2021 WorldSBK Championship Standings After Race 16, Magny-Cours, France

World Superbike standings after Race 2 at Magny-Cours:

1 Toprak Razgatlioglu Yamaha 370  
2 Jonathan Rea Kawasaki 363 -7
3 Scott Redding Ducati 298 -72
4 Andrea Locatelli Yamaha 186 -184
5 Alex Lowes Kawasaki 176 -194
6 Michael Ruben Rinaldi Ducati 172 -198
7 Tom Sykes BMW 159 -211
8 Michael Van Der Mark BMW 154 -216
9 Garrett Gerloff Yamaha 147 -223
10 Alvaro Bautista Honda 115 -255
11 Chaz Davies Ducati 114 -256
12 Axel Bassani Ducati 100 -270
13 Leon Haslam Honda 78 -292
14 Lucas Mahias Kawasaki 41 -329
15 Tito Rabat Ducati 38 -332
16 Kohta Nozane Yamaha 32 -338
17 Isaac Vinales Kawasaki 20 -350
18 Christophe Ponsson Yamaha 18 -352
19 Jonas Folger BMW 14 -356
20 Eugene Laverty BMW 14 -356
21 Leandro Mercado Honda 8 -362
22 Marvin Fritz Yamaha 6 -364
23 Loris Cresson Kawasaki 3 -367
24 Andrea Mantovani Kawasaki 2 -368
25 Luke Mossey Kawasaki 2 -368
Round Number: 

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I see this includes the result of the (shamefull) protest launched by KRT after the SP race.

As David pointed out in his tweet, JR even passed Toprak a bit later in the lap. So why would that infringement even matter in the end result?

That move only underlines the nervousness that's been brewing in their garage for some time now. This will only strenghten Toprak's determination. Boomerang is on its way amigos.

I can't help but wonder if KRT consulted JR about their plan to launch the appeal. I can only imagine (and hope) that a champion of his caliber would not want to win that way. Just imagine JR takes the championship with a lead of 5 points or less...

To the stewards in both WSBK and MotoGP : Stop watching F1 ya muppets !

You could see JR talking into Riba's ear furthest from the camera from about an inch away. I posted this to Jared's Superpole race results:

Does this mean this track does not have the green paint sensors a la motogp? Or the track has them and WSBK does not use them? Or that at first RD ignored what they saw from the sensors? David please clarify.

I don't blame KRT, they are in it to win. The fact that JR passed Toprak soon after does not automatically mean any advantage gained was not meaningful.

Pretty snarky comment from Denning, air quotes and all. I see his tweet as a sign of weakness.

... my view of JR as a beady eyed snake in the grass.  I recall his totally fake theatrics after deliberately (in as much as if the move worked he would win, if it didn't Lowes would fall but he would still win) knocking off Lowes at Jerez.  Same thing here, all smiles and congratulations on the slow down lap, then a sneaky word in the ear to lodge a protest.

History will only remember who won the title, not the manner in which they won it.  Tom Sykes is a one-time world champ, not a "three times world champ but for 6 points".  Rea will sleep just fine if he wins the title by 1 point on the back of that protest.

Hopefully Toprak has better people around him than Paul Denning though.  That response - while perfectly justified - played right into KRT's hands.  He should have said how great it is that KRT has had to resort to underhand tactics to get a win, proving how strong Toprak and the Yamaha are.  KRT's #2 rider crashed twice while trying to keep up, Yam's #2 podiumed twice.  Yada yada... throw the pressure and the shame back on KRT.

If he doesn't have them already, Toprak should make sure he has some smart strategists / tacticians / psych advisors at his disposal.  This sort of underhand move can unsettle a rider and make them lose their cool, do something rash and then REALLY lose their strong position via a penalty or a fall.  Toprak needs to view this protest as a confirmation of his strength and that Rea doesn't believe he can beat him fair and square anymore.  Keep the passes hard but clean and keep outriding Rea who has crashed or had to enact Marquez-like saves of partial crashes in the act of keeping up.  That, and be wary of well disguised but carefully planned dirty moves on track.

I hope Toprak keeps it all together and continues on his merry way to the title.  The manner of his riding and the way he has conducted himself this year has been outstanding.  He's more or less saved what has been a desperately dull championship series for so many years.

You dont get to win multiple world championships by being Mr Nice guy all the time. Those points Rea clawed back may ultimately prove to be decisisive given the Tom Sykes experience. Now that Rea is playing that game - you can guarantee that Yamaha will be onboard and getting the message out to their riders to watch for any rule breaking from Rea. 

I am surprised its taken a rider to point out a track limits error in WSBK - Motogp would be all over this whilst it seems to be amateur hour in WSBK. 

As to Toprak - he needs to keep scoring more points than Rea race after race and we will see whether Rea starts making mistakes and falls off. Toprak is in the driving seat at the moment and his lead is extending - one DNF could change all of this...


Tito out at Barni Ducati effective now. "Mutual decision...", ahem.