OnTheThrottle Video Interview: Spies Talks Germany, Laguna, Brno, And Factory Bikes

After a long and busy summer, the guys from OnTheThrottle caught up with Ben Spies once again, to talk about Spies' last three races. In conversation with David Williams, Spies covers finding himself in Jorge Lorenzo's oil patch at the Sachsenring, the differences between setting up a MotoGP bike and a Superbike at Laguna Seca, and his first front row start at Brno. Along the way, the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha talks about testing the 2011 factory machine at Brno, the differences between the factory bike and the satellite Yamaha, and just how good Jorge Lorenzo is at the moment. Spies almost - but not quite - lets slip that he'll be on the factory Yamaha next year, the second-worst kept secret after Rossi's defection to Ducati, and reveals that Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis is pretty pleased with the way Spies has been riding this year. So spend a worthwhile 25 minutes hearing Spies talk Yamaha, past, present and future.


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Great job so far Mr Spies. Keep up the good work and progress. Next year I'm sure a front row start will be much more common.

Maybe I'll see you tomorrow morning at the fan pit walk!

to hear Mr Spies' take on life in the fastest lane. The edge is pretty well defined isn't it when it gets shaved down to 0.2 secs between factory and satellite M1's.

But the commentary I enjoyed the most this week has been KRJR's on Superbikeplanet. http://superbikeplanet.com/2010/Aug/100824200wchampion.htm.

Now there's a man with clarity of thought. No disrespect to Mr Mamola but there was (as usual) a fair amount of abstruse waffle in amongst the good stuff.

...The Soup interview with Kenny is so insightful. Thanks for the link.
To be honest, I am not sure any of the current riders apart from Rossi, Stoner and maybe Capirossi can do those slides anymore. Watching Rossi and Stoner last at PI was beautiful.

So whilst he epitomises front end corner speed in his riding I'm sure he cold hang it out if he needed to.

In fact all these guys have great 'feel' for what the tyres are doing. Even those that grew up through the tiddler classes would adapt. Remember Melandri off the final bend at P.I broadsliding the RCV211 one handed.

I reckon Simoncelli versus a 2003 RCV would be a Gladiator versus Lion show worth watching in its own right!