Suzuki MotoGP Video Series, Part 3: Going Public With Testing

Suzuki have released the third video in their four-part series, documenting the development of the new machine they are preparing for their reentry into the MotoGP class in 2015. This episode covers the tests at Barcelona and Aragon in June last year, including the public unveiling of the bike, and the impressive lap times set at Barcelona. 

Part three of the video appears below, with the final part of the video due to be published at the end of this week.

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can't wait for suzuki's return. seems all very good, lap times too. i think that ducati must work overtime if they dont want to see only the tail of the bike in 2015. but i think audi will quit within 2 year, selling duc back to duc for 1$ just like mv agusta always does and running back to lemans

Audi/VW is a business, and they bought Ducati to make more money. In 2012, Ducati had €480 million revenue and made €110 million profit. MotoGP is merely a sideshow. Yes, Audi may eventually grow tired of Ducati's continued failure and quit MotoGP, but they won't sell Ducati. Doing so would be stupid.

With all the fuel control electronics these days, why is it still necessary for some one to stand next to the bike and blip the throttle during warm up? Shouldn't they be able to just hit the "warm up" button and have the ECM do that?

Old habits die hard...just sayin' Nonetheless blipping the throttle always sounds good, it may not be technically useful but it does give you an idea of how well the engine is taking fuel and air.

of a club racer on a cool morning push starting a 2-stroke racebike then spending time blipping the throttle while letting it come up to temp. Most 4-strokes, you just start 'em and let 'em idle. How boring is that? :)

In my dreams Part 4 will include a surprise announcement that Casey has signed an agreement to ride the Suzuki in 2014 - and that he's already posted the same lap times as #99 and #93.