2010 Imola WSBK And WSS Video Highlights

The penultimate round of the World Superbike series brought some great racing once again - including one of the most intense duels of the last 10 years or so in the World Supersport race - and as every Monday morning, the official World Superbike Youtube channel has highlights of the races up. The highlights reels are pretty full, especially as the outcome of the races decided the championship this weekend. So if you feel the need to see the full version of both WSBK race 1 and WSBK race 2 - complete with Italian commentary - they are available on the website of La7, the broadcaster that shows World Superbikes in Italy. Below are the highlights:

World Superbikes race 1 highlights:

World Superbikes race 2 highlights:

World Supersport race highlights:

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You can say the gloves were off in WSS.

wss was craziest thing I've seen... reminds me of ianonne taking out espargaro last year but iannone didn't have a wc to win... legendary madness...