OnTheThrottle Video Interview With Ben Spies - Catching Up On Indy, Misano And Aragon

It's been a long time since the last time the folks at OnTheThrottle caught up with Ben Spies, but it's definitely been worth the wait. Once again, OTT's David Williams talks to the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider about his race at Indy, his adventures at Misano and the thrilling battle for 5th at Aragon with Andrea Dovizioso. Along the way, Spies talks about the role that electronics play in riding a MotoGP bike, and his own progression as a rider, as well as revealing just how much support he is really getting from Yamaha. Here's 31 minutes you'll be glad you spent listening to Ben Spies:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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I've said it before and I'll say it again, you get more insight from these interviews with Ben than all of the other news sources out there. His description of the battle with Dovi is quite interesting.

hear a high end MotoGP rider JUST telling it.

No silly " cant say this / cant say that " , just a great string of questions and answered by someone who does NOT bow down to a PR team, just answers the question truthfully.

Spies is no doubt going to be the 5th Alien next year.
Good luck to him.

Very insightful indeed. I learn more about the inner workings of MotoGP life, the bikes, the day to day, etc.. etc.. from these OTT interviews with Spies than you ever do with Dorna interviews.

Very cool indeed!

I've been checking OTT since Indy waiting for another interview. Theres something about the way Ben just puts it out there thats very refreshing. It's very matter of fact and insightful. He doesnt try hide anything about riding the bike or track details, whereas other riders might hold on to information for fear of revealing some kind of advantage.

Someone should ask him why he doesn't stick his leg out under braking like everyone else. Actually, none of the Americans do. I wonder why that is. The leg thing is getting a little ridiculous in my opinion. Not to get off topic.

It's pretty obvious that sticking out a leg is pretty much worthless. It may help with leverage on the bike for getting into the next corner but it's not necessary and looks kind of hokey, not to mention a bit risky for your leg.

I think it's kind of like a "tic" that a person gets like blinking your eyes excessively. Just a bad habit.

You have got to love the lack of drama straight forward talk of Texans. Ben Spies reps America, and definately Texas, well. His humble but confident matter of fact way of explaining things is priceless. He explains things without some type of over emphasis. He puts things in a way that makes you understand exactly what is going on. Hope he starts a school when he is deep off in retirement. Because I for one, would definitely be there! Excellent Interview!