Repsol Media Video: A Lap of Sepang with Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez

The Repsol Media Service, ever eager for publicity, issued the following video after the second MotoGP test at Sepang. In it, we ride with Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez around the Sepang track, viewed from a number of different perspectives. Observant viewers will note that the dashboard has been carefully blacked out, and music has been added to disguise the engine note, with some ingenious souls having used previous videos to measure engine revs and guess at firing orders. The press release and video are show below:

The best footage of the Repsol riders in Sepang testing

After two testing visits to Malaysia, Dani Pedrosa and Marc Márquez leave Sepang with their homework completed and with a positive outlook.

With the second preseason test of 2013 completed and riders and with the roar of the MotoGP bikes still ringing in the ears, we look back at the best footage of the Repsol riders at the test in the following video.

Dani Pedrosa has led the timesheets on five of the six days of testing so far, showing that he is a clear title candidate. Repsol Honda teammate Marc Márquez has been making progress day-by-day, showing that his adaptation to the premier class is going to plan and that he can fight at the front.

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Thanks for posting that video. You can still hear the revs and the shifting. The shifting on that bike seems almost as quick or as quick Formula 1 cars. Seamless shifting. They shift so quick that they could be down on power, but the drag race quick shifts they do will gain so much time at the end of a straight. I see why it is recommended that Yamaha step up and get their shifting like this. It would help tremendously.

Please can we have more of these "just behind the top clamp" shots where you can see the track through the screen and the instruments. And can we please just have at least one full lap with no breaks. The video editors always want to jump cut every 10 seconds but as motorcyclists we want to imagine what it actually feels like to do a lap.

The music doesn't significantly interfere with frequency analysis. The real issue here is that he's never really 'on it.' The highest revs reached in the video are ~15,8xx, which is ~800 RPM lower than what the bike was running last year. Of course, Honda could have also re-sampled the sound to suggest any RPM they desire. ;)

Excellent. Thank you David.. On the motogp lack of use of modern media. I am amazed that the video of the 5 laps where Rossi and Marquez rode together hasn't been release(unless of course I just haven't seen it). Would be a fantastic taster/advert for the sport/season if it was officially released..Even if they might not be the top two this season..(disclaimer)
ps the hondas always seem to sound like F1 cars compared to the yams who seem to sound like road bikes in comparison.