco close behind in fifth. Meanwhile, Fabio Quartararo was going full rodeo to keep up with the Bologna bullets, with his rear wheel in the air and a late scare at turn two. Things looked a lot worse than sixth position at one point but the championship leader won’t be too thrilled about starting at the back of the second row, behind his title rivals.

Marco Bezzecchi and Jorge Martin added two more Ducatis to the top 10, joined by Alex Rins on the third row. Brad Binder and Miguel Oliveira open row four ahead of the leading Honda of Takaaki Nakagami – the Japanese rider over a second off pole. The returning Marc Marquez led the way early on in Q1 but unlucky timing with yellow flags at the end of the session halted his progress and left him 13th on the grid, opening row five ahead of Luca Marini and Fabio Di Giannantonio. There was worse news for Maverick Viñales, who took his first tumble of the season early in Q1 and was left 16th on the grid, in the company of Alex Marquez and Pol Espargaro on row six.


Pos No. Rider Bike Time Diff Prev
1 63 Francesco Bagnaia Ducati 1:46.069    
2 43 Jack Miller Ducati 1:46.159 0.090 0.090
3 23 Enea Bastianini Ducati 1:46.313 0.244 0.154
4 41 Aleix Espargaro Aprilia 1:46.590 0.521 0.277
5 5 Johann Zarco Ducati 1:46.646 0.577 0.056
6 20 Fabio Quartararo Yamaha 1:46.802 0.733 0.156
7 72 Marco Bezzecchi Ducati 1:46.852 0.783 0.050
8 89 Jorge Martin Ducati 1:46.911 0.842 0.059
9 42 Alex Rins Suzuki 1:46.912 0.843 0.001
10 33 Brad Binder KTM 1:46.924 0.855 0.012
11 88 Miguel Oliveira KTM 1:47.183 1.114 0.259
12 30 Takaaki Nakagami Honda 1:47.274 1.205 0.091
    Q1 Results:        
Q2 41 Aleix Espargaro Aprilia 1:46.569    
Q2 5 Johann Zarco Ducati 1:46.843 0.274 0.274
13 93 Marc Marquez Honda 1:46.909 0.340 0.066
14 10 Luca Marini Ducati 1:47.056 0.487 0.147
15 49 Fabio Di Giannantonio Ducati 1:47.119 0.550 0.063
16 12 Maverick Viñales Aprilia 1:47.337 0.768 0.218
17 73 Alex Marquez Honda 1:47.489 0.920 0.152
18 44 Pol Espargaro Honda 1:47.511 0.942 0.022
19 35 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 1:47.541 0.972 0.030
20 21 Franco Morbidelli Yamaha 1:47.651 1.082 0.110
21 25 Raul Fernandez KTM 1:47.671 1.102 0.020
22 87 Remy Gardner KTM 1:47.847 1.278 0.176
23 40 Darryn Binder Yamaha 1:49.309 2.740 1.462
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Wow, time (and bike development) are absolutely brutal. 2020 Franco Morbidelli was 2nd in the WC and looking like the next big Yamaha thing….yet here we are.

I dunno….you look at Maverick (yes, mercurial rider that he is) and the shenanigans, the angst, he obviously experienced, and now Morbidelli who is/was pure class…and you start to think Yamaha have some questions to answer.

^ Right?

D.Binder is WAY off pace! Useless waste of petrol and rubber.

Raz from Aquatastic to Black Jr? Alarm has been sounded. I really think Yamaha were lucky that Quartararo signed another contract. With Ducati's large stable quite full and thinning their herd, and Suzuki folding sending riders to Honda there weren't better options. Fabio was overtly unhappy, clear demands and warnings. 

Good news, at the last moment the motor, via a new F1 poached engineer, looks to have made him smile last test! Wick wasn't all the way up either. No one else but maybe KTM is sitting still of course, but Blue looks to have made a big step where it counts. He was slip streaming his fast lap, but things are looking a bit up. 

My eye is on Honda now. Two fast newbies, The Marc back, and a bike showing unmanifested potential perhaps on a teething/development stumble? Keep your eye on Marc, both on and off the bike. He shows his feelings on his face. He even turns red colors! Veins. He has been speaking his mind, and it is full of expectation for HRC. Manager let go. Honda's project lead is being replaced. Their program is in the most overt transition we've seen in a while for a Factory. Not quite Gigi arrival at Duc ish, but big. The Yamaha post Q public apology and Tslicing off a sacrificial employee was pretty drastic. This may be a quieter more subtle version of that. Tone has changed. Bike is changing. Two new fast riders. So forth. 

I dislike Honda. And, wish them well. I've missed Marc. Thank goodness for wee Aprilia and mighty Ducati surging forward. No lack of intrigue. 

KTM? What does an exorcism look like in Austria? They need to do new voodoo for their doo-doo. Brad has been patient, reasonable, and then some. Relationship advice? Goodness of fit is poor, you deserve better and have much to offer. I'd set you up with a Ducati seat. Extended contracts have been good financially in the short term. Marc Marquez's was the biggest we've ever seen, right? Nearly ended the guy's career, negligence in my mind. Brad's not that severe, more one of confusion and incompetency? Mr Binder, get your manager brushing up on his Italian. Either bike! Black, Red. Stay healthy and strong, sharp incisors. You could be the next Quarty/Mir Silly Season cornerstone. I hope so. You're the most underutilized talent on the grid. Something Special on Sunday Sauce needed elsewhere. Watch how happy Oliveira gets! A.Marquez perhaps too. Talk w Miller! Look at his results, he is going to be mid pack and literally depressed on your Team. GTFOutta Orange friend. I see you as more desirable than anyone at Aprilia, and on par with Bagnaia and Bastiannini. Top 5/front pack rider on a mid field bike. Your mental and emotional fortitude is impressive and noteworthy. 

Nice one. 

You pair said it all really but I'd like to mention Maverick. He was arm waving and tank punching from the start, was furious when Marc sat behind him for a bit and then completely fell apart in the end, eventually falling for the first time this year (wow, what a crazy stat!).

He's in one of those moods again and whilst it looked really good for him for a bit, and I was cheering him on for a win, the predictions/assumptions that we'd end up at this point again eventually came true. 

Speaking of arm waving - Aliex lol. He did well in the end but Marc and the train behind him had him flustered and refusing to leave the pits until they were all gone. 

Sharks like Marquez only see weakness when the Aprilia boys carry on like this. I don't see them ever winning a big boy chip until they get it sorted. Fabio went to a psych and look how it worked out. Then again.. So did Melandri.. 

Damo! Right after Q ended, tv looked at Yamaha's garage (Jarvis, did you just choke on a lemon wedge?), then Ducati's (happy high fives around, Gigi genuinely joyful).

Tells a tale.

Not grabbing a tow in Q looks unwise. A.Espargaro was a bit desperate overriding out there all by himself. The Duc Armada plus Rins? Smart! Not just drafting, the visual guide pulls them fwd a tenth or two. I remember! Focused, hungry, giving everything just that bit more. Reeling them in, best lap times. Feels more serious than fun, but gets it done.

Binder impressed. Several surprises in Q for me. Did you see Marc's T17 save?! 



Right after? First crash since back? "That Honda front end at tip in" classic, right side edition. He's ok. Bike? Not so much. Again.