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SKU: annual-subscription's mission is to provide the best possible coverage of MotoGP and World Superbikes: the best reporting, the best background reports, the most in-depth analysis, the most stunning photos. But bringing you this level of coverage simply can't be done without your support. We need your help.

For just $39.95 a year, you can support us in our coverage of motorcycle racing. Your money helps send David Emmett, Scott Jones and the rest of the staff to the races, where they can bring you the in-depth reporting and beautiful photography you come to for.

More importantly, becoming a site supporter gets you access to the exclusive subscriber content on the site. We keep the best interviews, analysis, and blog posts exclusively for our subscribers, to give them even better insight into the world of motorcycle racing.

To help make the site less cluttered and more readable, site supporters also have access to a different layout, with more room for the stories, larger photos and completely ad-free, as shown below. Even better, becoming a site supporter will also gain you access to much larger size versions of the photos that Scott shoots. Site supporters get hi-res desktop-sized photos, rather than the smaller 800x600 that ordinary users see (for a sample, see this photo). Site supporters also get a nifty badge next to their name when posting comments on the Site Supporter Badge

Sending staff to races has additional benefits for site supporters. While at the races, teams, factories, riders, and equipment suppliers sometimes hand out cool stuff, in the form of signed caps, very special press kits, memorabilia and much more. We will be regularly raffling off some of that cool kit to our supporters. 

In addition, site supporters with a subscription will be offered major discounts on site merchandise such as the annual Motorcycle Racing Calendar and our T-shirts, with more merchandise to come.

Help make the best motorcycle racing website on the internet, and join our growing legion of site supporters: take out a subscription today!

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Price: USD $39.95

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Thanks, that's a good point. There should already be a reminder email sent out a couple of weeks before the subscription is due to expire. I have added another email when the role does expire. Hopefully, this should help. 

Much more information coming on the crowdfunding in the next few days. Setting it all up now.

David, I refuse to use Paypal for any transactions, its a personal thing, I just do not like them. I can only do that from Holland, other countries force you to sign up for Paypal, in Holland I only have maestro card, so I cannot sign up. I have cards from several countries but the address is not in Holland so it will not run through. How can I sign up, or can I pay and become a supporter by donating a similar amount via your crowd funding page, which does not use Paypal? Thanks

David, like all the others here I love the simplicity of the site (as well as the content) but honestly, you might want to think about tidying up the shopping side of things for your own benefit! It just needs the normal 'Shop' button and a 'Cart/Basket' button so that us numties can get the business done in two ticks without wandering around like lost children.

Hi David
Finally put my hand in my wallet as I love your work.

However, Im not yet seeing the bigger pics as a subscriber ?

First of all, thanks for subscribing, the Site Supporters are the lifeblood of the site.

The bigger pics are in separate articles. You should now see two articles instead of one, one with the standard size pics, and one with Subscriber Desktops in the title.

Dear David,
I finally did it! It isn't really the best time for me to spend money (... the AUD isn't doing great too), and this is really the saddest period since when I'm in to motorbike races, but the entertainment I get from motomatters is priceless.
Looking forward to great readings on 2016 championship!

Few can persuade me to raid my pension and pay for something I can actually get for free, but MotoMatters has the best bike racing content anywhere on the web. Well done - proud to be a 'supporter'.

The Site Supporters are what keep this site running. Without them, we would be in a sizable financial hole, and I would have to spend more time writing magazine articles. That, in turn, would mean less time for content on the site. 

So thanks to you, and thanks to everyone who contributes, donates, or supports in another way. Hugely appreciated.

Procrastination is a terrible thing, but not as terrible as not doing the right thing...and supporting this fabulous site (finally) is definitely the right thing to do.  Being a site supporter is an honor, and MotoGP IS better because of what you do.  Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

Very good question. Subscriptions are for 12 months from the date of purchase. If you renew a subscription before the expiry date, it extends for another 12 months from the date it would have expired on. 

For example: Take out a subscription on 8th December 2016, it will expire on 8th December 2017. Renew that subscription on 21st November 2017, and the renewed subscription will expire on 8th December 2018. 

Hi David, finally subscribed!

I am unable to recall exactly when but pretty sure that it was early days of motogpmatters before site changed to motomatter at some point when I find your site so...this is really late subscription but looking forward to read and support your site for next decades!


Thought I *was* a subscriber. Checking to see if the Site Supporter flag appears ...

After loitering around this site for nearly 2 years now...I've finally gotten my act together and subscribed.   Thanks David for the commentaries and Scott for the wonderful pictures.   As MGP moves it's website closer and closer to a social media platform with the agenda of continued shortening of user attention spans....Motomatters has been a haven for the true race fan.  Keep it up.

Great work David!!!  Please don't ever get a real job.  I'll have take out multiple subscriptions with various aliases and then donate all my pay to keep you globetrotting.  Your site is FANtastic and I have absolutely no qualms giving you my hard earned cash.  In fact I'm going to go donate some right now...

Yes, I am and You should be , too. C'mon. We all know it's the  BEST moto journalism there is.  David works hard, writes superbly and deserves our support. He manages to turn the comedy/tragedy  that MotoGP is nto articulate thoughtful articles, which is no mean feat!

Compare it to a night at the pub or even the cost of a fan-boy t-shirt and you will see it's real value.  

After so long reading Motomatters for free I felt obliged to subscribe and support this great site. Firstly for David's learned and perceptive insights into a wonderful sport, and also for the intelligent and knowledgeable feedback from the readers and site supporters. After wading through so much dross - often bordering on puerile pornography - on other sites, I am delighted to be part of a community which enables courteous and respectful disagreements and exchanges of conflicting views and loyalties. Thanks for the privilege.

Finally Subscribed to put my Support for David too :)


...for the great coverage, the insightful articles and all around excellence.

Happy to be a subscriber :)

Hi David, just subscribed . Have been viewing your site for a while and, as it provides the best motogp coverage on the net, I thought I ought to pay my dues. One little query, I can still see adverts on the home page after logging on, so am I doing something wrong?