2011 Moto2 Championship Standings After Round 14, Aragon, Spain

1 BRADL Stefan GER 221  
2 MARQUEZ Marc SPA 215 -6
3 IANNONE Andrea ITA 132 -89
4 DE ANGELIS Alex RSM 122 -99
5 CORSI Simone ITA 115 -106
6 SMITH Bradley GBR 112 -109
7 LUTHI Thomas SWI 105 -116
8 TAKAHASHI Yuki JPN 71 -150
9 RABAT Esteve SPA 67 -154
10 ESPARGARO Aleix SPA 65 -156
11 SIMON Julian SPA 62 -159
12 AEGERTER Dominiqu SWI 55 -166
14 REDDING Scott GBR 48 -173
15 ESPARGARO Pol SPA 45 -176
16 SOFUOGLU Kenan TUR 45 -176
17 PIRRO Michele ITA 45 -176
18 CLUZEL Jules FRA 35 -186
19 NEUKIRCHNER Max GER 35 -186
20 HERNANDEZ Yonny COL 33 -188
21 PASINI Mattia ITA 26 -195
22 KALLIO Mika FIN 25 -196
23 WEST Anthony AUS 23 -198
24 BALDOLINI Alex ITA 18 -203
25 DI MEGLIO Mike FRA 12 -209
26 COGHLAN Kev GBR 11 -210
27 CORTI Claudio ITA 9 -212
28 SIMEON Xavier BEL 9 -212
29 WILAIROT Ratthapark THA 4 -217
30 CARDUS Ricard SPA 2 -219
31 PONS Axel SPA 1 -220

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From the looks of the leading bikes early in the race, and the fact one was clearly able to pull away from the others on the long main straight, someone has access to the HRC source code for the ECUs...

Not buying. Way to many factors come into acceleration and top speed. Corner exit, rider weight, rider aero, bike aero, condition of tire, tire pressures etc: etc: etc:

Do you really think that " Team Catalunya Caixa Repsol " would risk everything just to win a race on their riders home soil?

These bikes are tested before and after every race. Anything against the rules and the rider would not only loose his points, but would have a reputation as a cheat for the rest of his time racing.

Have you not thought that the reason why MM93 could pull away on the long straight is because he is nearly 20KG lighter then riders like Bradl, & Redding. He is lighter so the in the lower gears his bike has better pick up, getting him to his top speed quicker.

Its simple racing.

Its the same reason as to how DP26 rockets off the start like a bullet.

Accusing a major team & a current world champion of cheating by using a dodgy ECU is just madness.

The reason why MM93 won today is he was best rider on the track today. At another track, on another day, he might finish 10th.

Simple racing.

I really can not believe that after that amazing Moto2 race, you have anything bad to say. It was the best race I've seen in years.

As for bent source codes ...... that's the kind of comment I would expect to read on certain "other" websites that I will not mention, but the smart money know's which one's I mean.

There were a couple of times he seemed to have more speed on the straight, but not always. He wasn't able to pull away from Ianone on the straight, for eg.

So the time he blew past someone, it's possible they screwed up the previous corner, or lifted their head into the wind... or just that Marquez's team made a better guess on gearing for the tail-wind.

As for prefered treatment from Suter... well of course he gets it, he's the only rider who can win the title for them. Is there anything in the rules that says chassis parts must be made available to everyone who wants to buy them?

In 250cc Aprilia could almost decide who could win the title, straight from the beginning of the season, just providing RSW and RSA.

In Moto2 Suter decides to help Marquez team better towards the end of the season because he's the only one in position to win the title.

But that certainly doesn't mean Suter gets to decide who's gonna win the title because contrary to the 250cc days, they don't have the monopole, there is also Kalex, FTR, Moriwaki, Tech3 and Motobi!

Marquez was given new parts from Suter, to the utter frustration of the other Suter riders (Iannone and Redding). Not exactly balanced or fair in a supposedly equal championship series. I thought the whole point of the new Moto2 championship in having spec tires and spec engines was to lower the costs of competition and lower the costs to teams... If this precedent is accepted then we will just have a 600cc MotoGP version in another year or two with teams that have the financing to pay for better parts from the chassis manufacturers and the close racing that we enjoy currently going out the window.

I am still hoping that Bradl can claim the Moto2 championship (no, I'm not German). Not taking anything away from Marquez, but if a great rider gets better parts than other riders it just doesn't keep the field very balanced. What makes Moto2 and 125cc (soon to be Moto3) so exciting is the racing is kept so close, P5-P17 were within 3 seconds by race end.

I hope that the racing is kept close for the next few races and seasons to come.

for a constuctors championship. The other Suter riders are, and have been out of contention for quite awhile.There is nothing wromg with them focusing on their contender to win. Suter, Kalex etc: are not Honda or Yamaha, they have limited rsources and have to focus on number 1. If you want Bradl to win, maybe you should call Kalex and tell them to get to work and supply their rider with some updated parts.