Yamaha's Marketing Machine: Video Welcomes Rossi Back to Yamaha

There is no real mystery to why Yamaha signed Valentino Rossi. His seven MotoGP titles are a sign of his undisputed talent, and despite two years in the wilderness at Ducati, he is expected to be competitive from the start of the 2013 MotoGP season. But with the reigning MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo already signed, there was more to Yamaha's decision than the need for a competitive rider. Marketing also played a massive role in the decision to sign the Italian, with reports that the decision came mainly after pressure from the marketing department, and in face of resistance from the people inside Yamaha's racing department. 

Whatever the truth of the matter, Yamaha will be sure to maximize their return on investment in Valentino Rossi. Rossi's massive popularity in key markets such as Indonesia, Thailand and India mean that he could be a significant factor in expanding market share and sales in those regions, as well as consolidating Yamaha's position in contracting sports bike markets such as Europe and the US. 

Today, Yamaha took advantage of the first opportunity to use the selling power of Valentino Rossi to their advantage. The factory posted a video on Youtube welcoming Rossi back to the fold. The video runs through the highlights of Rossi's career, from his stunning debut at Welkom in South Africa, in which he beat Max Biaggi in one of the most thrilling battles of the series, covering his four world championship and his farewell at Valencia in 2010, ending with photo highlights of his return to Yamaha at the Valencia test in November 2012. It will be a fascinating time for both Yamaha and Valentino Rossi.

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What I've heard is the racing department, back in Japan, the ones that build the bits, never wanted him to leave. Much like the same people at Honda favor Pedrosa.

Perhaps you are referring to Jarvis..................

"in face of resistance from the people inside Yamaha's racing department"

But not ONLY Jarvis, probably his boss as well.. but in the end 'money matters' especially these days.

Could end up wrecking Yamaha's titles aspirations though if Rossi and Lorenzo start to seriously wage war. As we've seen recently it only takes one mistake to ruin somebody's championship.

I doubt Yamaha will allow that to happen though. They will capitalise on Rossi's popularity whilst keeping Jorge as their clear number 1 rider, unless Lorenzo gets injured or something. Rossi will have to suck the hind teat this time.

I believe the report David is referring to, he also got slightly wrong when he leaped all over it on Twitter.

The quotes were that Yamaha Racing Dept didn't NEED Rossi, not that they didn't WANT him. Basically they were saying they have a good enough rider already with Lorenzo.

It brings very different meaning to the whole thing.

"Could end up wrecking Yamaha's titles aspirations though if Rossi and Lorenzo start to seriously wage war."

But you can be sure of one thing. If that happens (as everybody hopes it does apart from those that hate Valentino Rossi) it will make for a very exciting and thrilling season for us viewers! Chuck Dani Pedrosa, Marc Marquez into the mix and it could be epic!

But alas I bet it isn't. As exciting as it all sounds, I bet 2013 will be as bland as ever. I bet within 5 rounds we all know who will win the championship. I bet we will pretty much guess who will win each race within 5 laps of a 28 lap race.

Damn, I hope I'm wrong, I really do! That's what keeps me watching at least!

Hope Pedrosa wins in 2013.

Were Yamaha to require a proof-reader, where would I apply?

Thanks for sharing! Excellent vid ... at least until the point it went all techno-gay.

So who was the Yamaha Marketing genius who thought that putting a shot of a Ducati with the number '27' prominently on it hovering over Rossi's shoulder was a good idea? C'mon, guys, time to move on...