Suzuki MotoGP Video Series, Part 4: More Testing, And Adapting To The Electronics

In the final episode of Suzuki's four-part video series chronicling the Japanese factory's progress towards their MotoGP return in 2015, attention turns to the final test at Misano, and progress with the spec Magneti Marelli ECU. While the test team continue to use the Mitsubishi system at the race track, back in Japan, work is going on to reproduce the functionality in the Marelli ECU. The video addressess some of the challenges they face along the way.

Below is the final video in Suzuki's series:

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As mentioned above, Suzuki are working hard to reproduce the functionality of their tested Mitsubishi electronics with the spec ECU.

This poses a question specific to Suzuki but also in wider regard to open vs factory entries. I assume Suzuki mean they are busy writing their own software to power the spec ECU, as they would should they be a factory entry. However, it is not directly specified. Could they not therefore enter under open rules, (following Ducati possibly). Would this be seen as a climbdown or shortfall of expectation?

When an entry is specified as an open entry, just how much electronic 'fiddling' is permitted? I presume it is not 'plug and play'? Just what would be gained by Suzuki to programme their own software given it was generally believed it was one of their weaker areas of their GSV-R?

As a pointless final thought, the Suzuki at least looks great.


They are not writing a new software, they are busy understanding and configuring the thousands of options the default Magneti Marelli software bundle has, as it's visible in the video.

So they will enter as Open Rules certainly.

I think the main difference between writing your own software and relaying on Marelli's is that you may not find all and how you want in a commercial software, thus having less field to do the finest tuning.

They are looking awesome, MotoGP is looking better and better. Now they have to catch up WSBK in manufacturers entrees.