Video: Casey Stoner Talks To The Australian Press Ahead Of Phillip Island

Casey Stoner pulled double press conference duty ahead of his home Grand Prix at Phillip Island. As the Australian round of MotoGP is Stoner's home race, he gave an extra press conference for event sponsor IVECO, where he spoke to the Australian press. Among the subjects he talked about were racing at Phillip Island, riding Honda, the problems at Ducati and the prospect of his first child. Fortunately, the organizers of the Australian MotoGP round recorded the whole press conference, and posted it on their Youtube page for the fans to see. Here's what Stoner had to say:

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Stoner is looking forward to his firstborn, because away from the track he and Adriana don't have a lot to do? Don't really have a purpose in life?
I can see how a kid gives you purpose, but that sounds really depressing...

Clearly you are a character of moral destitution. Mr And Mrs Stoner arrived at this time with their expectant and a cohesive vision of what lies beyond the Tasman sea.

If so, thanks for analyzing my character so thoroughly.
I just found it a remarkable way to talk about expecting a kid.

P.S. You need the reply button directly under the post you want to react on.

Btw...I believe CS is the only MotoGP-WC who has started a family within a winning season...or at all,right?
This record wont be taken from him so soon...