2021 MotoGP Championship Standings After Round 3, Portimao, Portugal

1 Fabio Quartararo Yamaha 61  
2 Francesco Bagnaia Ducati 46 -15
3 Maverick Viñales Yamaha 41 -20
4 Johann Zarco Ducati 40 -21
5 Joan Mir Suzuki 38 -23
6 Aleix Espargaro Aprilia 25 -36
7 Alex Rins Suzuki 23 -38
8 Brad Binder KTM 21 -40
9 Enea Bastianini Ducati 18 -43
10 Jorge Martin Ducati 17 -44
11 Franco Morbidelli Yamaha 17 -44
12 Jack Miller Ducati 14 -47
13 Pol Espargaro Honda 11 -50
14 Marc Marquez Honda 9 -52
15 Alex Marquez Honda 8 -53
16 Stefan Bradl Honda 7 -54
17 Takaaki Nakagami Honda 6 -55
18 Luca Marini Ducati 4 -57
19 Valentino Rossi Yamaha 4 -57
20 Miguel Oliveira KTM 4 -57
21 Danilo Petrucci KTM 3 -58
22 Lorenzo Savadori Aprilia 2 -59
23 Iker Lecuona KTM 1 -60
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After 3 rounds, who would have thought Aleix and Aprilia would be sixth in the championship?

TZnRDracer... Quartararo 61, Zarco 40, Vinales 41 = 142

Rholcomb...Vinales 41, Zarco 40, Quartararo 61 = 142

St Stephen... Quartararo 61, Rins 23, Vinales 41 = 125

Cloverleaf...Miller 14, Bagnaia 46, Quartararo 61 = 121

Iannis_Z...Mir 38, Morbidelli 17, Quartararo 61 = 116

Motoshrink... M.Marquez 9, Quartararo 61, Mir 38 = 108

Buccatini...Zarco 40, Bagnaia 46, Morbidelli 17 = 103

Mr.X...Zarco 40, Vinales 41, Marquez 9 = 90

Richtea...Zarco 40, M.Marquez 9, Mir 38 = 87

Lilyvani... M.Marquez 9, Quartararo 61, Miller 14 = 84

D999...M.Marquez 9, Miller 14, Quartararo 61 = 84

Pool Pirate...Zarco 40, Morbidelli 17, Martin 17 = 73

Daddyrat...Zarco 40, M.Marquez 9, Rins 23 = 72

Apical...M.Marquez 9, Rins 23, Zarco 40 = 72

Brian...M.Marquez 9, Rins 23, Zarco 40 = 72

Stumo...M.Marquez 9 Rins 23, Zarco 40 = 72

WaveyD1974...M.Marquez 9, Bagnaia 46, Martin 17 = 72

Peterday... Morbidelli 17, Mir 38, M.Marquez 9 = 64

SP_won...Zarco 40, M.Marquez 9, Miller 14 = 63

Ivanhoe...Rins 23, M.Marquez 9, Morbidelli 17 = 49

Thinking maybe I should have just stayed with Dovi.

Jack needs to pee or get (be thrown) off the pot.

I think Miller is coming right back. But, so has a gaggle of riders right there too. Yamaha just took a huge step. Suzuki made a step. Ducati made one as well. Especially under Bagnaia, Zarco, and Martin while hot out of the barrel. And The Marc is back. Aprilia and Aleix. And...so on. Jack has to make another step to be a few spots rearward of late last yr. Difficult to sustain the fire under the pot and not burn something! He has a good bit of maturing to do. I have him pegged 2nd pack overall if he keeps things together. Like 6th ish? Lovely exceedingly skilled grid! He appears to be struggling mentally whilst bumping on a ceiling. 

My crystal ball is still as cloudy as ever. MM as a racer hasn't changed in the least, hardly surprising, still seems determined to see if the handlebar rubbers give extra grip on the corners, and I'd expect him to be on the podium again within another couple of races. The big question is whether the young guns have bridged the gap. It's bound to happen sooner or later. If not, I'll stick with my prediction for 1st and 2nd (FQ). Not so sure about 3rd (Miller). Trouble is, all these front runners will nick points off each other and, more than ever, it'll be about being consistent rather than stellar.

Since Motoshrink likes lists, here's mine ...

Miller, Vinales, Rins ... better start thinking about where to go when the contract is up. Especially Miller, on a one-year deal.

Binder ... better have your agent ready for a whack full of offers in future.

Quartararo ... Yamaha’s best hope for the future.

Morbidelli ... give him Rossi’s bike. Then put him on a satellite Suzuki run by VR46 next year.

Oliveira ... solid rider, going to be good for KTM.

Rossi ... best to go back to the ranch, get Francesca preggers, and run a Suzuki satellite team next year.

Petrucci ... give WSB a try.

Lecuona ... back to the minors, kid.

Savadori ... nice try, tough place to be, back to the Italian S/B race, please.

Marini, Bastianni, Martin ... keep at it, kids, stars of the future for sure.

Bagnaia ... good luck with Ducati management. Definitely got the chops.

Mir ... likely to stay at or near the top.

Zarco ... bad luck, still likely to finish high up in the chase.

Marquez x 2 ... I wish they’d just go away. Bet Lucio thinks the same of Alex.

Nakagami ... better go home and race in the Japanese series before you kill yourself or bankrupt LCR.

Espargaro x 2 ... Aleix needs a faster bike. Pol needs to retire back to Andorra, take up meditation, and chill.

That's all. Cheers.


Rewind a good few months.

Fabio can't handle pressure and never will, Taka Naka takes pole and with a little more experience will win, if only Rins had been fit he would have fought Mir for the champioship, Miller has finally stopped dropping it and is fast and consistent, Alex looks like his brother and KTM will update their bike and win big next year etc...

Very fickle business indeed.

Wise view!

Guilty as charged on just Orange, albeit "another step forward" rather than win big. Bit of a mystery yet to be filled in. We KNEW Qatar, but last wknd and Oliveira sticks out as a head scratcher. Binder did the deal!

Temps up --> front tires behaving quite differently for KTM than Fall? Inline 4's all made a step fwd relative to them? 

No more concessions. KTM doesn't have Pedrosa doing private tests and giving tire and setting feedback prior to the race. And I love Binder. He's a real Sunday rider that is an eloquent speaker even on his bad days. Comes across as honest.