2022 MotoGP Championship Standings After Round 2, Mandalika, Indonesia

Pos No. Rider Bike Points Deficit
1 23 Enea Bastianini Ducati 30  
2 33 Brad Binder KTM 28 -2
3 20 Fabio Quartararo Yamaha 27 -3
4 88 Miguel Oliveira KTM 25 -5
5 5 Johann Zarco Ducati 24 -6
6 44 Pol Espargaro Honda 20 -10
7 41 Aleix Espargaro Aprilia 20 -10
8 42 Alex Rins Suzuki 20 -10
9 36 Joan Mir Suzuki 20 -10
10 21 Franco Morbidelli Yamaha 14 -16
11 43 Jack Miller Ducati 13 -17
12 93 Marc Marquez Honda 11 -19
13 40 Darryn Binder Yamaha 6 -24
14 30 Takaaki Nakagami Honda 6 -24
15 10 Luca Marini Ducati 5 -25
16 12 Maverick Viñales Aprilia 4 -26
17 73 Alex Marquez Honda 3 -27
18 4 Andrea Dovizioso Yamaha 2 -28
19 87 Remy Gardner KTM 1 -29
20 63 Francesco Bagnaia Ducati 1 -29
21 25 Raul Fernandez KTM 0 -30
22 49 Fabio Di Giannantonio Ducati 0 -30
23 72 Marco Bezzecchi Ducati 0 -30
24 89 Jorge Martin Ducati 0 -30
Round Number: 

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And DB40 best rookie!

Who would've thought!? 

When we got to see those (all too rare) snatches of that bunch of riders roughing each other up for 8th place I really thought that coming out of Moto3 DB40 actually had a lot more recent experience than some of the more seasoned MotoGP riders in that "open handed close combat". Of course it would make sense that it was his Big Broo that would be the one to rough him up right back. Hopefully we get to see more footage of that group rumble in the coming days. 

I was screaming at the TV when they switched from that magnificent dogfight to the smooth, yet less breathtaking, sailing of MO88.

Wow! Intense and unusual start to the season.

Congrats to Miguel, great win. Another Mahindra Moto3 rider with the right stuff. It has been a while since Catalunya last year. Both KTM factory riders in the top 4. I'm sorry I doubted KTM's progress during testing & the off season. The race is the thing.

Ducati four in the bottom five of the chip? What we learned from testing; It's only testing! "Ducati-Are they really the threat we think they are" maybe, maybe not. Too early to tell. Less gadgets = better results, ditched the front ride height gimmick and the rear tire spoon. The Beast and JZ5 are going well. Jack Miller not so great. But better than the number 1 rider in his team.

Chrikey only 1 point for Pecco. Zero for Jorge Martin & only 1 for Remy G I sure got my picks wrong.

Argentina will be another unpredictable round. It's so long since the last visit it will be like another new track.

Eleven points from 2 races for Marc is rather uncharacteristic of MM93, Mister bruises.

The season starts in Europe, Portugal & Jerez.

stumo__89__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Marc Marquez__11__3._Enea Bastianini__30__4._Fabio Quartararo__27__5._Joan Mir__20__R._Raul Fernandez__0

TheBoss__85__1._Fabio Quartararo__27__2._Joan Mir__20__3._Jack Miller__13__4._Francesco Bagnaia__1__5._Johann Zarco__24__R._Remy Gardner__1__ #5 correct

TZnRDracer__85__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Fabio Quartararo__27__3._Enea Bastianini__30__4._Jack Miller__13__5._Franco Morbidelli__14__R._Raul Fernandez__0

WaveyD1974__83__1._Marc Marquez__11__2._Enea Bastianini__30__3._Franco Morbidelli__14__4._Francesco Bagnaia__1__5._Fabio Quartararo__27__R._Darryn Binder__6

"Cloverleaf ""#1 plate"""__76__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Jorge Martin__0__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Joan Mir__20__5._Brad Binder__28__R._Marco Bezzecchi__0__ #3 correct Z

KN58__76__1._Marc Marquez__11__2._Francesco Bagnaia__1__3._Jack Miller__13__4._Fabio Quartararo__27__5._Johann Zarco__24__R._Marco Bezzecchi__0__ #5 correct

Powervalve58__76__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Joan Mir__20__3._Enea Bastianini__30__4._Luca Marini__5__5._Aleix Espargaro__20__R._Marco Bezzecchi__0

Ivanhoe__75__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Fabio Quartararo__27__3._Joan Mir__20__4._Jack Miller__13__5._Franco Morbidelli__14__R._Raul Fernandez__0

Yud77__73__1._Fabio Quartararo__27__2._Francesco Bagnaia__1__3._Marc Marquez__11__4._Joan Mir__20__5._Franco Morbidelli__14__R._Remy Gardner__1

D999__72__1._Marc Marquez__11__2._Francesco Bagnaia__1__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Jack Miller__13__5._Joan Mir__20__R._Raul Fernandez__0__ #3 correct Z

Highside Specialist__72__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Marc Marquez__11__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Joan Mir__20__5._Jack Miller__13__R._Raul Fernandez__0__ #3 correct Z

oldholla__72__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Marc Marquez__11__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Joan Mir__20__5._Jack Miller__13__R._Remy Gardner__1__ #3 correct Z

