Video: World Superbike Magazine after 2011 Round 1, Phillip Island

The World Superbike season opener at Phillip Island was an excellent way to whet the appetites of motorcycle racing fans around the globe, but the downside of the Antipodean round - and it's a big downside - is the fact that round 2 of WSBK follows fully four weeks after round 1. The MotoGP season opener fills that space, but even the Qatar race doesn't take place until three weeks after Phillip Island.

Fortunately, the media moguls at the World Superbike series have come up with a solution for race fans, stilling their hunger and promoting their series at the same time. On the official World Superbike Youtube channel, WSBK is running the World Superbike magazine, a half hour of news, reports and lengthy recaps from the first race of the season at Phillip Island. You can watch the show below, or over on Youtube.

Posting the show on Youtube is a very shrewd move by the World Superbike series, who have consistently shown a wiser attitude to the internet than MotoGP's rights holders Dorna. While Dorna hides much of their (admittedly excellent and fascinating) content behind a paywall, Infront has chosen to put their videos on Youtube, and free to the public. Even better, they have chose to make them embeddable, making it easy for fans around the world to share videos on blogs, forums, fan pages and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. World Superbike have understood that their first requirement is to grow the sport, and items like this really help to do that.

Here's the World Superbike magazine video:

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Hey David,

Any word on whether or not WSBK will be putting out HD broadcasts anytime soon? I heard that they will finally bring back onboard cam at Donington, but the show definitely needs HD quality feeds... The quality was so bad for me I could hardly tell who was who and what the hell was happening.

WSBK is being broadcast in HD by Eurosport (if you have the HD channel). If you're in the US, you'll have to contact Speed to find out more, I'm afraid.

dosn't look to me to be full HD, it was a little fuzzy. But much better then none. :)
The World Supersport race was Awesome!!

Here in the US we have the Daytona Superbike races and the 200 which is will be shown live Saturday at around 1:00pm eastern time. I know it's not SBK or Moto GP, but last year they had some really good races. The Superbike races will be shown late at night but, hey thats whats the DVR is for.