GPSpirit Video: Niki Kovács Talks To Clinica Mobile Dr Michele Zasa About The COVID-19 Pandemic In Italy

Dr Michele Zasa is a familiar face in the MotoGP paddock. As medical director of the Clinica Mobile, he oversees the general health of all paddock denizens, from riders to mechanics to anyone who works full time in the paddock.

But when he is not at a Grand Prix, Dr Zasa is an anesthesiologist and as an ER doctor, and in that capacity, he is involved in treating the current mass outbreak of the coronavirus in Italy. Italy is one of the worst hit countries by the disease, and as such, Dr Zasa is intimately familiar with the horrors of the virus.

In this interview, journalist and ex-racer Niki Kovács talks to Dr Zasa about his experiences, which he describes as being 'like World War III'. A fascinating and at the same time, terrifying watch:

You can see more of Niki Kovács' video interviews on her Youtube channel, or you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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I did a ride today with about ten clubmates. We kept a distance between us, but some of the guys are not taking this virus very seriously. "Just like the flu," one of them said. "No different." I told them I'd just watched this video and how much I trusted Dr Zasa's words, but they just shrug it off. I'm not doing any more group rides until this thing subsides...