Dman904__72__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Jack Miller__13__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Marc Marquez__11__5._Alex Rins__20__R._Raul Fernandez__0__ #3 correct Z

WW__72__1._Fabio Quartararo__27__2._Francesco Bagnaia__1__3._Marc Marquez__11__4._Jack Miller__13__5._Joan Mir__20__R._Raul Fernandez__0

guy smiley__72__1._Fabio Quartararo__27__2._Marc Marquez__11__3._Francesco Bagnaia__1__4._Joan Mir__20__5._Jack Miller__13__R._Marco Bezzecchi__0

Riesjart__69__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Jorge Martin__0__3._Marc Marquez__11__4._Fabio Quartararo__27__5._Enea Bastianini__30__R._Marco Bezzecchi__0

Rockhen__66__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Jack Miller__13__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Franco Morbidelli__14__5._Marc Marquez__11__R._Remy Gardner__1__ #3 correct Z

Wolferl123__66__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Miguel Oliveira__25__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Jorge Martin__0__5._Jack Miller__13__R._Raul Fernandez__0__ #3 correct Z

spongedaddy__62__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Fabio Quartararo__27__3._Joan Mir__20__4._Jorge Martin__0__5._Franco Morbidelli__14__R._Fabio Di Giannantonio__0

Brian__61__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Fabio Quartararo__27__3._Joan Mir__20__4._Jorge Martin__0__5._Jack Miller__13__R._Remy Gardner__1

Gerrycollins__61__1._Jack Miller__13__2._Francesco Bagnaia__1__3._Joan Mir__20__4._Fabio Quartararo__27__5._Jorge Martin__0__R._Remy Gardner__1

Motoshrink__59__1._Marc Marquez__11__2._Francesco Bagnaia__1__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Joan Mir__20__5._Jorge Martin__0__R._Marco Bezzecchi__0__ #3 correct Z

Isoia__59__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Jorge Martin__0__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Marc Marquez__11__5._Joan Mir__20__R._Remy Gardner__1__ #3 correct Z

Emlupi__59__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Marc Marquez__11__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Joan Mir__20__5._Jorge Martin__0__R._Fabio Di Giannantonio__0__ #3 correct Z

daddyrat__53__1._Marc Marquez__11__2._Francesco Bagnaia__1__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Jorge Martin__0__5._Franco Morbidelli__14__R._Remy Gardner__1__ #3 correct Z

Curly__52__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Marc Marquez__11__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Jack Miller__13__5._Jorge Martin__0__R._Raul Fernandez__0__ #3 correct Z

GSP__52__1._Marc Marquez__11__2._Jorge Martin__0__3._Fabio Quartararo__27__4._Francesco Bagnaia__1__5._Jack Miller__13__R._Raul Fernandez__0__ #3 correct Z

SP_won__52__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Fabio Quartararo__27__3._Jack Miller__13__4._Jorge Martin__0__5._Marc Marquez__11__R._Remy Gardner__1

Apical__52__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Fabio Quartararo__27__3._Marc Marquez__11__4._Jack Miller__13__5._Jorge Martin__0__R._Remy Gardner__1

BJ-Neilson__52__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Jack Miller__13__3._Jorge Martin__0__4._Marc Marquez__11__5._Fabio Quartararo__27__R._Remy Gardner__1

St. Stephen__50__1._Fabio Quartararo__27__2._Francesco Bagnaia__1__3._Joan Mir__20__4._Jorge Martin__0__5._Andrea Dovizioso__2__R._Raul Fernandez__0

Ibis117__46__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Jorge Martin__0__3._Marc Marquez__11__4._Joan Mir__20__5._Franco Morbidelli__14__R._Raul Fernandez__0

Morgs__45__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Marc Marquez__11__3._Jorge Martin__0__4._Jack Miller__13__5._Joan Mir__20__R._Remy Gardner__1

Poole Pirate__27__1._Francesco Bagnaia__1__2._Marc Marquez__11__3._Jorge Martin__0__4._Jack Miller__13__5._Andrea Dovizioso__2__R._Raul Fernandez__0

Pure luck i'm still at the top but long may it continue. Hopefully Marquez will be back soon and turns a new page with bike setup!

^ I don't believe in luck stumo. Have sandbagging mind games begun? Feeling some pressure?! 


You have a great looking hand there. Menacing!

TheBoss (w Zarco!) and TZnRD (Bastiannini!) alongside each other right behind!

WaveyD right in their big double draft (w several strong Yamahas)...

Cloverleaf, another strong showing in 5th, so glad you aren't winning, but still it pains me to see my gap. I hate to say it, but 3rilliant pick on 3Rad 3inder - you are unfortunately looking really good too. 

I'm playing the Darryn Binder strategy at the moment but the way things are going I might have to go full Acosta, pits to victory.

I haven't got enough mind to play games with. I'd completely forgotten about Binder for the rookie, pity i didn't pick him cos i'd have pulled a blinder! He rode incredibly well and hope he stuffs Gardner after his comments last race.