GPSpirit Video: Niki Kovács Interviews Simone Battistella, Part 2 - On Mental Strength

In part 2 of Niki Kovács' interview with Simone Battistella, the rider manager talks about how riders need to approach the enforced break caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Battistella tells Hungarian journalist and ex-racer Kovács what he is telling the riders he manages to do during this enforced period of inactivity, and the things they can do to prepare themselves for when racing returns.

Battistella also talks about what we might expect to see once racing does start again, and how we might see a path to the resumption of racing. He also talks about the role of physical and mental strength in coming back strong in what will be a very condensed schedule.

You can see part 1 of the interview here, if you missed it, but here is part 2:

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