Valentino Rossi Talks About The Yamaha YZR-M1 From 2004 - 2009

At the end of every year, Yamaha hold a presentation to talk about their YZR-M1 MotoGP bike and how they changed it for the new year. In it, Masao Furusawa and Masahiko Nakajima give an always fascinating and surprisingly detailed technical presentation on the bike and the important factors they improved from last year.

This year was slightly different: As Masao Furusawa will be retiring at the end of this season, Yamaha gave a presentation covering all of the bikes he has worked on, from the 2004 machine through to the 2010 M1. Furusawa gave a presentation covering the bikes from 2004 through to 2009, and his descriptions were illustrated by a video featuring Valentino Rossi, talking about each bike and each season in detail, the strengths and weaknesses of the bikes. Yamaha was kind enough to release that video for use to the media, and allow us to post it to the internet. It's shown below:

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..... see the changes every year, it amazing to see how many little changes they have made over the years.

Great video Mr E. Fantastic insight into what the G.O.A.T. & the team had to do to make the bike the best out there.

Funny how Vale rates his 05 machine better the 06 and nice that he held nothing back by saying (again) the 800s were a bad idea.

Well the 06 bike blew up multiple times if I remember right, so not surprising if he finds the 05 better.

I haven't watched the video yet, but that's a cool image having all of them lined up like that. Wish Yamaha would make a desktop wallpaper of Rossi and all his bikes in one shot - including the various one off paint schemes.

I asked the guys at Yamaha, and they said they have something special coming. They wouldn't tell me what, and they wouldn't tell me when it would be released, but they did say it would be worth the wait! 

Any chance of a non-flash version? E.g. HTML5 player or just the actual video file?

I'm assuming they filmed that between Motegi and Sepang?  It's good to know they weren't all sent to the crushers... ;-)

Now, does anyone still think there is a question about his engine preference in 3 days' time?  He will ride the even-firing motor just for the experience, and then that thing will not be seen (or heard) in public again after lunch on Tuesday.

Thank you for posting this video it was extremely interesting and enjoyable to see and hear Vale talk about his bikes from Yamaha. You remember them all but at the same time as seasons pass the nuances are lost. Great little reminder.

I love his candor! Especially when talking about the switch to 800cc engines. You can clearly see he loved the 990s better.

He was also very upfront on what he liked and did not like. Very open and kudos to Yamaha for providing the video, especially with this year's bike.

There is a Toyota 2000GT behind him. Man I want to go to that museum.

Very good David,thanks. Lose the front stands out .

VR will be reincarnated as a motorcycle. Lorenzo owes his machine to this articulate and honest man. Rossi always admits his defeats with grace while talking team when he wins. Ducati... stand-by!

Not sure if this is the best place to post this but does no one else think that 2011 could be a great season for motogp. ok so the 1000cc bikes wont be introduced but i think that half the problem with dorna is that they dont let rules be set in stone for a long period of time. next year willl be the 4th year of the 800cc bikes and to be honest i think that were starting to see the factories even out. with vale on th duc, which has been known for having problems we could see it getting sorted out and being more of a bike suited to every rider. so therfore nicky will be a contender in 2011 as well as vale. with honda youve got stoner who is arguabley the quickest guy out there, especially on a bike which is getting its handling sorted out (gradually) also dani who on his day with the right set up can dstroy the rest of the field (see laguna seca) and dovi who has proven to be competitive, as long as he isnt throwing it down th road or getting technical problems. on the yam you've got lorenzo who is going to hard to beat on a bike he is so confident on, furthermore theres spies who is gong to be even quicker on the factory bike than he has ben this year. throw simoncelli into the mix and i predict a very competitive 2011 season. ok so they're not going to be sliding round the corners but the racing could be excelent. surely give the 800s time and all the factories will reach a point where development will even out. to make it better surely just give the privateers an extra litre of fuel or something, dont keep changing the formula!!!!!!!!!!! it doesn't work like that!

Full respect to Yamaha and kudos to DE for bringing to us.

JLo really does owe a lot to Rossi as one of the earlier posters said. This bike works brilliantly for his smooth style - let's see how he helps develop the bike along with Spies. Methinks the 2011 Yam will be just as strong, but the 2012 1000s will be a huge, huge challenge for JL and BS.

What struck me is how the development of the M1 has followed a strategy. First get the engine, the power delivery and the chassis sorted out (getting rid of the chatter in the 2006 version) and then once they really got into the 800s, the bike started to get more versatile and 'clever' as he says. The handling, the engine, the balance, the electronics - all working 'corner by corner, turn by turn' - they could adjust the different variables. First get the foundations right, then get the individual bits sorted out and get them to start working together. Then just make it look good!

Loved it! Learned so much.


Wonder why there was no specific mention of the cross plane motors. Yes he did say "small improvements" but to me, it seems like it should have been a bigger deal. Closing the gap to the V4s of Honda and Ducati by still being the last surviving inline 4.

Still good video. Very honest without music or other effects.

This video has been one of the best non-race MotoGP experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you Yamaha, Rossi, and particularly Emmett for providing it to us – your eager and ever loyal fans.

It will be quiet comparable if lorenzo has other 4 years in yamaha so I believe one can compare it fairly that one of them is better than the other. simply, valentino was in yamaha for 7 years with 46 victories & 4 world champhionships . what will the red Jlo achieve with the same years at yamaha???? though, different seasons have distinctive rules, competitors and other important aspects or factors really needed to be accounted for.....BYE BYE MY BABY

(and Yamaha, and Rossi) for sharing this wonderful video. Possibly the best non-race video ever seen.